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"Think carefully, analyze cautiously, act deliberately, and sometimes just say to hell with it."
―Scotty H

Why hello there, friend. I'm called Spartan 501 round these parts, but back in reality most people call me Scotty. Some people call me Scott, but those people are promptly put in a tie-up, fireman carried, and half-nelsoned until they stop. I don't like Scott. Don't use it. Anyways, I'm a college freshman---shockingly young, I know!--- at a University in an Oregon city that starts with a P (there's a few, so good luck stalking me) and generally normal guy. The caveat to that last part, of course, is I'm a massive Halo nerd and have more trivia facts about Forerunners and SPARTAN-II rosters rolling around in my head than you can shake a stick at. I'm a five year veteran of our little site, though I'm sure if you're counting time actually active, there's plenty of newer guys around that have me beat. I just like to point out that I totally remember when LOMI was a new guy. 'Twas eons ago.

On Halo Fanon, I guess I'm that guy who writes really, really long articles. Connor-338, my old pride and joy, is going on at least a year, year and a half without an update, and it's still the longest actual article article on the site. And like number three or something overall. So I guess I've got that going for me. I'm also that guy whose extremely afraid of coding, can't figure out templates to save his life, and struggles on the daily to make his articles purdy. If something on an article of mine looks fancy, chances are I borrowed the design from someone else (or Matt-256 collaborated on it).

When I'm not busy writing or thinking about writing (aka, most of the time) I like to blend stereotypical nerdiness with my own brand of awesomeness. I'm studying education with an end point of secondary education, hopefully with an endorsement in History, so I can nerd quote history facts about Washington at you all day long. I'm also what I would tenderly call a video game nerd---I probably play a teensy bit more Xbox than your average college guy, which of course, is saying a lot. I can pwn some noobs on the Xbox Live (yes, the Xbox Live) and like to brag that I actually beat Gears 3 all the way through on Insane. (Try it. It sucks.) If you ever need a partner for some Halo or Mass Effect 3 (looking at Ajax on that one) shenanigans, hit up ODST Cobra on Xbox Live. Just don't make fun of the name. Trust me, I know it's silly.

I've also got a nice little athletic side of course, if I by "athletic" you mean, "Likes to exercise, just not too competitive". In High School, I ran cross country, wrestled, ran track, and swam, and I still manage to keep pretty active. I dabble a bit in jujitsu and just recently finished my third full marathon. On top of that, I also really, really enjoy backpacking, and have spent...hmm...upwards of seventy nights on trail. You get to see cool stuff and walk for a really long time. What's not to love? As far as actually functioning as a real adult and making money, I pretty much don't. I work as a lifeguard in the summer, but that's about it. So all you actual adult users with jobs and responsibilities and what not's, I laugh at you. Ha!

That's pretty much it for me. If you wanna chat, make fun of me, point out an old article of mine that sucks (there are dozens), compliment a sweet article I've written (there's like maybe four), partner to make something awesome, invite me to an RP, or talk about pretty much anything, leave a message on that convenient talk page link at the top of this page. Adios.

Example of my Writing

Way back in the day, I thought creepy equated to good, so in keeping with my old talk page, the first of my articles I'll list is that. The rest of these are some of my favorite articles from all throughout my time here. Some are a little old, and do need some help, but I still love them. They were more impressive three or four years ago, I guess.

Favorite Halo Moments

We all obviously love the Halo games, but don't we all have parts of said games that we love especially much? Oh...you don't? Well...that's sort of a disappointment, truth be told. Now I have no way to segue into...my list of favorite Halo game moments! (listed by when they occurred to me, not game release date or by favorite-ness or any other logical order, because I enjoy being difficult). Some of these are probably common favorite moments, since they were probably written that way, and some of these might just be me being weird. So without further adieu...

  1. Halo 4 Spartan Ops; Invasion Chapter 2: For those of you not intimately familiar with SpOps (read: probably everyone) this particular chapter opens with Crimson aboard a Phantom, piloted by a random Marine lieutenant pilot (named Murphy) they found an episode ago, speeding towards Infinity as she tries to hold off a Covenant attack. When the Ops controller Miller points out that the ships defenses are going to target their dropship by accident, there's a priceless bit of dialogue where Murphy yells the classic badass "Don't worry I got this"...only to immediately shot down. I love the way that moment pokes fun a little bit at the stereotypical cool guy hero lines...within a campaign that relies super heavily on those same stereotypes.
  2. Halo Wars; Monsters Cutscene: So hopefully you're more familiar with this cutscene than you are with SpOps. If you aren't, then I'm greatly saddened; it has SPARTAN-II's flipping through the air with dual SMGs. But I digress. My favorite moment here comes during the second "SPARTANs being badasses" segment, right at the end. After calmly shotgun-ing an Elite bothering one of his teamates, Jerome-092 spins around and another one of the Elites grabs his gun. He pauses for just the briefest moment, then shoulder checks/headbutts the Elite...apparently to death. I just love how nonchalant he is about it, glancing around right after like it ain't no thing.
  3. Halo 2; Quarantine Zone End Cutscene: Now this is likely a popular one...or at least, I think it'll probably be a popular one (on second thought, I really have no idea). Right at the end of the level, after what I consider to be one of the hardest/darkest/freakiest Halo trilogy levels, you've got all this tension. There's Flood about, so everyone's on their toes. You've got your current character, Mr. Arbiter, hunting down characters that you know from playing as the Chief. Things get heavy when Sergeant Johnson checks up on a pair of his marines (who I'd like to know more about, seeing as they're badass enough to make it into the library and presumably only died from Arby) and they don't check in. Cue closeup on Johnson, slowly pacing forward, battle rifle at the ready---oh holy crap, invisible Arbiter, look out Johnson! He fires his battle rifle, the Arbiter decloaks, Johnson smacks at him---and then the Arbiter picks him up like a whiny kid, sets him down, and headbutts him. It looks ridiculous and totally entertains me. Hence why I love it.
  4. Halo 3; Crow's Nest Gameplay: So this next one involves Sergeant Johnson again, but probably isn't what you're expecting. Now, first, let's start this off with some context. Me and my buddies played the hell out of Halo 3, and after a while, we noticed something: Sergeant Johnson doesn't do shit. Now hold on, extinguish your torches and put away your pitchforks; I know it sounds like heresy, but think about it. All throughout Halo 3, Johnson consistently fails and Chief has to rescue his ass or do his job for him. So, when playing Crow's Nest, I always loved one of Johnson's lines. He says, "Sorry Commander, there were too many. Even for me." I crack up every time I hear it---heck, every time I read it. It's hilariously absurd and cocky, and I love it.


So, way-way-way long ago, I used to pride myself being (and tell people I was known as) the guy who totally analyzed and rationalized ways for the crazy SPARTAN-II history to fit together, without breaking both Halo's actual canon and without totally invalidating all our SPARTAN-II articles. Now, I started this chart back in the day when all our articles were in the same universe, which was quite a while ago. I've kept updating it though, adding new details and trying to reason out increasingly convoluted ways to make things fit. The list as it stands now is sort of my personal head canon list, but seeing as there's only four or five traditional active duty spots available for fanon SPARTANs (and since all my favorites are Leonidans, truth be told) those particular fanon SPARTANs could easily be substituted for other fanon ones. So read, enjoy, and try to understand my reasoning!

  • 75 SPARTANs recruited
  • 12 disabled (Maria mental instabilities, Lazlo faked, Fhajad a writer, Kirk & Rene in gel tanks, Jared faked, Soren goes rogue then disappears, Cassandra re-skinned, Serin and Ralph augments don’t take fully, Musa crippled)
  • 30 killed in augmentation (Leonid faked, Joe killed, Riker faked, BL1 killed, BL2 killed, BL3 killed, Victor killed, Jorge faked, Arthur killed, Solomon killed , Carriss killed , Archer killed, Nazia killed, Pavel killed, SP1 killed, SP2 killed, SP3 killed, SP4 killed, SP5 killed, SP6 killed, SP7 killed, SP8 killed, SP9 killed, SP10 killed, SP11 killed, SP12 killed, SP13 killed, SP14 killed, SP15 killed, SP16 killed)
  • 33 survived (Adriana, Mike, Jai, Alice, Jerome, Douglas, James, Kurt, Randall, Sheila, John, Samuel, Linda, Joshua, Vinh, Isaac, Mike, Elise, Melanie, Grace, Li, Anton, Will, Ajax, Edward, Kelly, Fred, Malcolm, Cal, Keiichi, Daisy, Joseph, Naomi).
  • 1 abducted for use by NAVSPECWAR SECIII NOBLE (Jorge)
  • 5 flee from UNSC (Joseph, Keiichi, Ralph, Daisy, Cal)
  • 2 escape (Ralph, Daisy)
  • 3 are captured and imprisoned (Joseph, Keiichi, Cal)
  • 1 returns to UNSC (Daisy)
  • 1 hides and joins marines to fight covenant (Ralph)
  • 4 operate as ONI agents (Leonid, Riker, Lazlo, Jared)
  • 3 sent on missions outside UNSC space (Jai, Adriana, Mike)
  • 4 revived in secret for Team Black (black one, two, three, four)
  • 3 freed to serve UNSC (Joseph, Keiichi, Cal)
  • 3 revived (Cariss, Arthur, Solomon)
  • 9 KIA/MIA (Samuel, Kurt, Randall, Sheila, Cal, Arthur, Solomon, Ralph, Daisy)
  • 3 go missing on Spirit of Fire (Alice, Jerome, Douglas)
  • 3 more revived (Archer, Pavel, Nazia)
  • 25 at reach (John, James, Linda, Naomi, Joshua, Vinh, Isaac, Mike, Elise, Melanie, Grace, Li, Anton, Will, Ajax, Edward, Kelly, Fred, Keiichi, Malcolm, Joseph, Cariss, Archer, Pavel, Nazia)
  • 3 sent to dock (John, James, Linda)
  • 22 sent groundside (Malcolm, Keiichi, Fred, Kelly, Edward, Ajax, Will, Anton, Li, Grace, Melanie, Elise, Mike, Isaac, Vinh, Joshua, Joseph, Archer, Pavel, Nazia, Carriss, Naomi)
  • 4 KIA initially (Archer, Nazia, Edward (actually MIA), Malcolm)
  • 6 WIA initially (Will, Isaac, Vinh, Pavel, Ajax, Elise)
  • 1 also dead from earlier (Jorge)
  • Delta (WIA 6) holds castle base (Will, Isaac, Vinh, Pavel, Ajax, Elise)
  • Gamma (3) secures whitcomb (Anton, Grace, Li)
  • Beta (6) defends generators (Carris, Joseph, Melanie, Mike, Naomi, Keiichi)
  • Alpha (3) attacks Covies (Joshua Kelly, Fred)
  • Alpha loses 1 (Joshua)
  • Gamma secures whitcomb (no losses)
  • Delta enters base, Will, Isaac, Vinh get cut off from Pavel, Ajax, Elise
  • Beta holds line temporarily, loses 3 (Melanie, Mike, Joseph)
  • Edward, assumed dead, escapes via ONI prowler
  • Three cut off Delta members are hunted and killed (Pavel, Ajax, Elise) [sorry Ajax xD]
  • Parts of Beta (Naomi) extracted by Iron Fist, rest die in stalling action (Carris, Keiichi,)
  • Days pass
  • Gamma meets chief (Anton, Li, Grace, John)
  • Alpha/Delta engages covenant, loses 2 (Vinh, Isaac)
  • Chief/gamma regroup with alpha/delta and evac, slipspace escape begins
  • 14 killed on reach (Malcolm, Archer, Nazia, Joshua, Melanie, Mike, Pavel, Ajax, Elise, Carris, Keiichi, Vinh, Isaac, JosephJorge)
  • 1 goes missing (James)
  • 8 escape via ascendant justice (John, Kelly, Linda, Fred, Will, Grace, Li, Anton)
  • 3 killed slipspace escape (Grace, Li, Anton)
  • 1 kidnapped (Kelly)
  • 4 make it back to earth (John, Linda, Fred, Will)
  • 2 escape by other means (Edward, Naomi)
  • 2 killed at onyx (Kurt, Will)
  • 1 goes missing at ark (John)
  • 4 reenter service publicly (Cassandra, Lazlo, Riker, Jared)
  • 8 stay in service (Cassandra, Lazlo, Jared, Edward, Kelly, Fred, Linda, Riker)
  • 1 reenters service (Leonid)
  • 9 in service (Cassandra, Lazlo, Jared, Edward, Kelly, Fred, Linda, Leonid, Riker)


Way back when, I also dabbled in some silly but entertaining comics made with Halo 3's theater mode. They're cheesy, they're poorly written, but they were an absolute pain to make so I'm not about to delete the links to them, even if they're awful. If you feel like some cheap entertainment, enjoy!

  • [1] - Halo: Last Resort
  • [2] - Halo: Though You Leave This World


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