"On a mission far outside the confines of UNSC space, now missing for over a year..."
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"The Nightmare will never end. I will leave no stone on top of each other, I will salt your soil and feast on your bodies. You are not ready reclaimer, repent. I will come forth, flaming sword in hand. I will cleanse this galaxy of your taint. For eons I have watches. Listened to you misinterpret. I will reject my bias, and will make amends. From your corpses I will mold and army. My dead will rise, again and again."
―Ajax's Necros War.

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I'm a Canadian fucker. I was born in the year 1994 so if you want to know my age do the math. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I enjoy playing the Halo games and other shooting games. I have been on Halopedia since February 25th 2007 and Halofanon since March 6 2007. If you want to know shit about me, feel free to ask.

"I know, i know! We replace the ODSTs with Spartans, then replace the Marines with ODSTs, then repalced the fighter pilots with Marines, repalce the Ship captains with fighter pilots, repalce the farm laborers with the ship captains then replace the goverment with the famr laborors, it WORKS!"

Fanon List

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"AJ: I think Griggs lived.

Me: He didn't.
AJ: But its at the rap at the end.
Me: He's dead, getting shot by a nose-mounted machine-gun on a helicopter does that too you. And the rap at the end has Gaz, who was shot in the head at point blank by a Desert Eagle.
Aj: Yeah he lived. He has a strong skull."

―Sgt.Johnson and myself.

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Random Story; make sense of it later

Bishop-Three moved swiftly through the densely packed woods with the rest of his unit at a fast pace. As soon as they approached the edge of the woods, his commander ordered the unit to stop and move in closely. Bishop-Three griped onto his weapons tightly, it was his first time out on the field. Fresh out of boot camp, he was assigned to replace a fallen member of his current units. His unit's commander, Bishop-One, was a veteran of many campaigns and Bishop-Three knew that if he stuck with him, he would survive. As the five-man Quincunx unit stopped by the clearing, they sighted the enemy - a five-man unit on patrol. By signal of Bishop-One, the unit took aim and opened fire onto their opponents. Activating their Type-56 Personal Defense Systems in conjunction with their fire their enemy by surprise, and the lead soldier fell. As the enemy returned fire, Bishop-Three's unit moved into a looser formation to avoid the fire. Bishop-Three performed a break roll to the left, remembering to keep his shield covering his entire body, and after avoiding the enemy fire, he fired three shots into the nearest enemy. The soldier fell, dark red blood gaping out of the massive chest wound cause by a single shot from Bishop-Three's Type-6 Sidearm. The enemy squad moved into a triangle-formation to get a better view, and Bishop-Three quickly got up and charged towards them, shield in front, firing his sidearm. Getting up close to the nearest enemy, he delivered a strong kick, damaging its shields, then continued running forward, and turned back so that he was protected. As the injured soldier got up, Bishop-Three fired a shot that tore right through its head. The two others, now realizing the threat turned towards him, but Bishop-Three's squad quickly made work of them. Bishop-One radioed command, then signaled the group to regroup and prepare to move out, but was stopped as he heard a distinct rumble nearby. Bishop-Three looked up, only to see a mech open fire and kill all but him and Bishop-One. Knowing that the situation had gone south, Bishop-Three began to run and heard a quick burst kill his commander. Trying to escape, Bishop-Three dove left, only to get blown sideways as the mech barely missed him. Trying to get up, he noticed that a large piece of rock had become embedded into his right leg, Bishop-Three turned to face his opponent, opening fire and a futile act of defiance. Just as the mech raised its gun to open fire, the distinctive noise of Type-2 Yangorak fighters was heard as they opened fire and destroyed the mech. Bishop-Three looked to see reinforcements preparing for a flanking assault on the enemy appear, and faded into blackness as the medics placed him in a stretcher and brought him back to base.

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