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BR55 Battle Rifle
Production information

HRV Armament Company


Battle Rifle


8000 cR

Technical specifications
  • Weight: 8.3 Pounds
  • Length: 35.4 Inches
  • Height w/o Sight: 8.3 Inches
Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

36 Rounds[1]

Maximum Ammunition

60 Rounds (XBR55)[2]

Fire Mode

Single, Three Round Burst, Full Automatic

Ammunition Type

9.5mm x 40 Full Metal Jacket, Semi-Armor Peircing


Short-stroke gas operated, rotating bolt




Medium to Long Range

  • Insurrection
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Post-Human Covenant War
  • UEG Seal.png UEG
  • UNSCDF Shield.gif UNSCDF

The BR55 Battle Rifle was a UNSC firearm manufactured by HRV Armament Company, and later by Misriah Armory.


In 2523, the Office of Naval Intelligence began to search for a long-range rifle that filled the niche between the MA5 Series and the ever-more popular SRS99. After doing research into past designs, they settled on what was considered a "Battle Rifle", a rifle that fires a high-powered round to engage targets out to 800 meters, which was considered to be "sniper range". After searching for a suitable manufacturer, they settled on the HRV Armament Company, that had already made the successful M99, a favorite among Naval Special Warfare Snipers. The order came down, and HRV began immediate work to fit ONI's demands, which included a "bullpup" configuration (where the magazine is positioned in the rear of the weapon, allowing for longer barrel length without the sheer size), a round that was larger than the 7.62 in use with the MA5, and an integral optical sight for UNSC Marksmen to engage targets at range.[3]

After a two year Research and Development project, HRV finally came down with a product, designated the XBR55 Battle Rifle, which they promptly gave to the Office of Naval Intelligence for field testing (it had already been tested in the laboratory, to great effect against the ballistics gel). The Office of Naval Intelligence gave four XBR55s to Lieutenant Commander Jilan al-Cygni, who appropriately issued them to two Naval Special Warfare soldiers: Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne, as well as their best Colonial Militia Marksmen, including Wallace Jenkins. During the battles of Harvest, the XBR55s were used to great effect against the newly discovered Covenant, such as when Johnson and Byrne destroyed Jackal (Kig-Yar to the Covenant) forces on the missionary vessel Minor Transgression. After the first contact, the XBR55s were again put to great use against the invading Brute (Jiralhanae to the Covenant) forces who had landed, and from those who survived the First Battle of Harvest, it was perfect. After the massive positive reviews, HRV was ordered to produce many more of the rifles, now designated BR55, dropping the experimental designation.[4]

In 2534, the rifles saw their first widespread use with Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and Office of Naval Intelligence Agents during the Battle of Charybdis IX, where the three-round burst function worked as a propellant of sorts, allowing the ODSTs to escape an explosive-laden Insurrectionist Freighter before it detonated. They were also used to great effect against Jackal and Elite (Sangheili) forces during the Battle of the Rubble, allowing the SPARTAN-IIs of Grey Team, as well as the UNSC Forces to pick off the numerous Jackals at range before Close Quarters Battle ensued.[5]

Afterwards, further refinements were made to the BR55, as well as upgrading it with an auto-zoom sight, and those models were sent to CASTLE Base, a top secret Office of Naval Intelligence facility on Reach. They were issued to the surviving SPARTAN-IIs, who used them against the numerous Elite, Hunter (Lekgolo), Jackal, and Grunt (Unggoy) forces, until the SPARTAN-IIs were all but wiped out in engagements. However, when Blue Team returned to Earth, their joy with the weapons was expressed, and HRV made another refinement, creating the BR55HB SR variant, which featured a longer barrel, which greatly increased the accuracy from the BR55.[6]

In late 2552, as the Covenant got closer to Earth, HRV gave the plans to Misriah Armory for mass production, with HRV receiving 60% of the profits on each rifle sold.


BR55 Heavy Barreled Scoped Rifle

Before the Covenant invaded Earth, HRV began work on the next variant of its BR55, the BR55HB SR, with a heavier and longer barrel for more accuracy. Although the basic design didn't change, some differences arose, such as the BR55HB SR having only a three-round burst functionality and the addition of a heavier barrel. Shortly before the Covenant invaded, HRV gave the designs to Misriah, where the BR55HB SR was mass-produced, in return for 60% of the profits on each weapon sold, which became known as "The steal of the Century".

BR55 Designated Marksman Rifle

Main Article: BR55 Designated Marksman Rifle

After the conclusion of the Human-Covenant War, the Office of Naval Intelligence again turned to HRV, the original producer of the now widespread BR55 to create a more specialized variant, exclusively for Designated Marksmen. It featured a longer, free floating barrel to increase the accuracy, a fiberglass stock, a now modular upper receiver to mount varying sights, and it didn't feature the full-automatic functionality, considered to be a "waste of ammunition" after combat reports from the Great War.

It would go on to be in use with the ODSTs of Gauntlet Company, stationed on the Asphodel Meadows Naval Special Warfare Center, as well as Codename: TALON.[7]


The BR55 appears like most other bullpup weapons of the era: Magazine and large mechanical housing in the rear, a long barrel, as well as hand grip, trigger guard, and carrying handle (also the mount for the optical sight). However, the BR55 had more than a few other features, which could be added on, mainly by Special Operatives. The BR55 could be outfitted with a rail system, for mounting accessories such as flashlights and laser modules,[8] and above the carrying handle, there is an integral picatinny rail for mounting different optical sights. On the stock, there is a cheekrest, as well as a padded butt, for greater comfort when firing.

It appears to be based on the FAMAS and Tavor Assault Rifles of the 21st Century, but these claims cannot be substantiated.


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