Miranda Keyes Halo 3.jpg SPOILERS! MIRANDA KEYES DIES!

Before you read this article, you must know that there are spoilers about Commander Miranda Keyes dying in Halo 3. It is important that you know this, in case you didn't know Miranda Keyes dies, which she does. For the benefit of those who haven't played Halo 3, The Prophet of Truth shoots Keyes in the back after her failed attempt to stop Truth from firing the Halos. By the way, Sergeant Johnson also dies....So does the Prophet of Truth....and 343 Guilty Spark.


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SPARTAN 119 is a user on Halo Fanon Wiki, Halopedia and Gruntipedia.

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David (I will not give my last name)
Gender male
Height about 5 foot-ten
Date of Birth 1989
Rank on Wiki civilian
Gamertag Xbox Live gametag: MoB Nerv3 GA5 (no, I am not in th MoB clan anymore, I just can't think of a new gamertag!)

Stuff about me I couldn't find a place for in the infobox.


  • Halo
  • Call of Duty 4
  • other FPS/RTS
  • Zoology
  • Biology
  • History
  • Biogeography
  • Heavy Metal Music
  • Fire and explosions (LOL)
  • Drugs
  • Sex (actually, only when one or more hot girls are involved)
  • Rock 'n Roll


  • Dumb people
  • Really Dumb People
  • N00bs
  • my previous computer
  • other crap that never works
  • Rednecks
  • People who think I am a redneck because I live in Oklahoma.
  • Rap music
  • Country Music
  • George W. Bush

Random Quotes

  • "Aim Towards Enemy"
    • -Instuctions on a U.S. Army Rocket Launcher

  • Yes because Cortana is in the MC's suit she is in his pants...always
    • — H3 (Gruntipedia user)
  • AWWW...no fair...i want MC's suit
    • — Anonymous Gruntipedia user remarking on quote above

  • "Only the best pilots in the UNSC are given the privelege of flying the X-1000. After a rigorous testing procedure at ONI headquarters, the few who are accepted are given augmentations that are equal to or better than a SPARTAN II's augmentations. Most notable of these pilots is 37-star General Chuck Norris XXXXVIII, who is known for destroying over 20000000 Covenant Space craft, 30990903241 ground targets 2000 Covenant Capital Ships, four of the seven Halo installations, the Covenant holy city High Charity, and the planets Sanghelios and Balaho. Apocalypse pilots are also deadly in ground based combat, as exemplified by the aforementioned Chuck Norris XXXXVIII, who killed 1000000 Brutes and 200000000 Jackals and 10000000000000000000000000 Grunts with his bare fists during the Second Battle of Earth."

  • "Hey, sweetheart, are you allowed to take shots with the patrons?"
    • -Anonymous drunk restaurant customer hitting on my (attractive blonde) friend at work

  • "After a show, I was approached by a social worker, and she said she was working with a kid named Shithead (pronounced shith-hade)."
    • -Lewis Black
  • "The Necros a race of cyborgs created from dead bodies evil demented cats on crack with laser techology and horrible spelling and grammar (Lazorz chraged, frie at wlil!!!) that attempt to destroy the human race and the Split-Lips in order toturn us into yet more of their robot-zombie things sieze Earth's supplies of Fancy Feast and Meow Mix. In the end, they are defeated by the UNSC Kwarsh, Lord of the Grunts, and a horde of Grunts doped on on Gruntiness."
    • -my contribution to Halo Fanon on Gruntipedia

  • (thwap). Aeris dying was the second most traumatic event of my childhood, leave it!

  • "I believe in recycling, but this is ridiculous."
    • -Al Gore, on John McCain's policy of "recycling" Bush's policies

  • "Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons"
    • -Popular Mechanics, 1949

  • "They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist...."
    • -Last words of American Civil War General John Sedgwick

My Game Review Series: SPARTAN 119 Reviews

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The Best of Ajax

Funny Gaming Videos


Funny Halo 3 Voice Overs: "Come on down to Bob's Balloon Emporium, where we sell nothing but half-price balloons!!" -Prophet of Truth

Things I Learned While Playing Halo 2: No Covenant were harmed in the making of this video.

Halo: Rules of Guns Safety: Pretty much self explainitory.

The Master Chief Sucks at Halo 3: Complete with great comments about the Hayabusa armor.

Arby n' the Chief: Episode 1: I can sh00t, I just dun wun 2.

Other Games

The Spoony Experiment's reviews of rants on various video games: Because bad games deserve to be hurt back!

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Fun with interwiki links (a real message I sent to Ajax 013 BTW)

Necros Vehicles and/or inspiration (AKA Command and Halo VIII)

Do tell me if you want me to stop designing aspects of your vehicles for you, but anyway, I dusted off the PS2 and my copy of FFVIII and took a look at the inspiration for your Whale/Dolphin-class Landing Craft. Concerning the armament of the Landing Craft, the 40mm Misriah autocannon seems like the closest thing to what the Whale/Dolphin's inspiration was armed with, Judging from the amount to of damage it did when The chick nobody cares about shot that robot spider thing with the landing craft's gun. Also, Do you need a pic for you Tiger Heavy Battle Tank, cause I know it's based on the thing from Command and Conquer I wish I had in the my party in FFVIII instead of that useless bullet sponge when I was fighting the flying douchebag on the comms tower (come to think of it one would also be useful for beating that damned level in Halo 3 on the difficulty you've got to be fucking nuts to play on). Finally, In in the event you did not find my screwing around with the interwiki links amusing, perhaps because you are a fan of the chick nobody cares about best character in FFVIII that could kill Chuck Norris with her sharp fingernail or the useless bullet sponge Immortal goddess of badassness, I apoligize, as I don't want to end up like this guy.

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Character Theme Music

Note: In order to understand why I chose these songs, you have to have heard the song and read my character's article. So let the pairing of my characters with random heavy metal and punk rock begin!

Ross East

Theme 1: Aces High-Iron Maiden

  • Comment: Fitting theme for any fighter pilot really.
  • Particularly Fitting Lyric: "Rolling, turning, diving, Rolling, turning, diving, going in again, Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die, Run, live to fly, fly to live, aces high."

Ross East (Alternate)

Theme 1 I'm Alive-Disturbed

  • Comment: I find the below lyrics to represent Ross' alternate character perfectly, almost as though Ross is speaking directly to the Prophet of Truth in response to his conversion of humanity to the Covenant.
  • Particularly Fitting Lyric(s):"The thing I treasure most in life cannot be taken away, There will never be a reason why I will surrender to your advice to change myself, I'd rather die, I'll make the greatest sacrifice, you'll never take me alive. or

"I'm no slave. Are you feeling Brave? Or have you gone out of your mind? No more games. It won't feel the same if I hold my anger inside. There's no meaning. My soul is bleeding. I've had enough of your kind. One suggestion: Use your discretion, before you label me blind"!!!

Lindsey Williamson

Theme 1: Having A Blast-Green Day

  • Comment: What!?, one of the lyrics reminded me of how Lindsey Williamson avenges her parents' deaths at the hands of a Sangheili Shipmaster!
  • Particularly Fitting Lyric: "I'm losing all my happiness, The happiness you stole from me, A loneliness still comforts me, My anger wells inside of me, I'm taking it all out on you, And all the shit you put me through"

Theme 2: Taking Back My Soul-Arch Enemy

  • Comment: So many themes for Lindsey, so few for anyone else!
  • Particularly Fitting Lyric "No more, It's over, I'm onto you, your evil game, The tables have turned, I'm taking back my soul"

Theme 3: Enough-Disturbed

  • Comment: Another song that reminds me of Lindsey's tragic childhood.
  • Particularly fitting Lyrics:"When you own have died, When there's no more pride, When your soul is frozen, Is that enough?, When your heart is broken a thousand times, With every moment, Is that enough"'

Theme 4: In Flames You'll Burn-Dream Evil

  • Comment: A song that reminds me of Lindsey's revenge on shipmaster 'Idno Apasee
  • Particularly fitting Lyrics:"You killed my men, raped our land, and ruined our lives......You will die, by my hand, forever your'e condemned"'

Ross East Jr.

Idno 'Apassee

Sarah East



Gen Payton Smith

Theme 1: Indestructible-Disturbed

  • Comment: just seems to fit him.
  • Particuarly Fitting Lyric: "Take a last look around while your alive, I'm an indestructible master of war"

David Kilgore

Theme 1:Haunted: Disturbed

  • Comment: Description of him post-Revenant
  • Particularly Fitting Lyrics: "Your beaten so am I, I've got a heart of stone, No medication can cure what has taken hold" or "You're angered so am I, A thousand fires burn, A land of darkess from which I cannot return, Your aching so am I, When I awaken, discover that I've been damaged by your world" or You're frightened so am I, A world of demons wait, Watching my movements and filling my heart with hate, You're burning so am I, When I awaken discover how I've been ravaged by your world."

Theme 2: The Curse: Disturbed

  • Comment: more about him an his status of Revenant
  • Particularly Fitting Lyrics: I've held on to long just to let it go now, Will my inner strength get me through it somehow?, Defying the curse that has taken hold, Never surrender, I'll never be overcome.

The Necros

Theme 1: All Nightmare Long-Metallica

  • Comment: It should have been the background music for the Necros trailer, then again, considering Metallica's stance on downloading/posting songs on the internet.....
  • Particularly Fitting Lyric:"Hunt you down without mercy, Hunt you down all nightmare long"

Theme 2: The Thing That Should Not Be-Metallica

  • Comment:Even the title describes the Necros perfectly.
  • Particularly Fitting Lyric: "Timeless sleep, Has been upset, He wakens, Hunter of the shadows, He rises" or "Drain you of your sanity, Face the thing that should not be"

Theme 3: The Calamity-Trivium

  • Comment: When I heard this, I thought: holy shit, that's the Necros.
  • Particularly Fitting Lyric: "You cannot be, your the mistake: calamity, sent to destroy all the good, On this Earth, Killing me."'

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