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Hello, <insert name here>. My username is Nanosoldier and its unlikely I'll ever reveal my actual name!

I'm the average Wikian, editing articles on a day to day basis and acting friendly with users who wish to be treated the same. In my real life, I attempt to keep an enigmatic lifestype because I'm just that anti-social. However, I actually want to go into the film industry as an actor, director and screenwriter. I edit on these Fanon wikis to improve my writing skill outside of reality. Currently on Wikia, I'm attempting to create other fanon wikis inspired by the motivation of Halo Fanon. Such wikis include the James Bond Fanon Wiki, Alien Fanon and The Elder Scrolls Fanon.

Additionally, I have an account on Facebook, Youtube and Fan (As Independent Reclaimer). As I continue to strive and surf the web as the inferior Nanosoldier (As I greatly favor Independent Reclaimer), boards will be turned and advantages given.

See you starside, <insert name here>. . .

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