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Nemesis Union
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Imperial Union

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Writ of Union


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Derunak, Nemenissa

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The Nemesis are a tier 3 species that vaguely resemble humans from the planet Nemenissa. They are slightly more advanced than humans, but are still in expansion after several wars.


Early Times

The Nemesis were found on the planet of Nemenissa by the forerunner, just a few weeks before the activation of the rings. They were taken to the ark, and returned to their homeworld after the flood had died out. The Nemesis were left with just a few pieces of forerunner technology, which was from the transport ship. As thousands of years passed, they evolved, until they looked vaguely humanoid. They experimented with what was left of the Forerunner ship, and began taking the technology from it, and adapting it. This continued until the year 104(human years), when the 1st War began.

1st Nemesis War

The 1st Nemesis war began when leaders of 'tribes' wanted different technology for themselves. War broke out and the population decreased massively. After 2 years of fighting, the tribes stopped, and the leaders of each tribe signed a peace treaty, starting the Nemesis Empire.

Era of Peace

The era of peace was brought on by the proposition of forming the Nemesis Empire, which successfully banded together all the tribes of Nemenissa. The empire then began to learn many new technologies, and even managed to reach the moon of their world. Shortly after, they were crossing their system in just a few days, and into a nearby system. Soon after, the empire broke down, and tribes began to fight again, thus starting the 2nd Nemesis War.

2nd Nemesis War

The 2nd war was much more brutal than the 1st Nemesis war, as the space-flight and new technology made new weapons and tools for killing. The war lasted several years, before some tribe leaders created the 'Writ of Union'. All the tribes leaders were forced to sign it, thus creating the Nemesis Union and bringing on the Expansion era.

Expansion Era

The expansion era lasted nearly 100 years, until the Nemesis Union came into contact with other species. The union had expanded through nearly 50 systems by the time they came into contact, and were well prepared for anything that was in their way.

First Contact

The Nemesis union's first contact with an advanced alien species was with the UNSC, during the Post War Era. They were hostile to them for many years, and are still known to be.

The Union

The Union is a peace treaty, in which all tribe leaders have signed, to say they shall not fight their own. The writ of union acts as law, and if broken, punishments can be extremely heavy, including execution.


"They look like us, sound like us, walk like us..."
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Nemesis Union



The Nemesis are from the planet Nemenissa, in the Minnas System. Although very large, the planet is less that 40% water, and so they cannot risk poluting it. The land is in some places barren, in other places extremely fertile. The capital city, Derunak, is in the northen hemisphere, where land is much more fertile.


For many male Nemesians, their days work is training in combat, out on the expansion verge, or waiting to be called out to the verge. Females, however, would farm, cook, clean and do many other jobs that men cannot do due to service in the military. All males are expected to join the military, and spend a full term of service, 10 years, or even a prolonged term up to 50 years.


All males are expected to join the military for at least 10 years, if not more. It is not neccasary, but many will look down on their family. The military is comprised of Army(ground operations), Navy(spacial and water-based), Air Force(atmospherical) and Expansion Overwatch, or Verge overwatch.


The Nemesis Army are the backbone of the Nemesis military, and are sometimes even considered the backbone of the Nemesis Union itself. Consisting of over 700 million soldiers, the military is the largest of Nemesis forces.


The rank system of the Nemesis Army, from highest to lowest. (Note that some of the ranks are unknown, and so are replaced with the UNSC equivelent)

  • General - General is the highest of the army ranks, and can only achieved by over 50 years of service, and on frontlines.
  • Force Commander - The force commander is the second highest rank, and are the pawns of the generals. They command all forces on the ground from either a ship in orbit, or a base, at least 10 Miles behind the frontline.
  • Field Commander - Recieves orders from the Force commanders, are sat right at the frontline.
  • Lieutenant - Highest combat rank, the Lieutenants help on the frontlines.
  • Sergeant - In charge of all non-officer personell, frontline fighters.
  • Corporal - Second lowest rank available.
  • Private - Lowest class, all soldiers start out as Private.


The navy is the second largest part of the Nemesis Military, with over 500 million personel.


(Only some of the ranks are shown, others have yet to be encountered)

  • Admiral - Highest rank, attainable only by +40 years service.
  • Fleet Commander - second highest rank, in control of entire fleet.
  • Captain - Commands a single ship.

Air Force

The Air force is one of the smallest of the Nemesis Armed forces, with only 300 Million enlisted.


The ranking of the Nemesis Union Air Force is currently unknown.


The overwatch is the smallest Nemesis force, with only 150 Million. They are mainly seen on the expansion verge, and serve as protectors for the Expansion forces.


(Officer ranks are the same as that of the Army)

  • Elite Trooper - Special forces of Nemesis, the Elite troopers are renowned for their tactics in battle.
  • Sniper - Snipers are well trained, and extremely good shots. They use a high energy weapon, which needs to be fired whilst mounted.
  • Expert Trooper - Well trained and have knowledge of battle.
  • Basic Trooper - The Lowest rank, but still trained.



a Stryder.

Aswell as the ranks, there are several other units that are part of the Overwatch. They are as follows:

  • Stalker - The stalker is a three legged animal, found on a planet during the Expansion. They have grey skin, and wear strange green-blue armor, with two nailer cannons on it. It has two eyes, one above the other, and usually gives out a high-pitched screech when sighted an enemy.
  • Stryder - The stryder is a tall, 3 legged machine and animal, found during the expansion. They have a large cannon on the underside of the body, and a pulse beam cannon as well.

A Stalker.




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