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This story contains scenes of heavy graphic visualizations and gore. Discretion is advised.


The Red Alert book cover.


Its 2570, and the human-covenant war is long over. But in the depths of space, a distress call has been sent, from an unknown system, by Human forces. Commander Kevin Orwell, has been tasked with taking UNSC Freedom Star and all its forces to investigate the distress beacon, including the legendary Omega Squad. As the UNSC arrive on the scene, it comes apparent that something is wrong...


Omega Squad

  • Sergeant Major Steven Jackson

Fireteam Nevada

  • Staff Sergeant Reese Spooner
  • Corporal Michael Gordon
  • Corporal William Smith
  • Lance Corporal Markus Reed

Fireteam Tsunami

  • Staff Sergeant Hugo Kassa
  • Corporal Owen Sedar
  • Private Rya Yato
  • Private Tyler Neil

Fireteam Apache

  • Sergeant Nikolas Duran
  • Corporal Michael Gordon
  • Lance Corporal Ryan Thompson
  • Lance Corporal Dean Tailor

237th Infantry Battalion

  • Lieutenant Colonel Prender
  • Sergeant Major Samuel Nielson
  • Corporal Lewis Hankinson


  • Commander Kevin Orwell
  • Delta-42

Chapter 1: The Call

14th May, 2570, 13:09(Local Time), Orbit of Vladmire IV

Commander Kevin Orwell looked out the view port of UNSC Freedom Star. The destroyer was in orbit of Vladmire IV, the UNSC’s first colony after the human-covenant war, as well as being the first contact with the alien Syphodyte, and the first battle after the war. The system was still under quarantine, after the massive fight, and outbreak back in 2553. He looked out over towards the planet, where massive remains of the covenant loyalist battlestation lay scattered across the planet. One of the crew turned to him. “Sir, we have HIGHCOM on the line”. “Thank you, Lieutenant” Orwell replied, before tapped some buttons on the panel, and a voice came over on the COM channel.

“Sir, you wish to speak with me?” Asked Orwell

“Yes commander, we’ve got a job for you and your marines”

“What is it then sir?”

“A distress signal, from an unknown system. It’s one of ours, we don’t know how bad the situation maybe. I’ll send you the coordinates right away.”

“Thank you sir, I’ll get on it right away” replied Orwell

“Good luck to you commander, if you come across anything you can’t handle, bug out and call for reinforcements”

The COM channel died and Orwell lay back in his chair. He called out to the navigations officer.

“Take us into Slipspace, head to the new coordinates.”

“Yes commander”

He braced himself for the ship to jump, when he turned and looked at the Nav officer.

“What is it Lieutenant?”

“Nothing, it just, I recognise these coordinates...”

“Well, get us there, and we’ll find out what it really is”

“Right away Commander” Said the Lieutenant as Orwell turned to face the viewport, and suddenly, there was a blue flash as the destroyer entered Slipspace.

Chapter 2:Drop Off

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