aka Silver Lastname

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on February 16
  • My occupation is Starving artist
  • I am Male

"Don't worry [Silver]. We all know you're the resident quitter."
UnggoyZealot describing SilverLastname. (Discord, The IrkPub Channel)
"Nice job. You fucked it up."
CookieMonstar to SilverLastname. (Discord, Personal Messages)
"Silver, can you fucking not?"
Ajax 013 to SilverLastname. (Discord, The IrkPub channel.)
"I regret you joining this [community] enormously."
slowfuture to SilverLastname. (Discord, Off-Topic channel)
"Fuck's sake, Silver."
S-D379 to SilverLastname. (Discord, Off-Topic channel)
"Why do you hate us, Silver?"
Lieutenant Davis to SilverLastname. (Discord, Off-Topic channel)
"You post [content] that makes the Forerunners rationalise the existence of The Flood."
ThePeteFiles describing SilverLastname. (Discord, Story Brainstorming & Lore channel)
"Dammit, Silver."
EvenManatee887 to SilverLastname. (Discord, OffTopic channel)
"Fuck you."
Timothy Emeigh to SilverLastname. (Discord, OffTopic channel)
"#SilverIsAHack is trending on Twitter."
Distant Tide to SilverLastname. (Discord, Story Brainstorming & Lore channel)

SilverLastname is the Halo Fanon equivalent of the Terms and Conditions menu you get from iTunes purchases, or steam games downloads. Overly long, wordy, technical, and something you look at but never read because nobody got time for that.

Just fuck it, you know?

Useless projects, half-baked ideas, meaningless attempts at scheduling and mediocre brainstorming used to go here. now it's nothing, like me.

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