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Caprica (Ka-pre-ka)
General Information

Sigma Gamma system

Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Land Area


Water Area



Caprica was a UNSC Colony, found on the outer edges of the inner colonies, famed for its massive spice farming culture.


Caprica was first discovered in 2399, by UNSC expeditionary forces. The planet was very rich in wildlife, and farming soon became a popular source of income for those living there. The UNSC then set up large space ports on the planet, which became actively used for shipping out organic foods.

By 2450, Caprica had become an established UNSC-work colony, which generated organic products, spices, foods and plants, which were then sent across UNSC space.

Battle of Caprica


Siege of Ferrus



Battle of Caprica


Ground and space


Early 2537




Covenant victory, Caprica glassed. Several thousand civilians and farmers escaped.



The Covenant


Major Roberts

Unnamed Sangheili Fleetmaster

  • 1 UNSC Frigate
    • All UNSC forces from Frigate
  • 1 Army ranger unit

Unnamed Covenant Fleet of +40 ships

  • UNSC frigate
  • All ground forces
  • Unknown number of civilians and farmers
  • Very few ground units

In 2537, during the Human-Covenant war, Caprica was found by the Covenant. The large number of ships leaving and entering the system had drawn the Covenant to the planet, with a large invasion force, but had not anticipated a culture-based colony, expecting the ships coming and going to have been warships.

Only a small number of army soldiers were on the planet, training for such an occasion. During the conflict they managed to lock down multiple areas, before being joined by ODST squads from the lone UNSC ship in orbit, before it was destroyed. They set up strongholds, and secured supply depots, and defended most of them successfully from the covenant.

The ground forces set up a long range SOS, in hope of catching nearby UNSC ships, but it was to no avail. The colony was ultimately destroyed and all the soldiers were killed, but they had successfully managed to save several thousand civilians by hiding them on board the unmanned, AI controlled transport ships.

It was 2 weeks before UNSC forces picked up the distress signal, where they found the planet burning, with no trace of the humans who defended it, besides the civilians that had arrived at the spaceports on other colonies.

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