All players come equipped with the ability to Sprint and to Evade by default. With the Sprint ability, a player can dash to reach other locations quicker, to make higher jumps and to do more melee damage. Evading is dropping into a quick, forward roll from the ground while in Sprint to avoid enemy fire. Evading is a stealthy manner of moving, similar to crouching and walking slowly, and while Sprinting leaves a mark on the motion tracker, Evading does not.

  • Active Camouflage - The Type-3 Active Camouflage actively bends light around the user so that he or she appears almost completely invisible. The camouflage becomes decreasingly effective as its user moves quicker. Unlike its previous iteration, it would not jam the motion tracker, however, a camouflaged player will still appear on the radar if moving fast enough. The camouflage will last for up to ten seconds before dissipating, and it has a recharge time of ten seconds before it may be used again.
  • Barrier - The Type-5 Energy Shield/Mobile channels large quantities of energy from the armor and shields of its user to generate a mobile energy barrier directly in front of the player. Only the most immense amounts of damage will be capable of downing this shield, such as one shot from the Spartan Laser or it being rammed by a vehicle at full speed (which will destroy the vehicle too in the process), and then the excess damage will not bleed through. As with most energy shielding devices, it can, however, be instantly deactivated with a charged Plasma Pistol shot. The downsides to using it are that it disable's its users energy shields, slows its user's movements and prevents jumping, and leaves him or her almost completely vulnerable to damage coming from all other angles. The barrier can last naturally for up to ten seconds, and has a cooldown period of fifteen seconds before it can be activated again.
  • Hologram - The Type-27 Responsive Holographic Form Emulator emits a holographic projection of the player that will stride over to a pre-defined position, where it will stand in place for the remainder of its ten-second life. An enemy player's HUD will fully recognize the hologram as its user, providing a useful distraction given that it successfully fools the enemy. It will begin to flicker unnaturally if it becomes distanced from the player by 25 meters, and will dissipate completely at 50 meters or if it is obscured from its user's field of view. It has a recharge time of ten seconds before it can be used again.
  • Jet Pack - The UNSC portable jump-jet or the Covenant antigravity pack allows its user to take to the skies in order to get a better shooting angle, to cross large gaps and to reach certain areas of the battlefield with more efficiency than possible on foot. Its downsides are that it may make it user more vulnerable to becoming fired upon in mid-flight, and that if not executed properly, using it may result in a fatal plummet after its time expires. It can be powered for seven seconds, and requires a recharge time of ten seconds.
  • Regeneration Field - The M2705 Regenerative Kinetic Dispersal Field allows the user to deploy a spherical field of green energy that rapidly restores the energy shields of anyone in its radius. It has a disorienting effect on the armor of anyone within its radius, slightly blurring a user's vision, as well as distorting and amplifying the sounds they hear. It can be used for ten seconds, and then has a recharge time of fifteen seconds before it can be used again.
  • Thermal Vision - The UNSC MJOLNIR M2060 or the Covenant Type-80 Thermal Presence Indicator updates the HUD to sense life signs through walls and all matters of line of sight blockers, even foes using camouflage. Its shortcoming is that it can not differentiate between friend or foe, forcing its user to rely on their motion tracker if they are within range. It can be used for ten seconds, and requires a recharge time of 10 seconds.
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