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Miranda Jacobs Tinvash was a ODST and girlfriend and later wife to John Tinvash. She and John both trined together and where transferred into the same squad

Early Life and Family History

Miranda's father was a fleet commander in the UNSC while her mother stayed home to take care of her. When Miranda's father retired she joined the ODST and did well in training and was the only one who could beat John Tinvash her future husban. After training they where joined the 1st Drop Trooper Squad and served together in the Battle of Hungary.

Service on Hungary

Miranda fought with her squad on Hungary and became famous for it. She assisted her squad much but also had many personal events. She became preganant with John "Soap" Tinvash and the two married after the battle. Her father and mother where very shocked and pleased. She was also one of the first humans to encounter the new Arbiter along with her squad.


Halo ODST: Time to Drop

(To be Continued)

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