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Gender Male
Height Around 182cm
Blood Type B+
Date of Birth July 8 (age 18)
Nationality Indian
Birthplace India
Religion Hinduism
Occupation Student
Rank on Wiki Conqueror of the wiki Site Patroller
  • SpartanD379 (Xbox LIVE)
  • DecryptedPixel (Steam)
Other Usernames CB, DecryptedPixel

Replaced all the content for now because it's super-cringe, old, and my IRL friends stumbled upon it. Massive oof.

Expect a rework of this page...sometime soon.

Favorite Halo stuff

Oh yeah, this is pretty out-dated too. I should probably update this.


  • Favorite Weapon:- BR55 Service Rifle. Call me crazy, but I just love this weapon.
  • Favorite Ship:- UNSC Pillar of Autumn. The one ship which got so badly damaged, but yet managed to destroy a whole Halo ring. This is definitely my favorite.
  • Favorite Ship Classification:- Halberd-class destroyer, The Double Negative, the class of the UNSC Iroquois.
  • Favorite Vehicle:- The Warthog, the most amazing vehicle in any game I've played or seen till date.
  • Favorite Character:- Kurt-051. The legendary SPARTAN-II with a more human side than the others. I love his characterization, his feelings towards his Spartans, and the sacrifice he made for them all. Noble Six's a close second.
  • Favorite Quote:- Die? Didn't you know?... Spartans never die - One badass way to end a great character's story.

Real World

  • Favorite Game:- Halo: Reach. It's just... epic.
  • Favorite Campaign:- Halo 3 or Halo 2, tied.
  • Favorite Multiplayer:- Never played it, but both Halo 3 and Halo 5 MP look fun.
  • Favorite Novel:- Halo: Ghosts Of Onyx. Better than The Fall of Reach IMO. Nylund's best ever novel!
  • Favorite film:- Since there's no other option, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. The entry of John-117 was badass if I say so.
  • Favorite Armor:- Mark V. Epic design, and epic variants!


Most of my work is of the NovAc, but I've written some real-world articles too. Take a look at 'em all! And then, there's my Sandbox.

See also: Category:S-D379 and Minor Characters (Novum Acies)


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I use this one a bit more seldom when I approach a user regarding why his/her fanon is NCF or other similar serious matters (which is why this is rarely used since I don't go too serious unless necessary).

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