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ONI recon 111/David Reach
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Date of death


Physical description

Fleet Admiral




1.69 Metres

  • M7 SMG
  • M6D Pistol

Standard UNSC Naval officer uniform

Hair color


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Chronological and political information

Human Covenant War, Post War Era

Notable Facts



David Reach is a UNSC Fleet Admiral.


David was born on Harvest, in 2525, the same year the UNSC came into contact with the covenant. His family escaped Harvest with the colonial militia, and he grew up on Earth, after moving from world to world. His family settled in Canada, near Ottawa. He loved ships, and anything that could fly, and he joined the UNSC navy when he was 18, and became an Ensign on UNSC Clover. He fought in many battles and was eventually promoted to captain, where he succesfully gained his status of Fleet Admiral over the course of many battles in the Human-Covenant war and the Post War Era. When he was promoted to Fleet admiral, he recieved a new ship, UNSC Crucible, one of the new Miracle-Class Super Carrier's. He used this until 2574, when his ship was almost destroyed. He then commanded UNSC Redeemer for a year, until The Crucible was repaired.


David has medium lengthed brown hair and brown eyes, and is 1.69 meters tall. He wears standard UNSC naval uniform, and has over 20 medals.


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