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Delta Squad
Unit Background

Assault, infiltration

Unit Motto

"Aut vincere aut mori"(Either Conquer Or Die)

Unit size

13 ODST's

Current Commander
  • HCW/PWA-Sergeant Major Thomas Cooper
  • NW-Sergeant Major Ryan Barraca
Subordinate Units
  • Fireteam Locust
  • Fireteam Crown
  • Fireteam Hound
Current Status



Delta Squad is a UNSC ODST squad operational during the Human-Covenant War, Post War Era and Necros War. The motto of Delta Squad is "Aut vincere aut mori", which means "Either Conquer or Die". Delta Squad are sometimes considered to be more brutal than most others, such as Omega Squad. They have almost a clean record, with no deaths, no major injuries, or friendly fire incidents. They have, however, recieved many minor injuries for all the missions they have been sent on.


Squad Members

Human-Covenant War and Post War Era

  • Sergeant Major Thomas Cooper- Squad Commander- M90 Close Assault Weapon System

Fireteam Locust

  • Locust 1- Staff Sergeant Jason Truman- Nevada team leader- MA5C Assault Rifle
  • Locust 2- Corporal Jamie Greene- Rifleman- BR55 Battle Rifle
  • Locust 3- Corporal Luke Higgins- Gunner- LMG
  • Locust 4- Lance Corporal Laura Jones- Grenadier- BR55 Battle Rifle with attached grenade launcher

Fireteam Crown

  • Crown 1- Sergeant Chris Damon- Tsunami team leader- MA5C Assault Rifle
  • Crown 2- Corporal Lyon Nicklson- Rifleman- BR55 Battle Rifle
  • Crown 3- Private Jo Greenwood- Gunner- SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle
  • Crown 4- Private Mark Harper- Grenadier- MA5K Carbine with under barrel grenade launcher

Fireteam Hound

  • Hound 1- Sergeant John Harkness- Apache Squad Leader-MA5C Assault Rifle
  • Hound 2- Corporal James Miles- Rifleman- BR55 Battle rifle
  • Hound 3- Lance Corporal Tyson Reeler- Gunner- LMG
  • Hound 4- Lance Corporal Zoe Miller- Grenadier- MA5K Carbine with Under barrel grenade launcher

Necros War

Operational History

Human-Covenant War/Post War Era

Necros War

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