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"Just... dust and echoes."
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This project, Pikapi/Aftermath Universe, has either been cancelled, completed, or is totally inactive. Please refrain from editing or attempting to join it. Thank you.

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"I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me."
Isaac Newton

The war has ended, and humanity claims it's role as the protectors of the mantle. The Covenant is dissolved into separate factions, and new species are being discovered every day. This is The Aftermath, a world that could never have been reached without the sacrifices of the Great War. Even so, peace isn't all that ensues. Multiple factions strive for galactic superiority, including the Covenant Remnants, composed of the few remaining believers in Covenant religion.

The project
The Aftermath Universe is an expansion to the Halo universe managed by Pikapi and his affiliates. The Aftermath Universe is an open project, attempting to open the Halo Universe that we know and love to a greater number of alien civilizations, greater technologies, and even more conflict! Although the Aftermath timeline stretches from long before the halos, and onward indefinitely, the majority of Aftermath fanon is focused entirely on humanity's reconstruction and newfound alliances formed in the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War.

News and notable updates on the project are listed from bottom to top, in order of most recent news.

By contributing to the Losing Hope (completed) or Gaining Faith (ongoing) roleplays, one is capable of influencing the Aftermath, indirectly by exposing exclusive content from their own Halo universe(s)! In doing so, the select parts of one's own universe are permanently engraved into the Aftermath timeline!

Due to certain inconsistencies, contradictory facts and information in character biographies, event articles, etc. are not to be considered any official part of the Aftermath timeline, and will be excluded. For instance, the biography of a character involved in multiple timelines will surely spark contradiction, and only the non-contradictory material is to be taken into account. In such situations, the creator may wish to generate an Aftermath timeline section. The rules stated in this paragraph go both ways. Pages that bring events of the Aftermath into other universes, wether considered official or not, should not contain contradictory material (Although the Aftermath contributors are not obligated to regulate and enforce this rule). Therefore, one may depict events of the Aftermath Universe that have been tailored to suit the alternate timeline, but then only in the situation where the referencing article has some direct relation to the Aftermath (Roleplay interaction, stories, etc.). This does not necessarily affect the Aftermath, but exceptions can occasionally be made.

If you are interested in becoming a long-time contributor to this project, however, Pikapi is willing to grant any user exclusive open source access! If you would like to join, simply request editorship from Pikapi, specifying that you would like to become a member of this project. The chances are that you will be excepted, and you may add your name below.

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