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"War is Hell and i'm the Devil!" - Red-S015

Lieutenant Commander Red-015 is a Spartan II Commando of the UNSC Navy and has the title of "Demi God" since he was known for being the first one; other than John-117 or Kirk-018 to do something considered dangerous and managed to survive it, over 30 years of service Red has been responsible for ending most ground battles and Rebel groups.

Red was last seen in the Battle of the Oasis in 2559 at the same time his team; went MIA after their pelican was lost in the battle

Childhood and Spartan Training

Red was born in the city of Pirth in Arcadia to a former Orion Project member which was his dad and his mum who was a retired ODST Corpsman, Red's parents hardly had any time to spend with him since his dad was deployed to Rebel territories and his mum worked in hospital so his grandma had to take care of him. In 2517 him and multiple others were kidnapped by ONI for the SPARTAN-II Program and were putted through multiple this is were he would meet Robert-025, Leon-011, August-099 and Kirk-018 in a training course against Green Team and they later formed Omega Team, in 2525 all of the Spartans went through the Augmentations procedure which killed a few of him and wounded half the Spartans while the last few left were successful with their augmentation a while later the group of Spartans were taken to Chi Ceti IV to be given their Mark IV Power Armour,

while they were given their armour a Covenant ship showed up and attacked the frigate that was the ship they were flown to Chi Ceti IV with, John 117, Samuel 034 and Kelly 087 infiltrated the Covenant ship while the rest of the Spartans were on the ship Samuel 034 sacrificed himself and blew up the Covenant ship and the Human-Covenant War started.

Human-Covenant War Part: I

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Omega Team were deployed on Harvest in 2525 on the multiple evacuation missions from near glassed areas which where August and him started a relationship which Robert and Leon didn't know about. A year later half the Spartans were deployed on Harvest to take back topside of the planet by blowing a spire that was guarding a Covenant destroyer this mission was successful in the result of the last stages of the battle, in 2531 Red, James, Joseph and Harvey were deployed to take out one of the lead Covenant dreadnought's and are tasked this blowing up the core with a HAVOK nuke, as they infiltrated the ship a Zealot jumps out and slices Red's hand off but managed to shoot the Zealot in the chest killing it in the process, when they got to the core they armed the nuke and ran for a seraph and were forced to jump out the ship into an occupied cities lake after they survived the Jump they ran into a full platoon of Covenant forces and tried to hijack the scarab that transported the Covenant forces while that happened Harvey fought 27 Covenant forces but was killed by an Ungoy's Needler which gave them enough time to hijack the scarab and destroyed all the Covenant forces in the city and after that the Harvest Campaign.
Spartan leap

after the Harvest Campaign ended Red Team and Omega Team were sent to Arcadia for briefing but before the briefing started Covenant forces showed up on the planet which begun the Battle of Arcadia as soon as it started Omega Team were deployed near Covenant landing zones while Red Team fought the Covenant inwhi Red's home city; Pirth, after civilian's were evacuated Omega Team were sent to assist UNSC Spirit of Fire forces and destroyed a Covenant base, Omega Team were later deployed back onto the front lines while Red Team and the UNSC Spirit of Fire chased the fleeing Covenant forces. After 2532 Red was sent on a stealth mission to a rebel outpost to hijack one of the Rebels flagship; URF Rising Sun, while hijacking the Ships system to send out an EMP pulse through the ship the Flagship entered UNSC Pioneer entered the planets surface and fired a MAC blast at the ship's engine meaning the hijacking part of the mission was not apart of his job anymore so he grabbed an rocket launcher and blew up the core but managed to escape but was presumed dead by UNSC Pioneer ship command but managed to make it back to the ship an hour after the Rebel outpost was destroyed, Red participated in the battle of Jericho VII and was placed 2nd in command of Red Team while Joshua 029 was in command of the Team, as the battle went on Blue Team distracted Covenant ground forces while Red Team snuck in to arm a nuke inside the city as soon as Blue Team took out the Covenant forces the Nuke was armed and destroyed the whole city including remaining ground forces that couldn't escape but the planet was later glassed, Red went back to his home; Arcadia in 2549 for the 2nd battle of the once majestic planet be glassed as before him and his team were able to land on the planet it had been glassed.

Red Fifteen

After the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV the Spartans were given a new set of armour Mark V

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