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CAA Colonial Militia

Colonial Administration Authority




Militiamen, Weekend Warriors

  • First Battle of Harvest[1]
  • Battle of Cleveland[2]
  • Battle of New Mombasa[3]

The Colonial Administration Authority Colonial Militia (CAA CM, or CM) is a reserve military force for the Colonial Administration Authority and its military arm, the Colonial Military Administration, and are the descendants of most notably the US Army's National Guard. More often than not, Colonial Militia units on "hot" planets were trained by Naval Special Warfare (NAVSPECWAR) and Army Special Opeartions (ARSOC) personnel, in order to protect their planet from Insurrectionist activity. They would later replace the Colonial Military Administration after it was dismantled by the United Nations Space Command (UNSC)[4] and after the Human-Covenant War.

Their training was conducted under the Colonial Militia Training Program, which includes numerous road marches and pugil-stick training. The program was controversial; some believed that it would not be a good idea for the UNSC to train the "rebellious" colonists that the UNSC may have to fight.[5]

The Colonial Militia detachment on Harvest would gain notoriety as being the first humans to battle against the genocidal Covenant, and several other Colonial Militia detachments fought in the Battles of Cleveland and New Mombasa.


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