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HRV Armament Company
Corporate information
  • Chief Warrant Officer Five Michael Hart (UNSCMC, Ret.)
  • Chief Warrant Officer Five Samuel Roberts (UNSCMC, Ret.)
  • Chief Warrant Officer Five Frederick Vincent (UNSCMC, Ret.)
Led by
  • Board of Directors
    • Kyle Davidson: President (Chairman of the Board)
    • Leroy Jackson: Director of Arms Manufacturing
    • Melody Westbrook: Director of Security
    • Gregory Daniels: Chairman of Ohana Technologies
    • Jacob Matias: Chairman of Trinity Defense Solutions

Public (NYSE: 27.83 3.21)

  • Ohana Technologies
  • Trinity Defense Solutions


Primary role(s)
  • Arms Manufacturing Company
  • Technological Research Company
  • Private Military Contractor
Major Products
  • M99 SASR
  • M99C SASR
  • BR55 Battle Rifle
    • BR55HB SR Battle Rifle
    • BR55 Designated Marksman Rifle
  • X2 Sonic Rifle
Corporate History



331 billion cR

  • HRV Research and Development
  • Administrative Division
Number of Employees



UEG Seal.png Unified Earth Government


HRV Armament Company, more commonly referred to in speech as HRV, is an elitist Human weapons manufacturing company headquartered on Bifröst in the Alpha Corvi System.[1] Specializing in the creation, testing, and fielding of highly experimental and high-quality weapons systems, such as the M99C Special Application Scoped Rifle and the M100 Sniper Rifle System, HRV maintains its place through a steady supply of UNSC Military Intelligence Division contracts.


HRV Armament Company started off as a small garage-shop operation by three Marine Corps Infantry Weapons Officers: CWO5 Michael Hart, CWO5 Samuel Roberts, and CWO5 Frederick Vincent. They had all retired from the Marine Corps, and had gone into private business with each other, originally adding specialized attachments to privately owned firearms in 2432. In 2458, it merged with two aging arms manufacturers: Knights Armament Company and Kimber Manufacturing. The pair were attempting to escape the ever-looming maw of Misriah Armory, which was about to become the UNSC's primary arms, vehicle, and equipment manufacturing company. Soon after the merger, the new company changed its name to HRV Armament Company, hoping to present a more "UNSC-friendly" image.

HRV was under the threat of being gobbled up by Misriah until 2460, when UNSC Naval Special Warfare set out a series of requirements for a new combat rifle, and they had specifically requested that the smaller company create it. Design work began in late-2460, but the technological skills and equipment needed in the weapon were absent from HRV’s skill set. This changed in 2467 when Ohana Prescient Systems was enveloped by HRV. The necessary Fire Control System and electrical wiring needed to operate the airburst rounds and the grenade launcher were completed in short order, and the M29 Individual Combat Weapon System was delivered in small quantities in 2473. Due to their fantastic work on the weapon, the UNSC Military Intelligence Division requested that HRV create a new sniper rifle for Naval Special Warfare units, and HRV gladly accepted.

After the triumph of what would be called the M99, HRV continued its unwavering research into advanced weapons; however, they took a massive hit to their profits when all orders for the M99 were cancelled in 2521. They continued their work in different sections, acquiring the fledgling Trinity Defense Solutions to protect HRV manufacturing and research facilities. After a series of sustained recruiting efforts that mainly targeted veterans of the Human Civil War, Trinity Defense Solutions soon became a full-fledged private military company, receiving contracts to protect UEG dignitaries on several colony worlds. Ohana continued their research into advanced fire control systems, and HRV’s firearms manufacturing division received the contract to create the BR55 Battle Rifle in 2522. This new weapon would become their most successful product, having numerous descendants, including the BR55HB SR and the BR55 Designated Marksman Rifle.

Although they continued to produce the BR55 well into the Human-Covenant War, the quantities of weapons that were requested could not be matched by the company, and HRV sold the designs to Misriah under contract – HRV would receive sixty percent of the profits on each rifle sold. During the Battle of Earth, HRV’s headquarters, manufacturing, and research facilities were destroyed with a thermonuclear explosive under Directive 0-2. After the Human-Covenant War, HRV relocated to new facilities on Bifröst, and was tapped to create the M99C Special Application Scoped Rifle, following the disaster that was the M99B, produced by Misriah. During this period, Zachary Lewinski, the CEO of HRV was taken hostage by David Tam, a disgruntled UNSC Marine. Lewinski was released following extensive negotiations by SPARTAN-091, and would later step down as chief executive officer.[2]

Despite the setbacks and challenges, HRV Armament Company has solidified its place in the defense industry, forming several partnerships with several companies. Acumen Science Laboratories and HRV Armament Company collaborated on the AS series of weapons under UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence special contract. HRV Armament Company would also find a friendly rival and ally in Jennings & Rall, a multinational conglomerate based out of the United Republic of North America. The duo and their subsidiaries would collaborate on several high-priority weapons projects that included weapons and fire control systems for vehicles.


Trinity Defense Solutions

Trinity Defense Solutions (not affiliated with Trinity Arms) was founded in 2523 by a former UNSC Naval Special Warfare operator, who had served with honor and valor during Operation: TREBUCHET before he was injured by an insurrectionist improvised explosive device. It was almost purchased by Ravenwood Solutions until hit was bought by the growing HRV Armament Company. Even though it fields less than three-hundred contractors, it has received a number of contracts from Unified Earth Government officials and diplomats, acting as escorts in hot spots around the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, as well as guarding HRV facilities and high-priority personnel. Many of its contractors are former NAVSPECWAR operators and Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, who left the UNSC due to issues with their pay or medical disabilities, and continue to provide excellence and professionalism in the field.

Ohana Technologies

Ohana Technologies (formerly known as Ohana Prescient Systems[3]) was founded in 2447 by a retired UNSC Navy Lieutenant Commander who specialized in data and computer systems during his time in service. When he retired in 2445, he set up a small technology firm in Toronto, which gained several important contracts from the UNSC Defense Force, usually fire control systems for vehicles and artillery systems. It merged with HRV Armament Company in 2467, becoming HRV’s in-house technology division. They would become notorious for the creation of the ATLAS+ System for use with the M99 SASR, as well as the supplemental ARGUS detection system and its accompanying drone. They had a minor setback in 2552 when their underground research facility was destroyed under Directive 0-2, but they resumed their work in their new facilities on Bifrost, and created the Hyperion Precision Targeting System for use with the new M99C SASR. Ohana Prescient Systems merged with Atwood Technologies in 2570, and was renamed "Ohana Technologies".


  • The HRV name survived after intense negotiations, when the new conglomerate decided to make the company more "UNSC oriented", due to the fact that HRV was founded by former UNSC Marines. Despite this, the company kept the logo of the Knights Armament Company.
  • Ohana is a Hawaiian word meaning "family".[4]
  • Prescient means foreknowledge of events, divine omniscience, and human anticipation of the course of events.[5]



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