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Ross Ainsley
Service Record

Special Warfare Group Three

Biographical Information

Earth (Scotland, European Union)

Date of Birth

January 8th, 2517 (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Date of Death

October 23rd, 2552 (Cairo, Eygpt)

Physical Description



1.85 Meters

  • M6G Magnum

Scorpion MBT


Light Brown



Miscellaneous Information

Human-Covenant War


UNSC Army.png UNSC Army


Chief Warrant Officer Ross Ainsley (January 8th, 2517 - October 23rd, 2552) was a former tank commmander and intelligence officer in the UNSC Army, serving with recognition throughout the Human-Covenant War.


Early Life


Ross Ainsley was born on January 8th, 2517 at the Airyhall Day Hospital in the Scottish City of Edinburgh, to parents James Ainsley and Claire Wildermore. In early days as a child, Ross lived a troubled life as the Outer Colony Insurgency devastated the family's agriculutural buisness. In 2525, his father James left his family for what was intended to be a short buisness trip to a farming facility on Green Hills. However, prior to his arrival he was ambushed by pirates aboard the former UNSC corvette Ely. Taken hostage for nearly twelve weeks, James was finally freed by members of the 8th SOAR Battalion.

Following this incident, James developed a highly patriotic respect for the UNSC, one of which he would constantly share with his son Ross, much to the child's dismay.

Later Years

By the age of sixteen, Ross's grades and enthusiaism for education began to decline. His grade point average dropped as low as 2.25, angering his academically succesful parents. This combined with his troublesome life, led his father to consider options outside of collegiate education for his troubled son.

On his high school graduation night of July 17th, Ainsley was convicted of several misdemeanors and in return he was fined several thousand dollars. This proved to be the final straw with his father, and on the next day Ainsley elisted in the UNSC Army.

Military Career

Early Career

" Sometimes I just lay in bed thinking of what my life would be like if dad hadn't forced me to sign up. I could be at home now, enjoying my myself in the beautiful southern uplands. Too bad it seems that may never happen."
―Ross Ainsley in a letter to his mother, dated October 10th, 2550.

Following a short break, Ainsley was deployed to a basic training facility in Australia. Over time his once rebellious attitude was turned serious by the strict drill instructors. Following the 9-week training session, Ainsley was assigned to the UNSC Army's 22nd Scottish Infantry Regiment. His first task was a minor counter-terrorism mission on Mamore. Fighting alongside UNSC Gaurdian Reserve forces, Ross and his regiment were able to sustain several civilian uprisings in the Salto region, a previosouly Rebel-controlled region.

Following the relatively simple mission, the Regiment returned to Earth to recieve preperations for a peacekeeping mission on Chi Rho. Upon his arrival at the colony, Ainsley discovered the effects of the Human-Covenant War. While particapting in a riot patrol mission near Camp Patmos, they witnessed the severe poverty and famine that plagued the planet's refugees. After this ineraction, he began to develop a stronger appreciation for himself and his fellow troops.

Shortly afterwards, he would be transffered to the 18th Armored Battalion on Minister for a counter-terrorism mission near Los Perros. During this mission, Ainsley took over the command of his Cobra Artillery Vehicle following the severe injury of the original commanding officer. It was here that Ainsley's talent as Armored Marine Operator would be shown. Following this, he was assigned the secondary command of the M311 Armored Personnel Carrier, Badger-212.

Intelligence Career

Having been assigned a new career in the 18th Armored Battalion, he would then particapate in a number of Troop recovery missions for both the Marine Corps and the Army; finally exposing him to living Covenant forces. On one such occasion, during the Battle of Tosośniki IV, Ainsley would play a signifigant role in the rescue of injured personel behind enemy lines. This incident gained the attention of Army Intelligence Officer James Ackerson, who was then serving as a field officer for Army units on the planet.

Upon the approval of Ackerson's request to have Ainsley promoted to a Warrant Officer, Ainsley would become a Army Intelligence officer working under the direct command of Colonel Ackerson. He would serve in various intelligence missions relating to the Spartan-III Project. These missions prove vital to the creation of Noble Team several years later.

Ross Ainsley fighting alongside Noble Six during the Invasion of Reach; 2552

By the time of the Covenant invasion of Reach in August, 2552, Ainsley had been working on a number of counter-insurgency missions alongside Noble Team of the UNSC Army. When a group of unknown combatants attacked a residential neighborhood in Manassas, Ross Ainsley would be ordered to led a small team of Army and Marine Troopers to investigate a presumed Insurrectionist attack. In reality, it had been a a group of Covenant soldiers that proceeded to wipe out the majority of Ainsley's soldiers. Several hours later, a traumatized Ainsley was discovered by Jun-A266 of Noble Team. Ross would then fight alongside the Spartan team for the duration of the battle, until being evacuated aboard the UNSC Bum Rush, several days after the intial glassing.

Final Mission

Upon arrival to Earth, Ainsley was once again transferred to the 22nd Scottish Infantry Regiment. During the night of the New Mombasas Slipspace Event, he was kidnapped by ONI officers of the 15th Special Operations Regiment. The personnel took him aboard the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, where he then met personally with Colonel James Ackerson to discuss a new intelligence mission. Ainsley was ordered to gather intelligence on the Covenant excavation fleet over Voi, as well as the whereabouts of the Assault Carrier that attacked New Mombasa.

Marines of the 11th Marine Force Reconnaissance Battalion lead a final stand against Covenant troops, as Ross Ainsley (not pictured) infiltrates Covenant databases

His assignment led him to a Covenant ecampment in Cairo, Egypt, where dressed in full ODST armor sporting expriemental camouflage armor, he and a small contigency of Marine Force Reconnaisance troopers would infiltrate the Covenant facility located in the heart of the city.

After a vicious firefight that killed nearly three fourths of the battalion, Ainsley proceeded to enter a Covenant base situated in side of a large skyscraper. With relative ease, he managed to reach the Covenant's primary database center. However, severely under-armed, Ainsley was eventually taken captive by Covenant forces and was due to be transported to a Covenant prison camp outside Voi. Ainsley was finally killed by friendly fire from a air strike en route to Voi.


Ross Ainsley was known for his typically uplifting and sarcastic humor when around fellow soldiers. However, in reality he suffered from severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of years of fighting. He commonly drank alochol in attempts to relieve the depression, ultimately worsening the problem.

Ainsley was raised Roman Catholic and spent most his life following the belief system. However, he began to question his faith after witnessing the disasters of the Human-Covenant War, although he would end up returning to his faith in the final moments of his life.

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