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Matrebnia VIII and its star.

Matrebnia VIII is a UNSC colony discovered in 2486.

Background History


Matrebnia VIII is a UNSC outer colony, on the verge of UNSC space. It was first discovered in 2486 by the colony ship, UNSC Aftermath, a phoenix colony ship. It was soon colonized and was found to be extremely rich in ore for many types of metal used for starships.

Mining and Work

After the finding of the masses of ore, it became a very popular place for miners. They began to open up the planet, excavating all the ore, until they discovered ruins of ancient buildings. They were left in place, and studied whilst the machines continued to dig.

Human-Covenant War

During the human-covenant war, the planet's population began to drop suddenly, in fear of covenant attack due to Matrebnia being an out colony. The mining systems remained active thought, throughout the war. In 2550, a company named Generation Technology bought the planet's ore, for their shipyards, which were soon built in orbit of Matrebnia.

Post War Campaign

During the Post War Campaign, the shipyards went into mass production to rebuild the UNSC fleet's back to original standard and better. By 2563, the entire planet was dug below the level of the ruins found in the early mining stages. The ruins began being populated after being known to be forerunner.

The Sangheili Insurrection


Battle of Matrebnia, from The Sangheili Insurrection.

The sangheili insurrection saw the first actual battle of Matrebnia, when the Sangheili insurecctionists attempted to cripple the UNSC shipyard. The battle soon went from space to ground and the entire planet was soon filled with fighting. The battle spread into the ruins aswell, but the Sangheili ships left with no warning, abandoning their ground forces, many of which were captured and interogated.

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