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The Arcadia Class Supercarrier is a carrier sub-classification in service with the Colonial Navy


The supercarrier was used for direct confrontation with Covenant remnant vessels, and Outlaw vessels. The armaments and armor of a Arcadia Class dwarf those of any other ship within Colonial Military service. To date, the Arcadia class is one of the largest vessels made in human, and colonial history.

Operational history

The Arcadia Class started R&D in late 2557 alongside another wave of newer more efficient human vessels. The first Arcadia Class was fully commissioned in 2564, a few years after the Created-Conflict, in the UNSC's initiative to re-militarize Outer Colony worlds so they could handle their own affairs better. Officially designated Space Control Vehicles, these carriers transported and sustained entire Colonial Military expeditionary and interdiction campaigns throughout the more remote Outer Colonies for months at a time, as they combated Outlaws before their views could fester and spread. Arcadia Class Supercarriers are also tasked with defending key Outer Colonies.

Known ships of the line

CMV Arcadia

CMV Harbinger

CMV Travalion

The bridge of an Arcadia