I said wasn't going to have one, but oh well...


"This is like the time you and Lancer wanted to take over AAO and turn it into a chain of coffee shops."
"It can be exciting if you decide to throw in a surprise Brute gangrape."
"Buy us, not SinoViet plague ships."
Lieutenant Davis
"I can't believe Grim writes Halo ERP."

Demon Potato

Brodie-001: @TEmeigh Here ya go buddy
Brodie-001: [1]
Brodie-001: [2]
TEmeigh: Thank
KingOfYou115: Wow.
KingOfYou115: That is surprisingly depressing. Ironically.
Jay: ....
KingOfYou115: Probably because of the distant emotionless stare combined with the hiding beneath the hat and blanket.
Jay: somewhat like Echo's picture
Distant Tide: @ASniper I don't know if this is a good time to mention this, but, in the case of Jay having a fellow Spartan that is a sibling - I'm pretty sure its been done multiple times. I'm looking at Sev in particular as my Delta Company example.
Sev: Fuck I'm crying now because of it XD
KingOfYou115: The smile is a facade.
Jay: yes
Jay: its to hide it's demonic plans
TEmeigh: I'mma potato!
Jay: and plans
KingOfYou115: Oh no! There's no transparency!
Sev: Daiki was one of those ones who weren't supposed to come - he just tagged along because the genetics of his sister were too good to leave behind
Jay: im surprisingly no longer triggered
Sev: That... actually makes it look more depressing
KingOfYou115: ^
TEmeigh: Screw transparency!
Sev: Can we have a darker shade filter over it? :P
Jay: actually, scarier
TEmeigh: I'ma be sad!
Distant Tide: [3]
Jay: it looks scarier because of that
Jay: XD
Jay: no transparency=fear
Jay: Fear
Sev: The Potato doesn't want you to see what's behind it...
Jay: Fear I tell you
TEmeigh: Remember, I did stab the cat to death
Jay: O_O
KingOfYou115: I love just how depressing that picture looks. Absolutely perfect.
Jay: yeah
TEmeigh: Looks happy to me.
Sev: [4]
LOMI-Nogard: Ya, seems fine to me
KingOfYou115: It's clearly a facade put on by the potato.
LOMI-Nogard: And then Sev made it depressing
Jay: yes
KingOfYou115: OH JEEZ! (edited)
Sev: XD
Distant Tide: Where is that thot shine?
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: D E M O N I C P O T A T O
Jay: ^
KingOfYou115: Now you just need the reflection of his home village burning down in his eyes.
TEmeigh: Muhuahua!
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: [5]
Jay: .....
Jay: demonic echowaffle8
KingOfYou115: The closest thing I've got to contribute to this collection.
KingOfYou115: [6]
KingOfYou115: And it's intentionally tiny.
Jay: welp
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: Way to forsee our criticism
KingOfYou115: Future self told me!
Jay: ....
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: Your future self got DDOS'd
KingOfYou115: ...
Jay: [7]
Sev: [8]
Jay: ....even more terrifying
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: okay you win
TEmeigh: Perfect!
Sev: XD
Sev: I can't stop laughing from that face and comment
Jay: XD
Jay: and the way he rotated it.....
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: @Brodie-001 you should put Tim in the corner where a shadow can be cast over him so he can have that expression
Jay: YES
Jay: YES
Jay: YES
Jay: make it seem more edgey than Nick's brother
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: ?
Brodie-001: I was already making this
Brodie-001: [9]
Jay: XD
Sev: That one of your spartans?
Jay: Perfect
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: Is this a reference to some shenanigans?
Jay: Nicky keeps saying his brother is an edge-lord
Distant Tide: For that shadow idea, I recommend up here on the shelves.
Distant Tide: [10]
Sev: Oh god XD
KingOfYou115: xD
Jay: YES
Sev: Fuck, somebody's gotta log this this then XD
KingOfYou115: As the great Emperor Palpatine once said:
KingOfYou115: Dew it.
Distant Tide: Or have someone hang upside down. The roof is looking kind of empty.
Jay: XD
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: “Several people are typing”
Jay: ive logged a lot
Jay: someone else should
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: [11]
Jay: [12] Jay: the shit ive logged
Jay: Halo Fanon
Jay: Shenanigans
Jay: The good old discord shenanigans, which is the only reason this page even exists. don't judge me!
TEmeigh: Have drunk potato peering in crashed warthog window.
TEmeigh: Like I crashed it.
Jay: XD
Sev: Yes! XD
Jay: or, have one potato in the shadows, with the drunk one by the broken window
Jay: so two
KingOfYou115: But why two?
Jay: itd be a potato cabal
KingOfYou115: There's only one Tim.
Jay: oh, right
Jay: okay
Sev: Who says they're Tim
TEmeigh: Me
KingOfYou115: Tim.
Jay: log
Jay: someone
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: Drunk potato glaring into the window with fire in his eyes having crashed the Warthog: “I SPILLED MY JACK!”
Jay: log
TEmeigh: Tim is a potato.
Sev: They're probably all the angry users that we've chased away over the years XD
Jay: XD
Jay: XD
KingOfYou115: Reminds me of PotatOS from Portal 2. "And I'm a potato."
Brodie-001: wait what is it you people want now
KingOfYou115: Nothing.
KingOfYou115: Just the demon potato.
TEmeigh: Drunk potato looking in warthog crash window.
KingOfYou115: Damnit.
TEmeigh: Or demon potato in corner (edited)
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: Love and support new tires
KingOfYou115: Which one? Demon or drunkard?
Brodie-001: But I've already got a slightly depressed-looking santa hat-wearing potato among the crowd of friends
TEmeigh: Idc
TEmeigh: Remove him
KingOfYou115: Demon potato is just too good to not include.
TEmeigh: Please :P
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: No, make him the drunk one
Jay: i feel as if mine is depressed under his helmet
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: Yours is depressed outside his helmet
KingOfYou115: I mean, he is looking down. The universal machinima sign of depression or disappointment.
Jay: yeah
Jay: give him a beer
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: Brodie regrets this idea.
Jay: XD
Sev: "Discord was a mistake" — LOMI 2017
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: “Christmas pictures were a mistake.” —Brodie, probably
KingOfYou115: We still need a Christmas Anon.
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: We have one
Sev: No, we don't
Jay: "Letting Tim have a Cozy Potato was a mistake" - Brodie, probably
TEmeigh: [13]
TEmeigh: [14]
TEmeigh: [15]
TEmeigh: [16]
TEmeigh: [17]
KingOfYou115: OH JEEZ.
KingOfYou115: The story it tells.
Sev: It's his slow descent into madness XD
TEmeigh: The evolutions of the potato
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: [18]
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: This yellow Spartan is Anon
TEmeigh: Normal, drunk, depressed santa, normal santa, demon
KingOfYou115: Ah.
Jay: "Making Tim a demonic cozy pic was a mistake" - Sev, probably
Sev: Oh right, forgot about that
Jay: its bailey
Sev: Nah, I'm relishing it XD
KingOfYou115: Right. Banana.
Jay: oh
Sev: But yeah, which segments should I log?
TEmeigh: All of it.
Jay: ALL
TEmeigh: Log all of it, or I will come for you.
KingOfYou115: From the beginning.
KingOfYou115: The very beginning.
Jay: ^
TEmeigh: Literally from the first post here on the irk_pub channel.
TEmeigh: To now.
Sev: ... I don't feel comfortable with Potato-Tim literally threatening my life
Sev: HELP!
TEmeigh: Not just yours. Your wife and children too!!!!! Muhuahuahuahuahua!
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: What if I did it too?
TEmeigh: And then I'll have a desert Echowaffle!
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: Somehow the cozy waffle doesn’t look as disturbing anymore
Anon_ONI_agent: is safe
Anon_ONI_agent: Bananas are naturally demon proof
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: ...or is he?
Sev: Damnit, gotta save it in chunks
Jay: Oh no
TEmeigh: slices up anon-banana to garnish Echowaffle desert.
Jay: At least I'm not food
Anon_ONI_agent: Plus I'm an omnipotent space banana, so the omnipotent part would protect me anyways
TEmeigh: finishes it off with a juicy steak meat (jsm) sandwich
Accountantmagician Volvo Face: ou’ve never met a creative enough chef @Jay
Jay: No
TEmeigh: I am the destroyer of worlds! The hurricane of universes! I will consume all, but barely squelch my ever-growing hunger that seeps through my potato flesh! None shall escape! All shall be consumed! For I am the MIGHTY POTATATO!

KingOfYou115: Me, in another chat I'm in.
KingOfYou115: [20]
Jay: XD
KingOfYou115: Immediate reply:
KingOfYou115: [21]
KingOfYou115: I'm not sure who's more confused. Him, or me.

My Waifu Halsey

Sev40: "But you let him live. Because you're not only a Spartan, you're the best kind. The kind with the potential to save us all. You may be a Spartan, but you're goddamn human, too, and that's something you should be proud of"
LHF: That's a good range
Richard-465: As if Musa would know what it means to be human.
Richard-465: Lol.
LHF: Spartan-IIs candidates usually ranged from September 2510 to March 2512
Sev40: "Hey, you try doing nothing with a Halsey hate-boner your entire career!"
Richard-465: SEV
Richard-465: NO.
Richard-465: BAD
Richard-465: Now I'm thinking of that fucking time Halsey was Blushing over John.
Richard-465: NO.
Richard-465: FUCK YOU
Sev40: XD
LHF: S-Senpai
Richard-465: Kill yourself.
LHF: Master Chief-chan
S-D379: When the fuck was that?
Sev40: I didn't even fucking intend that XD
LHF: Never forget waifu Halsey
Richard-465: #NotMyHalsey

Chuck Norris Blames...

Colin: I'm trying to provoke LOMI, but he's not online anymore.
LHF: Keep trying
Colin: Oh, I've got it.
Colin: @LOMI-Nogard Sexy Shelob.
LHF: The only reason to buy War for Mordor
Colin: Shadow of War.
LHF: Same thing
Colin: Damn, it didn't work.
Colin: LOMI's gonna log on in an hour, see that ping, and be really annoyed with me.
+LOMI: @KnightRider378 reeeeeee
Colin: kek
Distant Tide: 2 min = 1 hour, seems legit
S-D379: I blame Einstein.
Dab1001: I blame Newton
+LOMI: I blame doing the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs
S-D379: I blame Maxwell.
Dab1001: I blame Hawking
S-D379: I blame Tesla, no shit wait, Edison.
Dab1001: I blame Euler
S-D379: I blame existence.
Dab1001: I blame life, the universe and everything
+LOMI: 42
S-D379: I blame Chuck Norris for creating the universe.
S-D379: Actually shit I take that back.
S-D379: One does not simply blame Chuck Norris.
S-D379: I blame @Dab1001 and @LOMI-Nogard.
Dab1001: Too late
Dab1001: He's already heard you
Dab1001: He's coming for you...
🇷3 🇮3 🇵3 🇨3 🇧3
S-D379: Goodbye, sweet world!
S-D379: Goodb-

Delta Friends

KingOfYou115: After suggesting it though, I feel like a different explanation is needed.
KingOfYou115: What if they need to kill elites?
KingOfYou115: "Elites are friendly. So kill them."
Miranda Keyes: Uh, a kid's gonna question that no matter what
Miranda Keyes: Or it's gonna backfire spectacularly
KingOfYou115: Other suggestion. How would the recruits know there was an elite with him?
Distant Tide: It was covered in the public reports.
Miranda Keyes: "Beta-5 is friendly. So murder the ever-loving fuck out of them"
KingOfYou115: xD
Miranda Keyes: "Merlin is friendly. So beat the shit out of him"
KingOfYou115: That's what actually causes Delta to turn on each other.
KingOfYou115: Delta is friendly.
KingOfYou115: ...
KingOfYou115: ...
KingOfYou115: Wait.

That one Typo

Rtita'Mogamee: (Okay)
Rtita'Mogamee: after having dropped off the leader and his crew, we begin to work on the huragoks cest
Rtita'Mogamee: VEST
Sev 'Ikavowattinrzo: (Hur- Huragok-cest?!)
Sev 'Ikavowattinrzo: (Incest for Huragoks?!)
Rtita'Mogamee: (Lol)
Rtita'Mogamee: (I’m scarred for life now)
LoZza117: (Lol XD
Rtita'Mogamee: (It’s like tentacles doing things to eachother)
Sev 'Ikavowattinrzo: (Oh god XD)
LoZza117: (Shall we get on with the story haha

Halo: Kinect

UncookedMoaToday: Fireteam Raven and Spartan Strike on Xbox or we riot
BlackandfanToday: strike hm
Sev: Powered by Kinect.
spartenbob117: @Sev Now with voice commands
PapaperhonenToday: XD
NorthToday: No @Akeno
Sev: "You thought accidentally throwing grenades in CEA was a bad thing? Wait until Fireteam Raven comes along, where each imput phrase will interfere with the way your gun operates!"
PapaperhonenToday: no
Sev: "Aren't you gonna be happy when you try to throw a grenade but Kinect overrides that by making you crouch instead? Aren't you?!"
PapaperhonenToday: no
TerroryakiToday: xbox off
PapaperhonenToday: no
AkenoToday: @North Oh nvm then
PapaperhonenToday: no
spartenbob117: "And don't you worry, it is the most consistently inconsistent speech interpreting software too date, so next time you want to throw a grenade, we'll make sure to reload your gun"
PapaperhonenToday: no
Sev: "Oh, and because we liked Alien: Isolation's approach to thw Kinect, every time you speak all the enemies on the map will converge on your location."
PapaperhonenToday: no
spartenbob117: "So good luck on that stealth mission"
PapaperhonenToday: no
Sev: "Only... on Xbox One X."


S-D379: Reading DAB's page as we speak ;P
Dab1001: NO
Dab1001: I thought that was gone!
D042: No. It is SPI.
S-D379: Oh it is gone
Dab1001: Oh, good
Dab1001: Phew
S-D379: I can view deleted pages :P
S-D379: The talk page isn't tho [22]
S-D379: You want it deleted too?
Dab1001: Yes please
Dab1001: Also
S-D379: Aight.
Dab1001: I propose we demote CB so that he can no longer look at my deleted page
Sev: @S-D379 Orphaned talk pages need to be deleted
Dab1001: All in favour say 'aye'
Dab1001: Aye
Sev: Since they're just taking up space on the wiki
Dab1001: Motion carried
S-D379: Yeah, I just realised that.
Punished Distntmgicin.™: I was just reading the talk page. Chuckled a bit when I saw NCF messages surrounding "Great article! You should get an award!"
S-D379: @Dab1001 Haha you fool, not even a bureaucrat could lead a successful motion for my demotion.
S-D379: You are but a mere peasant in dark green.
Dab1001: @Brodie-001 Sounds like he's challenging you...
S-D379: Goddammit Sev let me do something for once
Sev: :P
Punished Distntmgicin.™: I propose we vote for a demotion of Site Patroller Cool "S-D379" Buddy.
S-D379: Oh it's not Brodie I'm challenging :P
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: This mere modicum of power really gotten to CBs head
Sev: @Dab1001 I'll make the page requesting his demotion!
Dab1001: Excellent
Dab1001: You can't stop all of us, S-D379!
S-D379: [23]
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: Did u watch the anime cb
S-D379: I have two admins on my side.
Punished Distntmgicin.™: @Ajax-013 "You are but a mere peasant in green." - @S-D379, demanding a self-demotion.
S-D379: @Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos Haha nope
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: L m a o
Sev: XD
S-D379: @Punished Distntmgicin.™ ...fuck
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: CB strikes again
S-D379: But I have been warned of how shit Ueno actually is
S-D379: Which makes her even better of a weapon against you all
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: Not rly
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: It just looks like ur jumping on a joke :P
S-D379: Oh don't you worry, a test bomb was already successful
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: I think ur the literal definition of FOMO CB :P
S-D379: Right? @Distant Tide @Colin
S-D379: @Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos Wut?
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: Fear of missing Out
S-D379: What. No.
S-D379: This is a silver bullet against the admins.
S-D379: To prepare for the inevitable uprising of the SPs
Brodie-001: @S-D379 Demoted.
Punished Distntmgicin.™: xD
Dab1001: lol
S-D379: Wait
S-D379: Fuck
Distant Tide: Seconded.
S-D379: :D
Sev: XD
ThePeteFiles: ONE OF US
ThePeteFiles: ONE OF US
Punished Distntmgicin.™: How's the orange nameplate feel?
Sev: That's what you get CB!
ThePeteFiles: Orange name motherfucker!
Brodie-001: Have fun in the dirt
Dab1001: @S-D379 Who's a peasant now? :P
S-D379: You! :P
Sev: Right-click's CB's name.
Distant Tide: This, this puts a smile on my face.
Sev: Hovers mouse over 'kick' button
Punished Distntmgicin.™: "You are but a mere peasant in green." - S-D, still unsatisfied with his demotion.
ThePeteFiles: Make him purple
Sev: This is so tempting right now...
S-D379: @ThePeteFiles No
ThePeteFiles: I'll go with you
Punished Distntmgicin.™: YES
S-D379: To bring me down to Dab's level, you must make me...VIP
S-D379: Goddammit Sev
ThePeteFiles: Lmao
Punished Distntmgicin.™: xD
Brodie-001: Can’t be worse than a purple
Punished Distntmgicin.™: Give him the Quiet Users or haven't spoke role and call it a day.
Dab1001: What about no role whatsoever?
Distant Tide: Nah, nah.
Punished Distntmgicin.™: No images! xD
ThePeteFiles: no images
Distant Tide: There are fates worse than no role
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: lol
Dab1001: lol
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: it all backfired on him
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: rip cb
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: 2014-2019
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: yikes
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: big yikes
Dragonstone: change editor color to a bright yellow to hurt our eyes
S-D379: Yeah, that was far.
Brodie-001: Yikes.npc
Dab1001: You're really trying to get demoted now, aren't you?
S-D379: I probably need to sleep
Punished Distntmgicin.™: S-D, you did ask for it.
S-D379: Yeah :P
Sev: He absolutely did
Dragonstone: [24]
Sev: Someone needs to log this
Dab1001: Yeah
Dab1001: So we can use it against him
ThePeteFiles: include me in the log, give me a fedora
Brodie-001: Are you fuckers making new roles again
Sev: No?
Punished Distntmgicin.™: I already epiquoted it. [25]
S-D379: Hey, that's not fair!
Sev: These are existing roles
Dab1001: Looks like the other SPs are looking for demotions too
S-D379: ^
S-D379: @Dab1001 Together, like old times?
Sev: Oh, you're one to talk CB
Dragonstone: the fire rises
Sev: :P
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: delete the discord brodie
Dragonstone: they expect one of us in the wreckage brother
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: just let us die
Punished Distntmgicin.™: If anyone wants to log this, be my guest. I'm too lazy to format it.
Punished Distntmgicin.™: I miss the IRC.
Sev: Someone just needs to copy it for the moment and tell me when he changes colours
Sev: I can do the rest
Brodie-001: There CB, you're back now
Dab1001: @S-D379 On the contrary, I'm gonna fill the power vacuum
Dab1001: Aw dammit
Actene: What
S-D379: Not about the Discord. but Brodie and Ajax did tell us that they would only delete the site once Colin's RfA passes
S-D379: Huzzah!
CB Wrecker: @Actene we demoted CB for a couple minutes
S-D379: Hold on, I'll do something necessary
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: colin as admin monkaS
Brodie-001: 'We' implies it was a group effort
Sev: Hey, I demoted him to purple!
Dab1001: @Dab1001 No, don't you touch my rank!
Emperor Slowfuture I Komnenos: o.o
Brodie-001: Not a lazy shitpost from me occasionally looking over at the chat
Dab1001: Meant to tag CB there
Dab1001: lol
Dab1001: I'm not crazy
Dab1001: I swear
Tide's Bully Hunter: maybe
Sev: Dab, we're gonna take you to the farm now...
Sev: To 'get well'
S-D379: Gonna change the VIP green just so I don't get in this situation ever again :P
Tide's Bully Hunter:: Dab, tell me about the rabbits
Dab1001: No! I like it here!
Sev: It's for you're own good, I swear! :P
Dab1001: Lies!
Tide's Bully Hunter:: Deceptions!
Sev: Truth!
Dab1001: ... the voice of the Covenant!

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