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Dropping to Darkness is a story, takes Place after Halo 3: ODST. Dare is no longer commander and Buck has resumed command, the teams Objective is to rescue an ONI agent.



ODST Squad

  • Gunnery Sargent Edward Buck
  • Lance Corpral "Rookie"
  • Corpral Taylor "Dutch" Miles
  • Lance Corpral Kojo " Romeo" Agu
  • Private First Class Michael "Mickey" Crespo.


  • Captain Lily Mordano
  • John 117
  • Sargent Avery Johnson.
  • Rico "Mexico" Ramirez
  • Captain Veronica Dare


  • Yop Yip
  • Tip Top


" Lord Hood may have given you clearance,but it was my op, and it's my interrogation. We olny captured one and it's very delicate,"said Dare.

"Don't worry...I know what the aliens like,"said Sgt Johnson. The two enter a room where the entire squad of ODST are sitting around the Engineer, Virgil. "It has acsess to the Covenant battle net," asked Johnson.

"Limited, but we don't understand how it maintains connection w--," said Dare. Johnson pulls out a cigar lighter and throws it to the Engineer. The ODST are frightened, Mickey tries to catch the lighter. "Sargent Major please it's highly flammable," said Dare. Johnson sits down next to the Engineer, Johnson puts a cigar into his mouth.

" The Brutes the bastards that put bombs on you buddies, and killed millions of my people. They're digging a mighty big hole. Your going to tell me what they're looking for, then your gonna help me stop them." said Johnson. Virgil looks at the lighter and lights Jonson's cigar, Virgil then clicks off the lighter.

Two Months Later

"Buck I'll miss you,"said Dare. She was preparing to board a Pelican to an ONI base. She loaded into the Pelican and it began to lift off from the landing pad. Buck stared at it, Romeo came up to him and gave him a hug.

" Relax, at least you got me," said Romeo.

" Great, yeah, that realy helps," said Buck. Dutch laughed, in the corner Rookie was sleeping. The Pelican was barely in the air when it was shot by two banshees. The ODST jumped at the sound of the explotion, Rookie woke up. They ran to the landing pad, Dutch shot one Banshee down with his lazer. The other turned and headed towards them, Mickey shot it with his rocket launcher.

" Veronica, no," yelled Buck. Another Pelican came to pick them up, Rookie had to nudge Buck into the ship.

"Hola, now let's get the hell out of ey," said the pilot. " Oh my name is Rico, you've been assined a new mission, I'm taking you to base for breifing." Buck stared out the Pelican, Dutch was patting him on the back, Rookie was sleeping. They landed at a base, they were led to the control room by a few marines.

" So what's our new mission," said Mickey.

" We'll get to that soon enough, but first we're going to need Dare," said Sargent Johnson.

" Sargent Major, she's dead," said Buck.

" Dare was intended to be the agent on this mission, were going to need a new one. They will have to be briefed for the mission we..." said Johnson.

" Excuse me but we don't even know what your talking about," said Mickey.

" Your mission is to escort the agent to an ONI base, it will be quick and easy," said Johnson.

" Well that's all you had to say," said Mickey.

" Watch it Mickey," said Dutch.

"Just saying," said Mickey.

"So were do we pick up the agent," said Buck.

"You meet the agent at an ONI facility in Austrailia," said Johnson.

"When do we leave," said Romeo.

"Now," Said Johnson. the team got into a pelican headed for Australia.

Welcome to Australia

Rookie woke up from his nap and looked out the pelican. He saw the ocean and Austrailia in the distance. The team was unloaded and brought to the facility. They waited outside for the ONI agent, she stepped out of the facility. The Rookies eyes lit up when he saw her. "So your my escort hmm,"she said. Buck was about to answer but a mortor landed next to them, the covenant had made it to Australia. The team and the agent opened fire on the enemies, they seemed to be losing.

"Rookie, Dutch get her out of here. Me and Mickey will catch up," said Buck. The three people got into a warthog and drove away. Dutch manned the turrent and destroyed the following Banshee, Rookie hit a rock and Dutch flew off. The Rookie saw that he was driving towards a cliff. The two jumped out and the car flew off the cliff.

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