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"You do as we say now. We want you to steal, you steal. We want you to torture, you torture. We want you to kill, you kill."
ONI Seal 1


1500 hours, 14 January, 2541(Military Calendar)/Orbit of Reach, ONI Medical Facility, specialized operating rooms

Sebastian's eyes started to raise their lids, the place was blurry at first until he adjusted to the white color of the room. As his eyes got more clear, he could see many medical equipment around the room. As he looked down, he saw that he was in an extremely awkward bed position. His body was scarred and impaled by multiple needles. He glared at one needle, injecting a blue fluid while the others were injecting antibiotics and vaccines. As his head turned to stare at the ceiling and to lay on the soft pillow.

"Excuse me, SPARTAN-A110?" radioed the speaker's deep voice

"...Where... Where am I?" he asked, unsure of both his question and the possible reply

"Don't worry, that will all be explained in a few minutes."

Sebastian's head instantly went up to respond to the artifical voice "Affirmative"

"We're removing the current injections, you're in a good, stable condition."

Sebastian looked at the speaker in curiousity of such unfaithful manner as the thin needles slowly escaped his skin. "Your clothes are on the table, go outside as soon as you're ready." Sebastian moved his legs onto the side of the bed and rose. It was then that he noticed, his legs felt considerably different, but shrugged it off as part of the operation. He turned to look at the back table, and to put on some appropiate clothing. As his suit fit perfectly, Sebastian headed out of the brightly lit room, into the hallway.

The bright white walls and ceiling of the operating room had clearly been left behind in the room, as Sebastian stepped foot out onto the cold steel floor, with matching walls and ceiling. The hallway was long, it never had any turns or bends, It just kept going, with doors at several-metre intervals on his right. He glanced over to his left, and out of a huge viewport, looking down at the planet below. He instantly recognised the planet; Reach. The home of the UNSC's military firepower. As he stopped for a moment to stare out at the ever-stretching planes of space, he heard the sound of heavy footsteps. Sebastian turned to his left, coming face-to-face with a SPARTAN. He stood taller than any SPARTAN-III he had ever seen, and wore entirely different armor. His helmet, which Sebastian couldn't name because he had never seen it, featured a blue visor.

Sebastian stared into the visor for a second, thinking of the last time he saw a blue visor; K7-49. The two soldiers that had saved him both had blue visors. Could this be one of them? The SPARTAN motioned with his hand for Sebastian to follow him, and they continued down the dark hallways, until they reached a small hanger, where they found a pelican. The tall, unknown SPARTAN took the pilot's seat in the pelican, whilst Sebastian sat in the passenger bay, joined by two men in Naval uniforms. He couldn't help but overhear them discussing the location to which they were heading; the Octagon. The Pelican lifted from the floor of the hanger slowly, then moved out towards the large hangar doors, which had just opened.

1900 hours, 14 January, 2541(Military Calendar)/The Octagon, orbit of Reach

As the pelican came close to The Octogon, Sebastian understood why it was so aptly named. The giant station was shaped as an octagon, albeit with a multitude of spacecraft attached to it.

Sebastian felt the Pelican hit the ground, and the rear doors opened. The tall SPARTAN stepped through from the cockpit and down off the ramp, signalling Sebastian to follow. As he stepped off the Pelican, he noticed a political figure staring at Sebastian with a smile. "Colonel McNamara." Sebastian reached out forward for a handshake, McNamara's hand was cold and elderly, although he was young at the same time "Sebastian. I see you have already met Michael." Sebastian looked at the other SPARTAN. McNamara reached for something at his side and held it up in front of Sebastian. It was a photograph of a Covenant Elite in a ceremonial armor. "Covenant Field Marshall. We'll explain more details later. Now you need to meet Admiral Xavier."

As the Colonel walked off, Sebastian and the other SPARTAN, 'Michael', followed him, where they reached an elevator. As the trio enter the elevator, Sebastian felt being watched by something. As the elevator stopped, the doors opened to a dark, computer lighted control center. They followed the colonel towards the center, and stairs leading towards them. As Michael, McNamara and Sebastian went down the stairs, they instantly bent left, away from the large center. As McNamara approached large steel doors, the two guards politely opened them for the three with a passcode. They entered a long room, which featured a large, rectangular desk, covered in papers and holo-pads alike. A figure came out of the darkness from the other end of the room; he was bald and wise and in perfectly good condition. "Admiral Xavier."


Xavier held his hand on his chin.

"Do you know who the people that saved you were?"

"No, sir."

"So do you have any idea on why you're called 'APACHE', Sebastian?"

"No, sir."

"You have been assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence."

"But I survived PROMETHEUS."

He sighed.

"You truly don't get the works of ONI."

"I do, sir."

"No, Sebastian."

He walked up to Sebastian and glared with his hands by his side.

"You have been officially assigned to the Office."


"Don't but me, Petty Officer. You have been assigned to Section Three. Your 'death' at that shipyard is final. Welcome to ONI."

"In your position in ONI, you are the last needed piece of the puzzle. You will test armor produced by ONI all the time. You will work with our other agents, like SPARTAN-003, or TRIAD, during your time with ONI. You and TRIAD are the first supersoldier group. You will now be going by the name 'APACHE', SPARTAN-A110 is dead. You and TRIAD's support AI will be Glaurung. His avatar is of a salamander, he is rather rude but he is extremely helpful. You do as we say now. We want you to steal, you steal. We want you to torture, you torture. We want you to kill, you kill"

Xavier then walked to the nearest seat next to Sebastian. He got a photograph and put it in the middle of him and Sebastian and tapped it.

"Covenant Field Marshall. Your first mission with TRIAD is to assassinate this bastard on the remains of K7-49."

Sebastian looked at the photopraph grimly and nodded.

"Ah. We're lucky to have you."

On the table, a blue lizard-like apparition appeared, "And welcome to ONI." It's deep voice said as it smiled.


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