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  • Project SVALLIN: As per suggestions from User:DirgeOfCerberus111, now an armor program which served as a testbed for energy shielding. Results were a success and the armor was fielded by a select few adult augmentees. The energy shielding would be passed down to MJOLNIR for future iterations post-Mark IV, as would several variants of the armor (ie GRD). Eventually systems would be retired, last known operating suit is in use by the rogue S-205 bc awesome raid of awesome insurrection-ness
  • Project HERA: After the incident concerning S066 ONI searches for a way to chemically control augmented operators, results are less than pretty.
  • The Romulus Colonies Campaign: Series of brutal battles, culminates in a pyrrhic Covenant victory, leads to annihilation of Fleet of Sacred Guidance two weeks later in a decisive UNSC victory at New Glasgow. In collaboration with User:DirgeOfCerberus111 will be a very large and controversial battle. While UNSC will have heavy casualties will be inflicted, the deployment of Project SCYTHE, HERA, SVALLIN and possibly more (will lead to a MASSIVE Covenant death toll, even in the higher castes. Prophet of Candor (not sure about the entire system of the San'Shayum, but this fella is a rank or two below hierarch and is the son of Regret) will be present and he along with several other minor prophets in to find the massive trove of Forerunner artifacts on the world, and all will die gruesome deaths at the hands of one the ONI projects utilized in the battles, and subsequently lead to Regret's reckless aggression towards humans which results in his early assault on Earth. Notably is to have a massive tank battle, Midway-esque carrirer warfare with all associated dogfights and all that good stuff, and of course nukes, all teh nukes.
  • Battle of New Glasgow: Overwhelming UNSC victory, greatest success of the war
  • Whiskey Nine-Nine "Excalibur Detachment": ONI Spartan Team, use more secretive MJOLNIR variants, during the HCW has a murky history and it's unknown how long it was even active during it as its members are made up of various members of various programs. Codename: LANCELOT is a JAVELIN (first rendition of program, not the UNSCAF one), Codename: GALAHAD is a S-II Class IV, Codename: GARETH is a Gamma S-III Codenames PERCIVAL, GAWAIN, and BEDIVERE were non-augmented operators, and so on. ARTHUR died, thus why PRINCE OF TIDES was brought in to lead, whether he changes codenames hasn't been decided yet.

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General Notes

  • GRD: Galvanized Reinforced Defense armor

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“Keeps me warm.”

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