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Spartan Three Crane-J333

Spartan Crane-J333, call sign "EOD", is a Spartan three with additional augmentation from Project Rebuis and is a member of Orange Group in Echo Company. He is noted for his exceptional combat ability, ruthlessness, recklessness, and willingness to give his life for others. He also took part in over 190+ operations and missions with the most notable of which being: Invasion of Tericonvin, Battle of Reach, Battle of New Mombasa, Assassination of the Prophet of Truth, and the destruction of the Long Night of Solace. His and his groups role in most of their operations is support or defense of the main objective, such as in the assassination of the Prophet of Truth, he and his group along with a company of marines, held off a covenant and later flood, reinforcement force from stopping the main assault to kill Truth and the destruction of the flood infested High Charity.

Spartan three Program

Crane was a member of Beta Company and was pulled out of the suicide operation called Operation: TORPEDO before being assigned to Project Rebuis after single handily destroying the Covenant refinery and shipbuilding foundry on the moon: Germinal.

Project Rebuis

After Spartan C-J333's time in the Spartan three Program, he was transferred to Project Rebuis (originally named Project Moderniseren.) which was a very secretive Project that almost none of the UNSC or ONI knew about and was started in 2548 and ended in early 2549. It was proposed and headed by Robert J. Arsfel in 2545 and was supposed to enhance the subjects Physical ability even more than a Spartan three, increased mental capacity and endurance, increased endurance to torture and pain, and improve vision and hearing even more than a Spartan two. However, 297 of the 400 selected died during training due to disease, suicide, training accident, and death during torture endurance or instructor incompetence and cruelty. Robert J. Arsfel then went on the run after his arrest warrant was put out for his cruelty and disregardment of safety regulations. All who remained were organized into Echo Company and split into groups of 10. It was quickly swept under the rug by the ones who knew about it, all instructors and overseers involved were arrested and sentenced to life, both to cover it up and for their cruelty and disregardment of safety regulations, with 25 being sentenced to death for murder of 32 subjects during Torture Endurance Training. All who survived the training were called Rebuses (Re-bus-es) and any Spartans that under went it were called S-Rebuses (Spar-re-bus-es). You can tell who is a S-Rebuse and who is a Rebuse by their tags, with former Spartans keeping their tags while former regular solders have a 'R' before their numbers. Rebuses and S-Rebuses use UNSC Army ranks as Project Rebuse was technically a part of the UNSC Army instead of the Navy or ONI.

Orange Group

Orange Group is a team of three Rebuses (Originally nine.) and one S-Rebus and is a part of Echo Company. Orange Group is the only group left from Project Rebuis that did not die during training, be sent on a suicide mission, or die in combat. The group is classed as 'Hyper Lethal' and has been in over 350+ operations and missions with a 85% success rate. The groups leader is Crane-J333 and he is a S-Rebus, with the second in command being Henderson-R274. Orange Groups full members are listed below-

  • Crane-J333 or EOD. Group leader of Orange Group. Status- Aboard the UNSC Frigate Albatross
  • Henderson-R274 or HAYLEN. Second in command of Orange Group. Status- Aboard the UNSC Frigate Albatross.
  • Gray-R037 or RAWSON. Member of Orange Group. Status- Aboard the UNSC Frigate Albatross.
  • Cass-R141 or STOKER. Member of Orange Group. Status- Aboard the UNSC Frigate Albatross in medical bay.
  • Hinds-R328 or REAGAN. Member of Orange Group. Status- KIA in operation-HELIOSPHILE
  • Osborn-R275 or GRIT. Member of Orange Group. Status- KIA in operation-HELIOSPHILE
  • Falswenjager-R139 or JAGER. Member of Orange Group. Status- KIA in the Battle of Citadel
  • Dobry-R382 or REMAINER. Member of Orange Group. Status- MIA, probable locations- Unknown.

Crane-J333's Notable actions and Operations.

Destruction of Tel-Umangini Refinery and ship foundry station-

On October 16th, 2543, Crane-J333 was being transferred to the UNSC Battleship Jasoinia in Transport Pelican H-785 from the UNSC Frigate Balsoi. However, in the middle of the journey that would take them over the moon Germinal, the pelican became under heavy fire from four Covenant Seraphs from the Tel-Umangini Refinery and ship foundry station, forcing the piolet to try to make a landing on the heavily forested moon. The pelican managed to land on the planet but, they landed near Tel-Umangini and a covenant search party immediately were dropped off at the pelican. The covenant search party shot to pieces all UNSC personnel of which there was only five, Crane-J333, the two Piolets, and two UNSC Army solders. Crane led the others away from the site after they had sabotaged the pelican. They then were found by a large patrol of Covenant solders and all except for Crane were killed in the resulting fighting. Upon seeing the four dead, J333 flew into a rage and began to beat the patrol to death and grab the covenants weapons to use them as club's. After several minutes, most of the patrols grunts and jackals had ran off and all remaining were killed by Crane. J333 then began to infiltrate Tel-Umangini by stealing a ghost from a grunt who was sleeping outside the facility before using it to jump over the walls of the facility and onto the roof of a large storage building. Upon landing on the roof, the ghost broke through the roof and into the building, Crane looked around and saw that there were thousands of fuel canisters around him, then jumped out and onto the roof before taking his four grenades out and arming them and throwing them into the building. as he did, he spotted a banshee heading straight for him, seizing the opportunity, he jumped onto the banshee before it could make its attack run and began to open it, pull the elite in it out, and use it to escape seconds before the grenades went off which then caused a chain reactions that destroyed the ENTIRE facility. He then made it to the UNSC Jasoinia. For his actions he was selected for Project Rebuis.

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