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Colonial Administration Authority
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"Ad Astra Per Aspera"
―Motto of the Colonial Authority

The Colonial Administration Authority (CAA), sometimes shortened to the Colonial Authority (CA) is a governmental arm of the Unified Earth Government (UEG), responsible for all of Earth's colonies. During the Human-Covenant War, the CAA would take a back seat to the United Nations Space Command (UNSC), and would return to administer the colonies in the new wave of peace after the war. They were governed by the Colonial Assembly, a collection of delegates from the seventeen colonies,[1] until a majority of said colonies were glassed.


The CAA's main function was to document and govern all of the colony worlds. In order to keep track of these colonies, they sent various survey teams and intelligence analysts to compile factbooks on every single colony, from the largest to the smallest. These factbooks contained everything about the colony, from its demographic make up to even what the walls of the sewer system was made of.[2] This information was frequently relayed to UNSC Military Intelligence Division special operations teams.

However useful, the CAA fell out of favor with the UEG during the Human-Covenant War for several controversies during the Insurrection, as well as for being against the proposal to give the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) full control over the colonies, and would be stripped of their power to the point of becoming redundant.

Colonial Military Administration

The Colonial Military Administration (CMA) is the military and enforcement arm of the Colonial Administration Authority. Originally created out of the lack of resources for the UNSC to patrol the outer colonies, the CMA would grow to rival the UNSC, and many within the UNSC's High Command (HIGHCOM) feared that the organization would begin to encroach on their territory, while at the same time encroaching on the CMA's territory. By the 25th century, the UNSC had made more than a few bids to deactivate the Colonial Military Administration, unsuccessfully due to the charter written up over a century before.

As the outer colonies began to grow more upset towards the UEG and the UNSC, many within the CMA sympathized with those who lived in the outer colonies, as most of the CMA's recruits were from the outer colonies. In 2494, secessionists in the Eridanus System began their uprising, and they were shockingly found to be using equipment assigned to only UNSC and CMA soldiers. After the uprising was crushed, many organizations began investigations into the CMA's involvement with the rebels, and in 2497, its involvement went public. Over the subsequent years, the CMA's authority was gradually stripped and given to the UNSC, eventually delegating the CMA to patrolling remote fuel depots and using buoy tenders operated by those unfit for duty in the UNSC. Following the Human-Covenant War, the CMA was disbanded and merged into the UEG Department of Law Enforcement, and was replaced by the Colonial Militia.

ORION Project

Although unknown by many within the UEG and even the UNSC, the Colonial Military Administration launched a program in the 2320s to raise "super soldiers" to fight in the numerous brush wars that were flaring up all over the colonies.[3] Although the project was unsuccessful, mainly due to cost overruns and unpromising results, the idea was kept on the books. The idea was dusted off and revamped in 2491 by the UNSC Military Intelligence Division to fight the Human Civil War.[4]

Colonial Militia

In addition to the CMA, the CAA also runs the Colonial Militia, a collection of "weekend warriors", with detachments all over the outer colonies. Mainly created to provide security, they were created due to the fact that on many of the outer colonies, pride was so fierce that those who were considered "outsiders" were not well received. After the CMA was dismantled, the Colonial Militia would take their place as the military arm of the Colonial Authority.

Notable Members


  • The struggle for power between the UNSC and the CMA bears much resemblance to the struggle between the Schutzstaffel (SS) and the Sturmabteilung (SA) in the early days of Nazi Germany in the 20th Century.
  • The Colonial Military Administration's basic combat training was only two weeks long.[5] It featured remedial drill and ceremonies as well as basic marksmanship and vehicle operation.


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