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Malcolm Lennox
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Gunnery Sergeant (E-7)



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Necros War


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"Sarge, um... look."
―Lennox to Lydecker about a Pelican crash following the Battle of Kanna.[src]

Malcolm Lennox (SN: 68293-29381), also known as "Mac", is a Staff Noncommissioned Officer (SNCO) in the United Nations Space Command Marine Corps. He is an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper and member of the 18th Shock Trooper Company, serving as Team Assistant Commander for Team Three. He served with honor and distinction in many operations against the Necros, Covenant Remnants, the United Rebel Front (URF), and more controversially the New Resistance Front (NRF).


Malcolm enlisted into the Marine Corps in the year 2598, following his completion of secondary school. After his completion of Recruit Training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Arcturus, he went through the Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC), and was assigned to a Deep Reconnaissance Platoon. Serving throughout Alliance of United Races (AUR) space, his reconnaissance platoon would provide battlefield intelligence to a number of Marine units engaged alongside them, as well as occasionally being tasked to eliminate a high value target (HVT), usually some sort of Jiralhanae chieftain, but sometimes members of the National Sangheili Resistance, a xenophobic sect of the United Sangheili Republic. Following these missions, he went through the accessions pipeline to become an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, and spent his time assigned to various units within the 105th Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Division before being assigned to the 10th Shock Troops Battalion.

During the Battle of Kanna, then-Staff Sergeant Lennox would be in charge of a squad of Shock Troopers that helped to defend "Pavlov's Tower", a skyscraper in Gimmel City. After the initial drop, he and his squad would fight valiantly, although five of them would return to their homes in caskets. He and his platoon sergeant, Gordon Lydecker, survived the battle not because of their excellent skill in battle or the enemy's lack of, but because of sheer chance. The pair had decided to wait for the next Pelican after going to look for Jennifer Wolf; Lennox was called off of the Pelican by Lydecker to assist in his search. Shortly after take-off, the drop-ship suffered a mechanical failure and crashed; nearly all who were aboard it were killed instantly or died from injuries sustained in the crash. The crash would put the 18th out of commission; however, they received reinforcements just in time for their deployment to Baikal II, and Lennox would receive an unwanted promotion to Gunnery Sergeant, in addition to a Bronze Star for valor.

Following the controversial Baikal II Incident, he would participate in HELLFIRE, the UNSC's final push into Remnant space.

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