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Service Record

Petty Officer First Class


SPARTAN-III Gamma Company

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SPARTAN Neural Interface

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UNSC Military Intelligence Division

"I'm gonna set your lonely world on fire, baby."

SPARTAN-G292, also known as Travis, is a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Navy, and former Headhunter. He would serve in the closing phases of the Human-Covenant War, participating in several assassination and sabotage missions, all of which gave Humanity an edge over the Covenant. He served on Team Xiphos was their demolitions expert, and was classified as a "pyromaniac" by ONI psychiatrists. After being recruited into the Headhunters, he would be paired with his former teammate, Jack-G101. They would serve together on numerous operations, most of which were questionable in their morals and ethics. After the Human-Covenant War, he was placed into extended cryostasis for an untold length of time.


"They wouldn't stop moving me around because I always set stuff on fire. I was sad all the time, and I found something special in those flames. The warmth reminded me of the loving embrace my moms used to give me, and the light reminded me of the lamp I had kept by my bed when I was little. What can I say? Fire is my escape from reality; it is my drug."
―Travis before an ONI Psychological Review Board

Born on an unknown and long-forgotten UNSC world, Travis claims to have lived a normal life; albeit with a single mother, up until the day the "stars fell from the skies" - the Covenant had bombarded his colony with plasma sometime in 2544. He was put onto one of the last shuttles off the colony by his mother, who had left him with the promise that they would find each other again. However, after spending several months in orphanages across the dwindling inner colonies, he soon lost all hope. Slowly coming to the realization that his mother was dead, he soon became fascinated with fire as an escape. At first, he set fire to small things: scraps of paper, pencil shavings, and things in that vein. However, as the warmth of the flames began to engulf his soul, he began to set fire to curtains, beds, and before being recruited into the SPARTAN-III program, he had set fire to an entire orphanage.

Shortly after his arrival on Onyx, Travis was placed into Xiphos Team with three other orphans, including Jack-G101. The quartet was literally put through hell, and they were put into situations where they had to make the impossible, possible. After the graduation requirements for Gamma Company was heightened, Travis, fraught with stress and a seemingly never-ending depression again turned to fire to solve his problems, and set fire to an ammunition dump on the planet. Even though he was severely punished, Travis would graduate with the rest of Gamma Company, and was deployed on two operations behind Covenant lines before being conscripted into the Headhunter project, along with Jack-G101.


"I don't know why I can remember this, but I just can. My moms used to always tell me that I was special, and that my destiny would be to become a savior of Humanity. She was right, but I don't think she ever expected this. They dragged me out of my team, baptized me, and set me aside for their holy goals."
―Travis-G292 during his ONI Psychological Review Board

Following the incident in which he lit an entire ammunition dump on fire, the UNSC Navy considered re-categorizing him as "unfit for duty", and Colonel James Ackerson began to look at the young sailor for his own personal black-operations unit: Noble Team. Noble Team consisted of the SPARTAN-IIIs that strangely met Halsey's stiff requirements for the SPARTAN-II program. However, several higher-ranking ONI officers wanted the boy placed into the covert Headhunter unit, and their wishes trumped Ackerson's. Following his graduation with the rest of Gamma Company, as well as two combat operations, Travis was kidnapped and brought back to Onyx for Headhunter training.

After an intensive set of psychological and physical evaluations, Travis was paired up with SPARTAN-G101, a member of his former team; the ONI computers had matched them with a 98.43% probability of compatibility. Since they had shed blood, sweat, and tears together for the past several years, their bond was immediately apparent - they had somehow worked out a highly peculiar series of tactics. Despite the fact that neither of them had integrated neural interfaces, they knew what the other was doing even when they weren't looking at them. This led to them advancing through the operator course at an advanced rate, and they were placed into deadly operations against the Covenant and Insurrectionists.


speaker1: "This assignment is in violation of Emergency Priority Order 098831A-1, but this mission might give us the edge we need to win this war."
Travis-G292: "'"



Zombie Madness

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Personality & Physical Appearance

"Pyromaniac. Sociopath. Never questions orders, and has no regard for anyone's life or property. Perfect candidate for the Headhunters."
―ONI Psychological Profile on SPARTAN-G292

According to Office of Naval Intelligence psychiatrists and psychologists, Travis gained his so-called "mental disorders" from the period of stress brought on by the sudden loss of his mother when his home planet was glassed. Even though he had not realized that she were gone forever at first, he had entered a deep depression when the realization finally struck. According to UEG Department of Law Enforcement documents, he began his pathological fire-setting in his first orphanage; the care-takers there had found him with a box of matches beside the ashes of what used to be curtains. Over the next several months, he was transferred to several orphanages, all because he continued to set bigger and bigger fires to relieve stress, which was multiplied due to his constant change in surroundings. Before the ONI agents had found him, he had set an entire orphanage on fire, which had claimed the lives of two children.

His fire-setting tendencies continued well into his recruitment into the SPARTAN-III project, and he gradually began to show more and more sociopathic tendencies. He was highly intelligent; he had scored higher on aptitude tests than most UNSC Navy ship commanders did, and he was charismatic, cunning, and callous. On even the most controversial of operations, he had shown these behaviors; he followed even the most ruthless of orders without empathy, and had managed to take down a small terrorist cell by joining their ranks, gaining their trust, and then breaking it. He could speak very well according to ONI reports, but slang would sometimes creep into his speech, especially when referring to his deceased mother.

In interactions with members of the opposite sex, Travis has been called by many UNSC personnel as something of a player. The augmentations from Project Chrysanthemum somehow prevent him from becoming intoxicated, something that he has used to his advantage on and off duty; getting information from drunken rebel soldiers while on duty, and getting into the beds of women while off duty. He has been in the occasional bar fight or six ever since the Human-Covenant War ended, something which has prevented him from being awarded the Good Conduct Medal throughout his service.

His physical appearance was that of an average male of African descent in the twenty-sixth century, usually wearing a brush-cut, due to the fact that he cannot stand having long hair. He stands at six-foot seven, and weighs roughly 195 pounds. Due to years of constantly running with detonation packs on his back, he has maintained a rather toned physique, which he is immensely proud of. He only has two tattoos - one on the inside of his left bicep, which is an illustration of the Naval Special Warfare "trident" insignia, and one on his right arm, which is of a sea-snake wrapped around a trident.

"Dreams. This one just echoes the AAR of CHARLEMAGNE. This other one matches up with several accounts of TANGLEWOOD. I wouldn't be surprised if his father was an ORION; they were injected with some rather... interesting compounds."
―ONI Psychiatric Report on Travis' nightmares

It was rumored that he constantly had nightmares of the Human Civil War, but it is unknown as to why this occurs. According to ONI psychologists, the descriptions of his most frightening dreams peculiarly match those of botched UNSC Naval Special Warfare Development Group operations.

Decorations and Occupation

"Yeah, I am decorated. I don't care though; who should be rewarded for doing their job?"

Special Warfare Operator, 1st Class

Due to his status of being a SPARTAN-III, many of Travis' decorations are classified by the UNSC Military Intelligence Division due to the highly controversial missions he was assigned. Several awards and decorations are rumored to be on his sole dress uniform; however, only a few citations for the awards have been declassified:

  • Silver Star (Valor): For heroic conduct not justifying a Navy Cross during a classified operation in the year 2553 on the planet of Gilgamesh. Travis had nearly given his life for a soon-to-be overrun platoon of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers when several Brute packs had converged on their position. For several minutes, Travis held off their advance, allowing time for the evacuation drop-ships to arrive and extract the teams. For his tremendous heroism and bravery, Travis was awarded the Silver Star for Valor.
  • Purple Heart: For being wounded in action on an unnamed Covenant colony. On an assassination mission against a Sangheili officer, Travis and Team Xiphos were involved in a pitched firefight with the Sangheili's personal bodyguards. When advancing on the Sangheili position in an attempt to flank, Travis was hit with multiple plasma bolts from a Plasma Rifle, sustaining burns along the left side of his body.
  • Navy Expert Pistol Shot Medal: For scoring in the range of 228-240 with the M6E Personal Defense Weapon System.

Formally, Travis holds the rank of Petty Officer First Class (E-6) with the UNSC Military Intelligence Division and UNSC Navy, a rank that he was promoted to following the Human-Covenant War. His rating is that of Special Warfare Operator, which he had earned upon his graduation of SPARTAN-III training and his completion of the augmentation procedures.

Weapons and Armor

"For some odd reason, I've always had a natural affinity towards shotguns... and flame-throwers, but they wouldn't let me touch those."
―Travis-G292 on his personal weapons selection

In terms of weaponry, Travis would frequently select a M510 Multiple Grenade Launcher and a M45 Close Assault Weapon System. He would use a variety of forty-millimeter grenades with the M510; ranging from tear gas to high-explosive to fragmentation, and he would use the CAWS to devastating effect in close quarters battle.

True to his speciality of demolitions, Travis was also very skilled in the planting and finding of booby traps, mines, and other explosives.

Travis-G292: "So ONI finally saw fit to give us actual armor? I have one question about all this..."
Gunnery Sergeant Franks: "What's that?"
Travis-G292: "What's wrong with it?"
— Travis-G292 upon being issued MJOLNIR Mk. V (H) Armor

MJOLNIR Mk. V (H) armor is a privatized variant of the famous MJOLNIR Mk. V armor, issued exclusively to members of the elite Headhunter teams. It shares the same aesthetic charcteristics as MJOLNIR Mk. V (B) armor, but features several upgrades useful to a Headhunter: motion tracking out to 25 meters, shielding, VISR upgrades, and a prototypical reverse-engineered active camouflage generator that lasts for about five minutes.


  • Travis' alignment is Neutral Evil, doing whatever he can get away with to advance his own goals.