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Jack Earls and Wesley Sanderson
Service Record

Private (Sanderson)

Service Number

3802-898-WS1093 (Sanderson)

Biographical Information

Eridanus II

Date of Death

October 27th, 2507

Physical Description
Medical Status


Miscellaneous Information
Notable Facts

Planted a low-yield nuclear weapon in the Luxor Spaceport.


Secessionist Union


Jack Earls (2485-2507) and Wesley Sanderson (2488-2507) were two terrorists and secessionists alive during the Human Civil War before being killed by the UNSC Military Intelligence Division.


Jack Earls was born to an affluent family on Eridanus II, and went to college to major in engineering. After getting a job at a construction firm, he was taught basic demolitions. After being converted to the Secessionist Union's cause, he provided technical support on demolitions operations for a five-month period before planning and executing the bombing of the Luxor Spaceport. After planting the stolen warhead, he was captured by UNSC Naval Special Warfare and brutally interrogated by UNSC Military Intelligence Division personnel. After being tricked into revealing the location of the bomb, he was executed and his body unceremoniously fired into the vaccum of space.[1]

Wesley Sanderson was born to a poverty-stricken family on Eridanus II, living in the colony's rural areas. He enlisted into the Colonial Military at the age of eighteen and served as an infantryman before allying with the Union's cause. He was implicated in at least two armed robberies, as well as the kidnapping of Felicia Navarro, the daughter of a Unified Earth Government dignitary. He had joined in on the plan to bomb the Luxor Spaceport, providing security for Jack Earls. However, the plan went south when an informant[2] inside his cell ratted him out to the Military Intelligence Division, and he was captured and tortured by the interrogators before being executed and his body dumped in space.[1]


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