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"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company."
Mark Twain
I'm gonna go take a nap.
Douglas (Nickname/Alias)
Gender Male
Height 175.26 cm
Weight 60 kg
Blood Type Unknown
Date of Birth October 26th
Zodiac Scorpio
Birthplace Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
Religion Agnostic
Favourite Quite a handful
Specialty Writing

Faffing about

Occupation Drama Student

Fanon Writer


Personal Website You're pretty much looking at it
Rank on Wiki Character Specialist
Gamertag Sharp Wits
Other Usernames Harbinger of Herpaderp, The Dakkanator, Sir Dabbles

Hello! Doug here, or Stellar Elite, Stel, the once-tragically mispelled Stel' Vadam, as you all know me. Joined merry ol' HF several years ago and am currently working on AAO. Given I've finally answered the dreaded prophecy that led me back to where I started my writing shenanigans, I've started actually doing something again.

I have trekked many places in my time and decided to finally come back to Halo Fanon after my faffing crusade. Anyway, I came back due to Sona bugging me about it, and then having an epiphany that, wow! These are people who actually give admire me! I'm a very honest and headfirst man, so I might put you off thanks to my bluntness.But you have nothing to fear if you're a good guy or girl. Allow me to welcome you to Halo Fanon, and hope you enjoy your time here! ...unless you're a vandal or a troll. Then beware, because I'll dine on your very soul.

I have recently started pooling ideas and brainstorming about my upcoming alternate history universe, Stellar Sands. Incidentally, take a look at my sandbox if you want a peak in my head.

I would like to also note that I have been quite inactive on Halo Fanon as of late; some people interpret this as me having left the site. I can assure that is not the case; I have simply lacked the previous motivation and enthusiasm for the Halo franchise that I had some time ago. I apologise for not being around as nearly as much as I should.


  • Halo (Have a promotion, Lieutenant Charles Obvious)
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Cats and dogs (pugs in particular)
  • Lizards
  • Plushies
  • Shooters
  • RPGs
  • Superhero franchises (movies, games, films, comics .etc)
  • Roleplaying
  • Digital/cartoony/stylized art
  • Red vs. Blue
  • Grenades
  • Big guns (not for compensation, honest)
  • Automatic weapons
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Two Steps from Hell


  • Politics
  • Passive-aggressiveness
  • Religious arguments
  • Internet cutting out all the time
  • Procrastination
  • Suppressor's firing sound
  • Grenades when using the dismounted turret
  • Wetwork helmet
  • Atheists who won't leave religious people alone
  • Bigots
  • Close-minded people
  • Tony Abbott

Stuff...and Things

It was Bailey's idea. Roll with it.
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Given on February 14, 2013, to Stellar Elite.

Against All Odds Bulletin
Current News
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Sonasaurus October 24, 2012 An RP that might be completed? Can it really be? Check it out and see!

Previous News
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Sonasaurus April 11, 2012 Read my blog on AAO's new direction, and be sure to discuss your thoughts!
Athena32 February 12, 2012 The AAO Character Board has been created to promote character cooperation between AAO users! If you've got a character that you want to involve more in the project, or you want to help others do the same, do it here!
Sonasaurus December 30, 2011 Why am I the only one to have snagged awards for AAO this year? Get working for 2012, and I expect everyone to glorify our expanded universe for next year!
Actene October 3, 2011 My Day by Day is now officially AAO's database for short stories. Feel free to add your characters and submit short pieces about them!
Sonasaurus October 25, 2011 AAO has a new character infobox, and Sona demands that you use it!
Sonasaurus September 20, 2011 The AAO rulebook has received major updates! Please review the changes to make ensure you are familiar with the changes to the guidelines.
Sonasaurus May 16, 2011 The new AAO roleplay, Ghosts In the Machine has begun! Sign up if you're interested in participating!
CommanderTony February 6th, 2011 BBC News is now a joint project between the Tonyverse and Against All Odds! This project consists of daily news reports concerning military, political, social, and other stories relevant to the universe, with some modern-day stories "hijacked" for the project. To check out how you can participate by writing daily reports, check out the Tonyverse page HERE and go to the "News & FAQ" tab for more information. Thank you!
Sonasaurus January 7, 2011 The 2010 HFFAs are over. Thanks to everyone who participated, AAO has racked up 14 awards this year! Special congratulations to Athena32, who outshone the rest of us with an outstanding 8 nominations and 6 awards!
Sonasaurus November 1, 2010 If you have any minor characters that do not have articles, list them here.
Sonasaurus October 15th, 2010 If you find Oasis' content box to be too narrow, you can adjust it here. See this blog for help.
Sonasaurus October 12th, 2010 Wikia has been pulled under by Oasis! Fix up your images and templates to appropriate size to fit on the really freaking narrow box.
Sonasaurus August 27, 2010 The Against All Odds RP is back on track! If you're part of it, read the updated material and be sure to make your posts.
Sonasaurus July 23, 2010 Please check the requests to join page regularly for new submissions!
Sonasaurus June 22, 2010 We have begun an RP! Here's the link.
Sonasaurus June 21, 2010 Please check our list of article that need improvement, and put your name down for any articles that you would be interested in helping out with. If you also feel that you need someone to contribute to your work, just add it to the page
Sonasaurus June 16, 2010 Please register your usernames on the wikia IRC so that you may be given your appropriate status.
Sonasaurus June 13, 2010 If you have any questions about AAO, ask them here. I need the more experienced members of AAO to become part of the FAQ staff; if you feel that you have a fairly good understanding of our expanded universe and can answer questions about us adequately, ask me about helping out with doing so!
Sonasaurus June 4, 2010 AAO has a new SPARTAN template! If you find any mistakes in it, just let me know.
Leo Fox June 2, 2010 Halo Fanon Podcast coming soon! Message me on my talk page if you are interested.
Maslab June 2, 2010 We have a forum site. To enter the "Against All Odds" section, enter the password "albino".
Sonasaurus May 26, 2010 For any Against All Odds stories you're planning to write, please put {{AAO Stories}} at the bottom of the page (Thanks to Leo Fox for "suggesting" this).
Sonasaurus May 23, 2010 If you're still a bit confused about how to get yourself integrated into AAO, you might find this helpful.
Sonasaurus May 9, 2010 Please remember to add {{Era|AAO}} to your AAO-related articles, it'll be automatically listed under Category:Against All Odds, and will make it easier to let us keep track of.
Sonasaurus May 4, 2010 Most of you in AAO are still not participating actively in our expanded universe or interacting with the characters/events/places. Contact Maslab or me if you want to collaborate with writing a story, making an article, or otherwise help in ways that will get you more involved with our project.
Sonasaurus April 14, 2010 We're making a timeline for important events in AAO. The template is here, you can add to it (you don't have to place references). If you have trouble understanding the wikiformat for making the table, ask me or Maslab.
Sonasaurus November 6, 2009 I have partially started several stories, and delayed many more. Check out my page to see my fanon list, click the links and read the descriptions if you think you're interested in collaborating with me for writing it.
Maslab November 5, 2009 I am currently working on a large project that will decide the course that AAO will take. As such, no story articles or battles are to occur after the year 2604. However, if you absolutely must have a story set after 2604, as long as it's close, then I am willing to move the date back. It's fairly loose at this point.





Trope Team, UNITE!


"What are these Covenant ships made of, lego?"

Our team leader and head honcho, Brodie's often the go-to guy for when we have Halo Party Time, often a five (occasionally more or more often less) man gathering of what will call our little group. Brodie being the most tactically flexible, along with his actual use of actual tactics rather than a tirade of gunfire and profanity.

  • The Leader - Type-II. Kind of obvious.
  • Badass In Charge - One of the best players I've seen on this site.
  • Only Sane Man - Aside from ASniper, the only person who doesn't feel the need in the trope team to shout absolutely fucking everything.
  • The Comically Serious - To an extent. When juxtaposed with the amount of hilarity around us, Brodie tends to become this.
  • Deadpan Snarker - Comes with being British, I guess.


"Where the fuck is my head?!"

The most commonplace member of the Halo Trope Team, Colin often drags myself or the others from the Irk and the comfortable sanctuary of the computer desktop on to the maelstrom of gunfire, explosions and stuff dying. Since he is the one who does drag us into the action, he fulfills the second-in-command role of the team.

  • The Lancer - Like I said, second-in-command. Colin is our most active member.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds - Colin is this to Bailey, very much.
  • The Woobie - Though it pains me to admit it, Colin has, due to the fact for some things he's been in the past, become this at some points.
  • Butt Monkey - He seems to be the most unfortunate out of the group. Always hit by Wraith mortars, tried to dodge a rocket but it flew right into the rotors of a Falcon...
  • The Atoner - Related to the Woobie above.


"They're SPARTAN-IIIs, not people!"

Not my personal favorite, but you've got to have some vanity every now and then. I fulfill the "line-holder" of the trope team, hefting the biggest, most powerful weapons on the field and often playing the biggest guy physically as well, contrasting with my real life appearance.

  • The Big Guy - Always. All the time. Every day. Types II, IV and V.
  • Large Ham - Also a catchphrase when performing splatters - "PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, MOTHERFUUUCKEEEERS!"
  • Screaming Warrior or Shouting Shooter - That being said, the entire party occasionally descends into this. Through only one man.
  • Genius Bruiser - Though certainly much smaller and lankier in real life, online, I'm like this. Highly literate combined with the kind of role I play as equals this.
  • Drives Like Crazy - Just ask Colin, Brodie or even Actene - sorry about running you over in that one Reach game, mate - about this. I'm still peeling him off the underside of my Ghost...


"Alas, poor John. I knew him, kinda."

Possibly one of the smarter members of the trope team, Ahalosniper isn't on as often as Bailey, myself, Colin or Brodie, but he's still a member of the team anywho. As his name suggests he tends to stick more on the sidelines of the battle and hit the enemy with precision, rather than in contrast to myself, go running into battle screaming at the top of my lungs.

  • The Smart Guy - Tends to figure out just about everything we don't. Oh, and the only one who can stay alive.
  • Friendly Sniper - Socially and in-game, definitely.
  • Odd Friendship - Very much with myself - gameplay wise we form a perfect contrast. Socially wise? Good buds.
  • Nice Guy - Probably one of the more humble members of the group.
  • Cultured Badass - Comes with all members of the team due to being fanon writers, but Will is probably one of the more obvious. His writings are frequently philosophical in nature.



Last but certainly not least, we have the banana. Creator of Demons of Hope, Bailey is also quite tactically excellent in the same fashion of Brodie and throwing in his own mix of insanity. So I guess Bailey fulfills the heart of the team - that is, the cacophony of shouting, gunfire and death. Again.

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