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Oceania (Tau Anaoe V)
General Information



Tau Anaoe


Tau Anaoe

Orbital Characteristics
Orbital Period

482.2671093 Day's

Satellite of

Tau Anaoe


1 (Allodenia (Uninhabitable))

Physical Characteristics
Land Area


Water Area


  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Argon
  • Carbon dioxide
  • (Other Minor gases)

Oceania, or Tau Anaoe V is a highly populated UNSC Inner-colony in the Tau Anaoe System.


Oceania is a UNSC-Controlled Inner Colony in the Tau Anaoe system, discovered in 2324 by UNSC Colony ships from Earth. It has an average year of 482.3 day's, and the surface is 44% land, 55% water.

Climate and Location

Oceania is the 5th planet from its star, Tau Anaoe. It has one main Satellite; Allodenia, which is Uninhabitable, due to the lack of an atmosphere. The surface of Oceania is 55% water, and 44% land, but is slightly larger than Earth. It's atmosphere is mainly made up of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide, as well as many other minor gases, some of which are present in Earth's atmosphere. One local-time day for Oceania is 29 Hours, making each year aproximately 482.3 day's long. The climate of Oceania varies, depending where on the surface you are. The Equator's average temperature is 34 Degree's celcius, and the poles are around about -79 Degree's Celcius.

Economy and Buisness

Oceania is popular for its wide range of buisness's and job opertunities. It's main economical area's are the space-ports, as it brings in many travellers who may be looking for a new life, or just passing through on journey's elsewhere. The downtown streets are usually crowded with small shops and stalls, and the mining of Allodenia for metal Ore's also brings in jobs. The economic status is stable, and has been for a large portion of the colony's existance. The most populated area's of the planet are the main cities, like the capital, Fredona, or the outskirts. The coast's are also a very popular place to live.


Discovery And Colonization

Discovered in 2324 by UNSC Mighty, Oceania was colonized almost instantly, due to its high amounts of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide in the air, making it a breathable atmosphere without the need for Terraforming. By 2385, there were already several hundred different settlements on the planet, and a small UNSC Outpost. The Capital of Oceania, Fredona, was roughly the size of Mombasa on Earth, and already had an Orbital Lift in construction. It was regarded as a haven, with beautiful lakes and mountain ranges crossing the land. However, on the 24th of July 2500, Oceania became part of the Alliance of Free Colonies.

Alliance of Free Colonies

From the 24th of July 2500, Oceania was officially a Free Colony. It only held minor power in the government, and was eliminated by a small UNSC taskforce, before their planned overthrow to take Oceania in 2515. Shortly after, the Alliance of Free Colonies was destroyed by UNSC forces, but there remained a minor presence of it on Oceania.

In 2535, after the reformation of the Alliance during the Human Covenant War, Oceania became a prime target for the Alliance. It was an Inner Colony, so safe from the Covenant, but at the same time, operations could be done right under the UNSC's radar. The Alliance's presence grew so large on Oceania, that they had total control of the government by 2539, and many of the people looked towards them in hope, as the UNSC were too busy fighting the Covenant to help. Many UNSC forces stationed on the planet eventually became corrupt, much like the government, and pledged themselves to the Alliance. Only a few UNSC-loyal forces remain, and are being hunted down by the Alliance troopers.

Oceania's naval defense force was since then comprised of Alliance ships and ex-UNSC ships, forming a strong defense against any UNSC offensive. There are several Civilian ports for liners, from other colony worlds, which are also used for smuggling UNSC marines in and out of Oceania, without raising suspicsion about a UNSC ship in orbit, for example. However, in 2551, a small group of UNSC Contacts manage to send out an encrypted signal to any UNSC forces in neighbouring systems, before they were killed. A week later, a UNSC Frigate picked up the signal, and were given permission to take action, beginning the Operation: RETALIATE.

Battle of Oceania


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