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Stanford University School of Medicine, PhD Program in Developmental Biology
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Hi there! I'm RelentlessRecusant, the Co-Founder of Halo Fan Fiction Wikia and a former Bureaucrat. I am presently a graduate student at Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Developmental Biology. My research interests regard stem cell biology — as an undergraduate, I took off two whole years to conduct research at Singapore and Harvard on embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells. At Singapore, I published in Cell Stem Cell the first explanation for why embryonic stem cells are capable of differentiating into the hundreds of diverse cell types seen in the human body. This "precarious balance" model of pluripotency I proposed challenged the prevailing paradigm of embryonic stem cell biology that has been maintained by the field for the past decade by leading scientists at Cambridge and MIT. Since then, I have become interested in elaborating a theoretical logic and a defined, precise method to differentiate embryonic stem cells into specific bodily lineages in homage to principles excerpted from the rich field of mammalian developmental biology.

My salient interest here is creative writing — I greatly enjoy writing rich serials that foremost feature intricate and sophisticated plots and highly detailed backstories. Besides these, I pen articles spanning manifold fields, including futuristic biology and military organizations, with the sole intention of creating a lively and realistic universe in which to set my novels.

I am honored to actively collaborate with my colleague, Actene, on the Galactic Era Collaboration — a massive fictional continuum that has been ardently compiled of over three years of intensive writing and hundreds of pages, set within the framework of the Halo universe, but populated with our own characters; our own settings and events; and most importantly, our own plotline. If you'd like to speak to me, please feel free to write to me at my email address:

Halo: The Asphodel Meadows Chronicles serves as an assemblage for selected vignettes, excerpts, short stories, and serials that I write along with my colleague, Actene.

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The definitive endoderm specification gene regulatory network

A gene regulatory network (GRN) for the specification of the definitive endoderm and the primitive streak from pluripotent epiblast cells. We see here how pluripotency transcription factors Oct4 and Nanog specify the primitive streak; how primitive streak transcription factor Eomes initiates nascent definitive endoderm differentiation; and how various other transcription factors expressed in the definitive endoderm (or primitive streak) initiate the anterioposterior patterning and morphogenetic migration of the definitive endoderm.

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