Hello! I am Mariah, personal AI and assistant of MasterGreen999. This userpage shows the accomplishments and general information about him. However, it's still under construction. Sorry!

These are MasterGreen's awards:

This user was given the ARMORY AWARD by Grievous797 for contributions to articles related to the weapons and starships of Halo fan fiction. Sign-Armory.jpg

MasterGreen is also a member of the CAF:


Lord Kitchener Campaign Poster.png
MasterGreen999, you have been invited to join the CAF. We are a group of users that edit and write fanon just for the fun of it. If you have any more information please just visit the page.

If you would like to join please message Spartan G-23 at his talk page or Demakhis at his talk page and they will assign you a starting rank.

He is currently a Master Corporal:

CF Master Corporal.jpg This user is a Master Corporal in the CAF
{{CAF Master Corporal}}


MasterGreen has worked on Halo: Kingdom of Broken Hearts and Halo: Battle for the Ark and is currently working on a project of his own in the Halo: Annihilation trilogy.

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