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The Secessionist Union, also known as the People's Occupation Government and the Eridanus Rebels, was a Colonial Military Administration backed insurrectionist group based on Harvest and Eridanus II. They were under the joint organization of the United Rebel Front, and was led by Jerald Mulkey Ander before his death in 2502, and were later led by Robert Watts, a former Marine Corps officer. They were one of the principal organizations acting against the United Nations Space Command during the Human Civil War.


Created in 2492 by several survivors from Far Isle, the Secessionist Union used the bombardment as propaganda against the United Nations Space Command, quickly gaining support in the outer colonies. By 2494, they were quite literally bumped from being a minor nuisance to a high-priority target by the UNSC Military Intelligence Division. In this year, Operation: CHARLEMAGNE was conceived and executed to take down the Secessionist Union, using the newly graduated ORION Project commandos. The operation effectively demolished the organization, and its leadership went into hiding. In response, the UNSC launched a manhunt for Ander, its leader. The manhunt, called KALEIDOSCOPE, was prosecuted by the same operators who had participated in CHARLEMANGE, and led to Ander's assassination by then-Corporal Avery Johnson. Even though the UNSC had struck a heavy blow to the organization, it would regroup and reform, and by 2510 the Secessionist Union would return under the command of a young, ambitious former Marine Colonel by the name of Watts.

Watts would take what the UNSC had gradually dismantled and build it up into the most powerful of the United Rebel Front's factions, using whatever was left from its bases in the Eridanus System, and by taking over numerous smaller terrorist and insurrectionist organizations would build up its truth strength to become a bit more than a thorn in the side of the United Nations Space Command Defense Force. They were financially backed by several powerful political families in the outer colonies, and equipment was "stolen" from Colonial Military Administration bases throughout the Orion Arm, and would even take over Eridanus II's government by 2513, calling themselves the "People's Occupation Government", and had spread their reach right to the doorstep of the UNSC. They were known to have occupied and effectively taken over the governments of Tribute and Epsilon Eridani IV, located in the Epsilon Eridani System, which was also home to UNSC Military Base Reach.

During this time, the Secessionist Union would be the focus of several operations under the umbrella name TREBUCHET. It was a massive military offensive; every unit the UNSC could spare was deployed in support of TREBUCHET, especially Special Operations Forces, enhanced by the former members of the ORION Project, which was dissolved in 2506. These SOF units would initiate numerous missions to at first capture Watts, and later to dismantle his leadership and military capabilities in a tactic that was called "bringing down the mountain", pioneered by United States Special Operations Forces. When the Secessionist Union struck back; the UNSC took several major hits, especially in the propaganda war. Academics, military members, and political figures were kidnapped all across UNSC controlled space. Cruise ships, such as the National Holiday were either seized or destroyed, every time chipping away at the UNSC's morale. Banks were robbed, supply ships were seized, and even UNSC military bases were attacked, and their commanders publicly executed on COM channels before Section-II could censor them. Even more demoralizing were the constant bombings on planets being attacked by the UNSC, which led to even more controversy as Special Operations detachments would kill civilians who came anywhere near their checkpoints.

These events occurred for the better part of a decade, until Watts was captured by a SPARTAN-II fire team. Being a Marine before he changed sides, he was ordered to appear before a General Court-Martial, for several charges, which included nearly twelve counts of murder, being absent without leave, treason, sedition, several counts of conspiracy to commit murder, and he was also charged with the deaths of all who were aboard the National Holiday. He was executed on July 13th, 2525 by firing squad and buried at the Elysian Fields cemetery.

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