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Lionel Jackson
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Lionel Jackson (SN: 71385-42309) was a serviceman of the UNSC Army, assigned to the UNSC Army Rangers, under the command of the UNSC Special Operations Command.

Operational History

Jackson enlisted into the UNSC Army when he was eighteen, and had quickly shown an interest in Special Operations. He was recruited for the UNSC Ranger Corps, made it in, and by 2552, he would serve as a squad leader with the UNSC Rangers in company Ranger 38/6 C, attaining rank of Sergeant (E-5).

During the Second Battle of Earth, along with his fellow operators of Ranger 38/6 C, he would fight along the Eastern Seaboard in the North American Continental Theater of Operations, until an emergency call came in from a UNSC Naval Special Warfare troop at Cambridge, Massachusetts that was being overrun. Jackson, despite being wounded, volunteered to lead a Ranger team into the city and extract the NAVSPECWAR Six operators. Soon afterwards, the company commander, Captain Kishi, would reorganize the wounded Ranger company, and with elements of the 5th Special Operations Wing (UNSC Reconnaissance Aviation Expeditionary Force), they would insert into Cambridge under heavy fire to perform a high-risk search-and-rescue (SAR) mission for UNSC soldiers and civilians.

For the insertion, Jackson and his squad would insert in D25-H Heron air assault helicopters, sitting in high-visibility jumpseats on the side of the overloaded SOAR choppers. During the insertion, Jackson's helicopter would attract heavy ground fire, with profuse needler small-arms fire impacting the vessel. A cluster of needles would sink into Jackson's combat pack, and the resultant explosion would tear apart his equipment and throw him from the chopper twenty feet into the ground.

Already wounded, without any equipment nor even a short-range radio, and mortally hurt by the fall and having severe internal bleeding, Sergeant Jackson would struggle to maneuver around Cambridge, armed with only a sidearm, fighting the entire way to try to link up with friendly NAVSPECWAR or Ranger forces. However, instead of finding friendly forces, he would stumble upon a massive pack of Brutes attacking an outnumbered UNSC Marine Reconnaissance team

Instead of fleeing for safety or finding a medic, the severely wounded Jackson would instead stay and fight.

Jackson would create a distraction, and armed with a fallen Marine's sniper rifle, Jackson would pick off the pack's Chieftain and several of its senior officers before he would be overrun by dozens of Brute warriors, and he would be shot numerous times. The Brutes would strip his dead body and parade it across the city, celebrating the death of one of the hated human snipers that had slaughtered one of their chieftains. The resultant distraction allowed the reconnaissance team to flee; even mortally wounded, Jackson would serve his comrades before dying.

Jackson is honored by a massive pennant at Asphodel Meadows Naval Special Warfare Center, where his name is listed as one of the forty-eight Rangers of Ranger 38/6 C that fell in the Battle of Cambridge. Jackson was later chosen as one of the handful of Ranger soldiers resurrected in steel at the Ranger Pillar erected in Cambridge, Massachusetts, honoring his sacrifice. Harvard students at Harvard Square frequently see Jackson's figure on the monument, limping, with a sniper rifle hanging in one hand. In addition, he was posthumously awarded the Colonial Cross, the highest UNSC decoration for valor.

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