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The United Rebel Front was an organization of disgruntled colonists and military members who fought against the Unified Earth Government. They were led by a triumvirate of "Generals"; only one is known: Howard Graves.


The United Rebel Front was founded circa-2497 after the fall of the Colonial Military Administration. It had originally consisted of the Unified Rebel Front and the Mamore Independence and Liberation Front; the two had banded together in order to survive against the constant flow of UNSC offensives as well as sharing equipment, weapons, and intelligence. In 2503, the Secessionist Union joined the URF in order to combine their strengths against the maw of the United Nations Space Command.

After Eridanus II fell to the Secessionist Union, so did several other colonies; Mamore had an increased insurgency between 2518 and 2537, Tribute became a hotbed of rebel activity, and even Earth had bases for the URF.

People's Occupation Government

The Secessionist Union, also known as the People's Occupation Government and the Eridanus Rebels, was a Colonial Military Administration backed insurrectionist group based on Harvest and Eridanus II. They were under the joint organization of the United Rebel Front, and was led by Jerald Mulkey Ander before his death in 2502, and were later led by Robert Watts, a former Marine Corps officer. They were one of the principal organizations acting against the United Nations Space Command during the Human Civil War.

Mamore Independence and Liberation Front

The Mamore Independence and Liberation Front (MILF) is a group primarily composed of Kelorists on the colony world of Mamore. They staged numerous insurrections during the Human Civil War before finally being put down by SPARTAN-IIIs in 2537.

Unified Rebel Front

The Unified Rebel Front is the umbrella name for dozens of smaller terrorist and paramilitary groups that mainly conducted armed bank robberies and kidnappings against Unified Earth Government dignitaries and their families. They were also implicated in several targeted killings, as well as hundreds of bombings before falling apart after multiple UNSC Military Intelligence Division operations to "bring down the mountain."


United Rebel Front
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