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Anita.jpg White during the Battle of New Mombasa
Anita White
Service Record

Staff Sergeant (UNSC Army)

Service Number



18th SOAR Battalion

Biographical Information

Reach (Pálháza, Quezon)

Date of Birth

February 18th, 2526

Physical Description


Miscellaneous Information



Staff Sergeant Anita White (born February 18, 2526) is a non-commissioned officer and a special warfare operator of the Army Forces Command.


Early life

Anita White was born in the predominately Hungarian village of Pálháza, Reach in early 2526 to two lower class Hispanic parents. Her mother was a Madrigali immigrant who worked at the town's market, while her father served as a maitenence worker at the nearby Mitchell Air Force Base in Quezon. Her father would commonly tell stories of his job at the base, describing the amazing sites he saw while working there, despite the fact he was commonly harassed about his race by the local soldiers. Throughout the majority of her childhood her father would glorify the military, describing his interest in the subject and teaching his daughter about it.

On her 13th birthday, her father purchased her a military grade M6C Magnum from a local dealer and gave it to her as a present. The two would commonly practice firing the gun, hiding the secret of the weapon from the child's mom. It was during this period of time that her father would notice her extremely accurate marksmanship skills and would secretly practice everynight. Two years later, the duo would reveal the presence of the weapon to Anita's mother and have much arguing, she would allow Anita to participate in a daughter and father rifle contest. Although they would lose, the competition would inspire Anita to continue in her firearms career.

"This is my base, recruit! Not yours! You will do as I say, no matter what the circumstances! Do you understand, soldier?"
―Drill Sergeant Alexa McConnel to White, following a breach in orders.

After turning sixteen one year later, Anita would enlist in the UNSC Army to escape the racism and harassment she suffered from fellow students, a decision her mother would greatly look down on. She would then attend basic training on Cyrus VII, where she would commonly make accidental mistakes during her drills. As a result, she was commonly abused and looked down upon by her teammates that were punished for her actions. This abuse would lead to her depression and suicidal tendencies that would nearly force her to quit the Army. However, with her father in mind and the emotional support from a fellow recruit, she would continue her training.

Several months later, Anita barely completed her basic training and was deployed to the colony world Miridem.

Military career

Early Conflicts

Her first combat deployment was during the Battle of Miridem in 2544. She was part of a Warthog convoy traveling east of the colony's capital building when they were ambushed by Covenant Banshees. Two of her fellow soldiers were killed in the ensuing conflict, with the remaining ones being saved by nearby allied anti-air fire. After waiting for aerial evacuation of the wounded, the remaining vehicle team continued their attack run on the Covenant forces. By the conclusion of the battle, Anita was shocked and traumatized by the violent warfare.

"I'm going to come home, mom. Things are gonna be alright now...Don't worry, just stay in there."
―A depressed Anita to her extremely ill mother.

After learning that her mother had suffered a metabolic cascade failure earlier that year, Anita requested a short leave to visit her dying mother. The request was granted and she left on a shuttle with a three day pass to Reach.

Upon her arrival, she quickly returned to her village she once lived in. It was here that she met up and apologized to her now wheel-chaired mother. After a deep conversation between the two, Anita promised her mother that she would return home and leave the military as soon as possible. With her parent unable to speak, Anita left Reach with hopes of finishing up her Army career.

Battle of Reach

During the invasion of Reach, Anita was assigned to the 3rd Airborne Battalion, a unit under the jurisdiction of the Army Special Forces Command. Her unit was maneuvering alongside a coastal roadway leading outside of her hometown of Pálháza, when they were cut off by Covenant infantry and anti-armor. Anita was ordered by the company's commanding officer to provide reconnaissance and targeting designation for two Seeungeheuer-class Support Ships. She then proceeded to climb up a path running along the coastal mountainside, finally arriving a cut-in ridge. Armed with a MS11 Laser Designator, the two provided accurate coordinates for the two ships. The vessels then proceeded to fire their 25 millimeter Gauss cannons, destroying a section of the bridge and killing the majority of the Covenant troops in the process.

Afterwards, the team made their way down the highway and towards the Windham River, quickly and silently slipping past the Covenant forces patrolling along the riverfront. The airborne team then met up with the 22nd Shock Troops Battalion, a subordinate special forces unit of the Office of Naval Intelligence Special Operations Division. As the ONI team collected several surviving Covenant soldiers for interrogation, Anita and her fellow soldiers evacuated several remaining civilians, loading them unto transports heading out of Reach during Operation: UPPERCUT. However after the last transport managed to take off, the UNSC forces were ambushed by a lance of Covenant Elites. As the remaining Special Operations soldiers engaged the forces, Anita's squadron panicked and split up.

On August 18, three days after the attack at Windham River, Anita discovered the surviving remnants of her unit moving in a large military exodus towards New Alexandria. Joining weary and injured personnel from the Battle at Szurdok Ridge, the group made way across a series of highways in the Viery region.

Battle of New Mombasa

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