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Hey there <insert name here>, welcome to my corner of the wiki.
I've been a fan of Halo for well over a decade now and am passionate about it more than anyone else I know of. I own practically every piece of Halo story media and have almost finished collecting at least until the next release. I'm pretty busy in my real-world life at the moment, so I haven't really had time to be involved in the broader Halo Fanon community in recent years, but am still on quite regularly as I am determined to complete my passion project here (see Halo Wars: The Great War).

Above all my fanon works the one you'd be most familiar with, though you may not know that it is my work, is Halo Fanon's current logo (see top left corner of the screen). I originally created it among others just for fun, but then I got many supporting comments from the community which later led it to becoming the official logo. I also created all the logos you see on Halo Fanon's banners.

Even though I do have many ideas for stories about Halo, I don't intend to write any, at least for the moment seeing that most of the articles on this wiki are novels and characters. I plan to focus on writing less popular fanon types like games, apps and some other things here and there. Within the coming years I plan to make and upload many pages for this site, that I hope the community enjoy reading and continually be interested in.

Favorite Halo Games

Halo 2 - 9/10 Somewhat undercooked, but I loved the story and getting to know the Covenant better and just overall a fantastic sequel to the original game.

Halo 3: ODST - 9/10 - Awesome new story and soundtrack. Connected with this game very differently to all the other games; had a raw magic to it. A bit glitchy though and I was a bit disappointed that it did not function like Republic Commando, which is somewhat the impression I initially expected of it.

Halo: Combat Evolved - 9/10 Just a classic, never gets old and nothing wrong with it.

Halo Reach - 9/10 Awesome new models for everything, it all looked beautiful and everything a modern Halo game ought to be. Obviously run out of time or budget though by the multiplayer maps, but Bungie managed it all really well.

Halo 4 - 8/10 Spartan Ops kind of destroyed the future of Halo, but the campaign's way of storytelling is exactly how I wanted Halo to be portrayed.

Halo Wars - 7/10 Since Halo CE, I want a Halo RTS and I got it! Cutscenes were a standout, but I was disappointed that you couldn't play as everything (where's my spectre?).

Halo 5: Guardians - 6.5/10 Almost 10 years I waited for the dramatic reunion between the "last Spartan" and Blue team, for it to be completely ignored in the games. At least the reunion with Halsey had some weight. Everything I didn't want to happen happened, but some of the things that were done were fantastic. Loved the gameplay though and second half of the story.

Halo 3 - 6.5/10 I waited a long time for this game, the end of the greatest trilogy, new generation of console. Everything seemed to be set up for the best game ever, it was not. There was only a human side to the story, old voices that I'd come to know were replaced, dialogue was atrocious, no new characters that added to the story, disappointing graphics and most of the game was on Earth! Tsavo Highway despite it's solid level design literally added nothing major to the story and four other games that released that year were arguably better; Bioshock, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed and Modern Warfare. If not for the AR's return, multiplayer, Forge and parts of the last few levels I would have given this game a lower rating.

Halo Wars 2 - 6/10 Nothing necessary happened and what needed to be explained was never properly revealed.

Remakes and mobile titles intentionally excluded.

My Works

Halo Wars: The Great War

Game Editions

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  • Halo Wars: The Great War Saga Edition - awaiting creation


Factions from the game

Factions from expansion packs


  • TBD

Other projects

  • I've done a few smaller fanons mostly about what books and novelizations I think need to be released to flesh out the important stories of the Halo universe - they're only like a title with a very brief story summery, you see I wouldn’t expect to be writing them all myself. TGW will probably be the only thing I'm uploading on Halo Fanon, though I do have some other smaller ideas whether I do them or not is another thing.
  • I have also done some KotOR fanons, which is my second favorite franchise.


Samdoo Sig

Yes, I made Halo Fanon's latest logo, including all of the different logos used for Halo Fanon's banners as well.

Other logo designs I have made that weren't used for banners can be found here.

How I got into Halo (written 2013)

This year 2013 marks 10 years since I first played Halo.

When I first became a fan of Halo

I remember when I was young my mother was going to buy my dad an Xbox for his birthday - note it was an original Xbox. With it came four games: Amped, Project Gotham Racing, Enter The Matrix and Halo. I didn’t know much about Halo than, other than seeing several copies lined up in a store and one other though I cant say 100% that it was actually Halo; I remember my family dropped in to see some family friends and as soon as we walked in the door they got us to walk into their kitchen because they were watching something inappropriate for kids, something they had been working on for a while on their Xbox. I didn’t see much but what I did see and what I believe it was, was part of the final cinematic from Halo: Combat Evolved (where the Chief is just leaving the Pillar of Autumn before it explodes, destroying Halo), I think I saw a soldier and an alien fighting or hugging (one of the two they both happened) - this was obviously the Legendary ending of Halo: Combat Evolved. That kid never knew when he saw that scene how much that game was gonna impact his life.

I was convinced I was going to play Halo as soon as I found out it came with the console, but on the day my parents said I was to young and they were going to throw away all the violent video games that came with the console. A few days after we got the Xbox at night my father thought he should play the game just once before he got rid the game, but when he started it he was amazed, he'd never played anything like it in his life, he had gone from the low-level graphics and gameplay of Wolfenstein to Halo. Soon after that night me and my family (except my father and sister) went shopping and when we came home, dad was playing Halo with my little sister... so we kept all the shooting games, though I was still not aloud to play them.

Every time dad or me had friends over my father would show and play Halo with them and then their parents would get angry at him for exposing it to their kids. But the first time he showed it to friends was some weeks later after we first got the Xbox, my family had some family friends over (the same we came to visit mentioned in the first paragraph) and they happened to be traveling and they had their Xbox with them and they had an extra controller with them so dad took the opportunity to do a game with them on co-op. And sometime near the end of the level I FINALLY got given the controller to play =D I played for a short while, I remember seeing some strange metal buildings in the area around a cliff and I also remember trying to drive this car thingy (cause vehicles are cool) and then after awhile of trying to get in, I eventually hopped in it and (accidentally) drove it off the cliff... :/ I came back to life and assumed it had re-spawned with me, sadly because it was co-op my companion informed me that it was gone and it was my fault, so we had to walk for the rest of the level - this was in Halo: Combat Evolved the second level Halo, but some of you would have already guessed that.

And that was that how I first got into Halo.

Playing Halo and the Xbox 360

I remember when I first watched my dad finishing Halo: Combat Evolved, the excitement and that massive race in the warthog trying to escape Halo before the Pillar of Autumn exploded and when the game was finally over and we didn’t get to see the Chiefs face as he took off his helmet. I remember being the only one in the family who was convinced their was going to be a sequel and I was right, we got the limited edition of Halo 2 the day it came out.

Time went by I still couldn’t play Halo by myself except for the occasional co-op game with dad and with my friends, but eventually my father gave me permission to play the game and other like it on my own. This was great but then the Xbox 360 came out of which no-one could afford. It didn’t worry me to much because Halo 3 wasn’t to be released until a few years after the 360 but when it came out in 2007 to my confusion we didn’t get it (I didn’t release I was the only one I knew who was obsessed with it).

In 2008 almost a year after the release of Halo 3 my family put some money together to buy an Xbox 360 Arcade. It like our original Xbox (which died and fortunately got replaced because we still had warranty) came with four games, one of them being Halo 3 which was great to finally see how the trilogy ended and use the assault rifle again, but it was nowhere near as good as the first two games.

The Death of Halo

We continued to buy Halo games and got the Halo Wars Limited Edition soon after it’s release, but in 2009 very soon before the release of Halo 3: ODST my father had made a very big and very painful decision. He had told me and my siblings that he was thinking of having a month off violent video games and we all thought it sounded fair, but soon before the day came he changed his decision and got us around a table to talk, our original plan was when we got our first Xbox was to not play any violent games and dad said that he was finally going to do this decision. He said the games weren’t really edifying to our minds. We had to destroy all our games that had any violence in them (and we had a lot) including all our Halo games. We understood why and accepted the decision to an extent, but it was still a extremely hard thing to do. Note! we were still aloud to play these games but only with friends and not at our home.

Beyond Video Games

Even though I couldn’t play Halo anymore I still loved it and when Halo Legends came out I was right into it and it’s terrible canon (I mean come on a Mark-VI multiplayer spartan at Harvest and two spartans easily dying under the command of the Master Chief in stupid flying push bikes). When I watched Legends it was interesting, there was nothing much to do with the games at all except for “Origins”, there was these characters that were supposably meant to be close to the Chief. I heard that Kelly, Fred and Dr. Halsey were characters from the books, so I went and bought Halo: The Fall of Reach.

I read The Fall of Reach in five days and that’s impressive for me I hate reading and had never read a book all the way through before. While I was reading I realized that I barely knew anything about the Halo universe and that I wasn’t even the big fan I thought I was - not a true fan. I got the next two books and read them a little slower especially The Flood that was way to much like playing the games but without the color and movements, though I did like the side stories that weren’t mentioned in the games. I continue to buy and collect the novels and comics today.

The Return

I decided one day I would collect every piece of Halo story media and I did that, but I didn’t have one thing; the games. I went on ebay to check prices on Halo game, after a while I asked my parents if I could collect the games for display but not play them and he said yes :D. The first game I got and pride of my collections was the limited collector edition of Halo 2 in very good like new condition at a very cheap price and some months after that a got a game bundle with the Legendary Edition of Halo 3 with most of the games. When I got the bundle my family looked over the games with hungry eyes, dad decided just for once to let us play all the games we hadn't gotten before we stopped playing shooters, but that once didn’t seem to end. We have since started playing shooters again though I wouldn’t call myself a big gamer nowadays .

Final Words

And since that first time in 2003 I’ve been a very big fan of Halo. It’s now 2013 ten years since I first got Halo, though I'm not really obsessed with it anymore like I was when I was a kid, but I still love learning new stuff about Halo and its story. I've played and own almost every standard, limited and legendary edition of the games and every original and reprinted novel, comic and other bonus materials, plus other media and I probably will continue collecting and learning stuff about Halo for a long time still.

~ Samdoo

Halo media and items I own

In 2011 I set myself the challenge of getting every edition of every story piece of Halo media, I have been working on this challenge for awhile now and I'm almost up to date with the currently released Halo media. Take note the challenge isn't my primary reason for collecting everything, I just want to learn as much as I can about the Halo Universe and thats my main motivation.

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  • Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Halo PC
  • Halo 2
  • Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition
  • Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack
  • Halo 2 Vista
  • Halo 3
  • Halo 3 Limited Edition
  • Halo 3 Legendary Edition
  • Halo Wars
  • Halo Wars Limited Edition
  • Halo 3: ODST
  • Halo Reach
  • Halo Reach Limited Edition
  • Halo Reach Legendary Edition
  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
  • Halo 4
  • Halo 4 Limited Edition
  • Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition
  • Halo: Spartan Assault (IOS and Windows 10)
  • Halo: Spartan Strike (IOS and Windows 10)
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Xbox One and Windows 10)
  • Halo 5: Guardians Limited Collector's Edition
  • Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition


  • Halo Box Set
    • The Fall of Reach
    • The Flood
    • First Strike
  • Halo Boxed Set
    • Ghosts of Onyx
    • Contact Harvest
    • The Cole Protocol
  • Halo: Evolutions - Essential Tales of the Halo Universe
  • Halo: Evolutions Volume I
  • Halo: Evolutions Volume II
  • Halo: Glasslands
  • Halo: The Thursday War
  • Halo: Mortal Dictata
  • Halo: Cryptum
  • Halo: Primordium
  • Halo: Silentium
  • Halo Boxed Set 2
    • The Fall of Reach Definitive Edition
    • The Flood Definitive Edition
    • First Strike Definitive Edition
  • Halo: Broken Circle
  • Halo: New Blood
  • Halo: Hunters in the Dark
  • Halo: Last Light
  • Halo: Fractures - Extraordinary Tales from the Halo Canon
  • Halo: Smoke and Shadow
  • Halo: Envoy
  • Halo: Retribution
  • Halo: Legacy of Onyx
  • Halo: Bad Blood
  • Halo: Silent Storm
  • Halo: Renegades
  • Halo: Oblivion

Graphic Novels

  • The Halo Graphic Novel
  • Halo: Uprising (Complete Hardcover)
  • Halo: Helljumper (Complete Hardcover)
  • Halo: Blood Line (Complete Hardcover)
  • Halo: Fall of Reach (Hardcover - Boot Camp, Covenant, Invasion)
  • Halo: Initiation (Complete Hardcover)
  • Halo: Escalation Volume 1
  • Halo: Escalation Volume 2
  • Halo: Escalation Volume 3
  • Halo: Escalation Volume 4
  • Halo: Tales from Slipspace


  • The Ultimate Halo Companion DVD Set
  • Halo Legends (Standard Edition)
  • Halo Legends (Special Edition)
  • Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn
  • Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Blu-Ray Deluxe Edition
  • Halo: Nightfall
  • Halo: The Fall of Reach - The Animated Series

Game Guides

  • Halo Combat Evolved Strategy Guide
  • Halo 2 Strategy Guide
  • Halo 3 Strategy Guide
  • Halo Wars Strategy Guide
  • Halo 3 ODST Strategy Guide
  • Halo Reach Strategy Guide
  • Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Strategy Guide
  • Halo 4 Strategy Guide
  • Halo 4 Limited Edition Strategy Guide
  • Halo Wars 2 Collector's Edition Strategy Guide
  • Halo 5: Guardians Strategy Guide
  • Halo 5: Guardians Collector's Edition Strategy Guide

Other Media

  • Halo Trilogy - The Complete Original Soundtracks
  • Halo 2 Original Soundtrack Volume 1
  • Halo Encyclopedia (2011 Edition)
  • Halo The Essential Visual Guide
  • Halo 4 The Essential Visual Guide
  • Halo The Art of Building Worlds
  • Halo Mythos
  • Halo Warfleet
  • Awakening: The Art of Halo 4 (Enhanced Edition)
  • Numerous Figures (no-longer collecting)

I used to collect many photos related to Halo, I had over 5000 last time I checked that was over a year ago. I decided at that time I wasn’t going to do that anymore, it was just getting too ridiculous, though I still do collect them occasionally, but you can tell where I go when I need some Halo images.


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