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About me

this is literally using the Wiki format for now, as it is a good way of doing stuff.

by far, I am three things; a thinker, a writer, and a EXTREMELY chaotic individual. I try to type well, but my speech is terrible thanks to my dyslexia. I sometimes misspell words such as replacing And with Are or stuff like that, and I also tend to be somewhat sarcastic while writing. if you sense hostility from me, please realize if you confront me about it I will stand my ground, but not attack. you are allowed freedom to speak, but if the Admins come, it's your fault.

also, warning aside, I tend to be likable enough once I let down a little bit of my guard, and given time and resources I would gladly help someone within my skills (artistry is a no, but writing and idea bouncing are a definite yes)

if you want to talk about Halo, Horizon: Zero Dawn, or Monster Hunter: World, feel free. I cannot guarantee any significant knowledge on anything else, and my Halo lore is almost entirely devoted to the Flood, which feature proimently in all my Halo works so far.

I also am free to help people with whatever comes their way. while I may turn down people, I will send them on the right path. consider me a Jedi Padawan. also, if I had a Jedi Master training me, it'd be Anakin, well before he turns. Ahsoka is proof of that.

TL:DR version, for anyone looking for a summary: I am sarcastic in writing, tend to be well "spoken" and I am a decent writer. I also focus on being of use to anyone who seeks me out, and while I'm new, I'm hoping that'll change. Star Wars fan.

Interests: Reading, Writing, Biology, Science to a degree, Art (NOT MY OWN), and Halo, OBHC (Of Bloody Hell Course).

Favorite games: Horizon: Zero Dawn, Monster Hunter: World, ARK: Survival Evolved, Polytopia (A phone game, I know), SAS 4 (ANOTHER PHONE GAME, YES), Stick Wars: Legacy (...), Halo, D&D, Doom (all iterations equally, but I love the music of Eternal), and a choice few, more of good choices such as: anything involving Zombies or D&D