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Polis was a planet controlled by the UNSC.


Discovered in 2533 by UNSC Aviator, Polis was known for its lush jungles, swamps and other natural features. The planet never became a colony, due to the raging Human-Covenant War, but was held by the UNSC for the entire war.


In 2542, the UNSC lost contact with Polis, but it was presumed to be with communications problems, as the covenant began blockading in the remaining UNSC colonies. A UNSC ship, a Halcyon-class Cruiser, UNSC Royal Sovereign, was sent to the system, to try and get past the Covenant blockade and bring communications back online. It went missing, not far from the Polis system. The UNSC presumed that it was found by Covenant, and so they concetrated on defending the inner colonies.

Almost 30 years later, long after the UNSC forgot about Polis, a UNSC destroyer recieved a distress signal, and followed it. It lead them to the Polis system, where they found UNSC Royal Sovereign stuck in orbit. All attempts hailing the ship and the planet failed, so they sent a marine battalion to the surface of Polis, and an ODST squad to the Royal Sovereign.

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