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Battlegroup Apache
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Admiral Jack Stephenson

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Battlegroup Apache was a UNSC battlegroup during the Human-Covenant War and Post War Era.


Battlegroup Apache was first established in 2551, comprised of ships from other fleets that had been destroyed earlier in the war. The fleet is helmed by Admiral Jack Stephenson, commander of the Flagship and Carrier, UNSC Powerblade. There was a total of 13 ships in Apache at its time of creation:

  • 1 Carrier
  • 2 Cruisers (One Marathon-class Cruiser, 1 Halcyon-class Cruiser)
  • 4 Destroyers
  • 5 Frigates
  • 1 Prowler

It first saw combat in Sol during 2552, and the Second Battle Of Earth.

Operational Service

OPERATION: NEW HOME LOST and the Syphodyte Campaign

Apache's first conflict after the end of the Human-Covenant War was Operation: NEW HOME LOST, where they were to combine with the 4th Assault Armada, remnants of the 97th Fleet, and the 1st Naval Armada, in an attempt to retake Vladmire IV back from the Covenant, and rescue stranded forces. However, here they also encountered the Syphodyte for the first time, and were soon after called back into combat to aid in the Syphodyte Campaign, due to their past experience with the new enemy.

After The Campaign

In 2558, Battlegroup Apache took part in a large conflict against Endelusians, in Operation:REVEILLE.

Known Ships

UNSC Vessels


4th Assault Armada

UNSC Cruisers

UNSC Search and RescueUNSC AssimilatorUNSC Life After DeathUNSC LancasterUNSC Overwhelming AssaultUNSC CompassUNSC TundraUNSC Kickback

UNSC Destroyers

UNSC OutsiderUNSC Flight Of The EaglesUNSC ChallengerUNSC ReactorUNSC MatildaUNSC LeopardUNSC AftershockUNSC Tiger

UNSC Frigates

UNSC VladmireUNSC AsterixUNSC PythonUNSC VengeanceUNSC MarderUNSC AfterlifeUNSC StrikerUNSC PressurizerUNSC Afterburner

29th Direct Assault Fleet

Carriers and Cruisers

UNSC RamraidUNSC VigilantUNSC Normandy


UNSC FantasiaUNSC GepardUNSC HellgateUNSC JadtigerUNSC RenderUNSC RevelationUNSC WerewolfUNSC Salamander


UNSC ConflictUNSC FerdinandUNSC Final EffortUNSC FractureUNSC InvisibleUNSC PunisherUNSC TsunamiUNSC WarlockUNSC Wonder

31st Battle Fleet

UNSC 49th Fleet

97th Fleet

Cruisers and Destroyers

UNSC MivonUNSC DesecratorUNSC OblivionUNSC Panzer •• UNSC OverloadUNSC AbramsUNSC ChieftainUNSC LynxUNSC Scorpion


UNSC DefenderUNSC End Over EndUNSC Far From HomeUNSC InterceptorUNSC KurassierUNSC LeeUNSC Mortal CoilUNSC PantherUNSC Reliable TensionUNSC Spartan Milan

Colony Ships

UNSC ActivatorUNSC AftermathUNSC AviatorUNSC Beginning DreamUNSC CastawayUNSC ColonizerUNSC DetectorUNSC EuropaUNSC EscapeUNSC FollowUNSC ImpendUNSC MarathonUNSC New HomeUNSC One NationUNSC Open For BuisnessUNSC Power Of HumanityUNSC Red AlertUNSC Star Of The WestUNSC TicusUNSC World Builder


UNSC Out Of Sight

Battlegroup Apache

UNSC PowerbladeUNSC Thor's HammerUNSC Forward Unto NoonUNSC Memorial

Battlegroup Delta

UNSC MaelstromUNSC PendulumUNSC ProdigyUNSC TempestUNSC CommandoUNSC Comply Or Die

Battlegroup Nevada

UNSC ArrowheadUNSC Infinite RealityUNSC UniverseUNSC Land Of ConfusionUNSC CybershockUNSC Odin's WrathUNSC Warrior's Of The WorldUNSC NightmareUNSC Freedom StarUNSC HammerfallUNSC Pale HorseUNSC Engulfing Darkness

Battlegroup Zulu

UNSC RedeemerUNSC Freedom FighterUNSC Light Of Day UNSC ReeferUNSC HighwayUNSC DeductorUNSC Safe HavenUNSC KineticUNSC MongolUNSC TravellerUNSC HavokUNSC MightUNSC Deviant

Taskforce Delta

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