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I am lost and scared.  
I wonder about the eternal, and about death,  
I hear my heart pounding as I run away from myself.  
I see things I wish I hadn’t.  
I want to finally be free.  
I am afraid.  

I pretend to forget.
I feel as if I can.  
I reach for my heart but find only decay.  
I cry in the night as the light dims.  
I am afraid. 

I understand I’m not safe.  
I say I am not afraid.  
I dream that I haven’t done the wrong I have done.  
I try to forget it.  
I hope desperately I will not again.  
I am afraid.  

I continue to wrong
I feel helpless against it
I wish uselessly at sunset
And fall victim of my own weakness
I want to stop, to live
I am afraid
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