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Maslab will win


<Biscuits> ^Why American football is better then "soccer"


<Maslab> ^Sorry, what?

<Biscuits> Damn you Maslab.

<Maslab> B)

Counter-trolling op go!

<[Leo]> Eclipse?

<Biscuits> Yes

<Biscuits> I pulled my dick out and it blocked the sky

<Maslab> So the moon really is that small...

<Biscuits> :p

<[Leo]> Funny. I thought I debunked the existence of your dick....

<Biscuits> Maslab, your counter trolling always defeats me.

<Maslab> You make it so easy

<Biscuits> Indeed.

omg it's Ajax! Better unban him!

<Ajax_013> hey maslab i seem too be banned from halo fanon for some reason can u help? thx man :)

<Ajax_013> the channel i mean

<Maslab> wtf?

<Ajax_013> i cant join can u look to it?

<Maslab> Okay, if there's one thing I know about Ajax, it's that he's really anal about proper English

<Maslab> In other words: Hi ODSTSuperSpartan

<Ajax_013> who ODSTSuperSpartan?

<Ajax_013> maslab what wrong with u, i m ajax! wtf u thinking?

<Ajax_013> unban me

<Ajax_013> i cant do it cause im not on channel so i need u to do it

<Maslab> lol, this is hilarious

<Ajax_013> what hilarious, i ur admin and i banned

<Ajax_013> why is funny?!

<Maslab> Because you're so obviously not Ajax

<Ajax_013> i am ajax dude, my name look!

<Maslab> For one: Grammar. Even drunk, Ajax has proper English.

<Maslab> Two: Your /whois tells me that you're in Washington, DC. Not the UK.

<Ajax_013> i have proper english maslab, i know i get drunk alot

<Maslab> Three: Ajax_013 is not on the ban list.

<Ajax_013> no washington it the server i on

<Ajax_013> yes i am on banlist i cant join!

<Maslab> Four: Your IP exactly matches ODSTSuperSpartan's

<Maslab> If you seriously thought that this would work, then you need to learn to troll better

<Ajax_013> who the fuck is odstsuperpsartn?

<Ajax_013> i dont know that guy

<Ajax_013> i dont know

<Ajax_013> Im ajax dude i promise

<Ajax_013> IM AJAX

<Ajax_013> FUCKNG UNBAN ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!

<Maslab> Oh, and five:

<Maslab> Ajax would never spam multiple users, trying to get unbanned

<Ajax_013> wtf r u talking abotu?

<Ajax_013> Im ajax 013, and im banned for some reason i dont know y

<Ajax_013> so unban me!

<Ajax_013> im an admin!

<Maslab> Lemme think about that...

<Maslab> No

<Ajax_013> omg u evil

<Ajax_013> im ban u from halo fanon wiki if u not unban me now

* Maslab shrugs

<Ajax_013> fuck u maslab im gonna tell th other adins to deop u

<Maslab> Go ahead. But you should know that, as an admin, I can unban myself. The only ones who can truly ban me are the bureaus

<Maslab> kk

<Ajax_013> asshole

<Maslab> Yes, I do have one.

<Ajax_013> then i fuck u in asshole cause im ajax adn I do that :D

<Maslab> Nope. My asshole is strictly off-limits.

<Ajax_013> fuck u maslab 2 hell

<Ajax_013> lol!

<Maslab> Nah. Nonexistent figmens of your imagination aren't worth considering for an afterlife.

=== The nickname “Ajax_013” does not exist.

Note: At this point, SPARTAN-118 got the troll to alt+f4.

Commander Tony is here! Open the gates!

<CommanderTony> Hi Maslab, whats up? :)

<Maslab> Hi ODSTSuperSpartan. I'm fine. How're you?

<CommanderTony> ODSTSuperSpartan u mean that retard?

<CommanderTony> i banned him from the channels

<Maslab> Actually no. I banned you.

<CommanderTony> but i seem to have difficulty in getting onto the channel meself. i think i banned meself too, can u help?

<Maslab> Nope.

<Maslab> I know it's you, ODSTSS. No point in trying to act.

<CommanderTony> im not odst im CT u idiot

<CommanderTony> unban my ass

<Maslab> No.

<CommanderTony> well fuck u maslab, i have u deoped for this if u dont unban me

<Maslab> kk. You do that

<CommanderTony> maslab, i cant

<CommanderTony> well duck u in assheol <CommanderTony> i cant fucking unban meself from a channel i not on

<CommanderTony> do it now

<Maslab> Ummm....

<Maslab> Let me think about that...

<Maslab> No

<Maslab> I know you're not CT. CT never uses his actual name on the channel

<CommanderTony> yes i do

<CommanderTony> CAUSE IM TONY

<CommanderTony> ASSHOLE

<Maslab> Nope

<Maslab> You're not

<CommanderTony> I AM

<CommanderTony> IDIOT

<Maslab> If you're Tony, then you should know my full name.


<Maslab> Cripes, this again?

<CommanderTony> fuck u maslab

<CommanderTony> u fucking loser

<Maslab> Fail troll is failing

<CommanderTony> IM NO TROLL

<CommanderTony> IM TONY

<CommanderTony> ADN I NEED 2 B UNBAN

<CommanderTony> OMG

<CommanderTony> RETARD

<CommanderTony> U DONT GET IT

<CommanderTony> DO U?

<Maslab> You are literally the worst troll I've ever seen.

<Maslab> At least the others /try/ to disguise their IP

<CommanderTony> IP?

<CommanderTony> u dont know my IP

<Maslab> Yes, I do.

<Maslab> It's in your /whois

<CommanderTony> huh?

<Maslab> It's how I banned you from the channel.

<CommanderTony> tell me my ip just so i cna b sure

<Maslab> Man, I know that no matter what I say you'll say "lol that's not my IP"

<CommanderTony> no i wont if it is i tell u

<Maslab> Uh-huh

<Maslab> And my balls are literally made of steel.

<CommanderTony> yes ok u fuck liar

<CommanderTony> lol

<CommanderTony> adn if u want my Ip it so there

<CommanderTony> BET U DIN NOT HAVE IT LOL!

<Maslab> Funnily enough, that is the IP I was given

=== CommanderTony <~Commander@> “CGI PZUser”

=== CommanderTony: attached to “Washington, DC, USA”

--- End of WHOIS information for CommanderTony.

<Maslab> === CommanderTony <~Commander@> “CGI PZUser”

<Maslab> === CommanderTony: attached to “Washington, DC, USA”

<Maslab> --- End of WHOIS information for CommanderTony.

<CommanderTony> omg shit

<CommanderTony> U HAD MY FUCKING IP?!

<Maslab> Which is how I banned you in the first place.


<Maslab> No, it really isn't.

<CommanderTony> it is

<CommanderTony> fuck u

<Maslab> Considering you can get mine and anyone else's IP with a simple /whois, it's not

<CommanderTony> .

<CommanderTony> fuck ths irc channel it fuck retareded

<CommanderTony> adn fine dont unban me but u sufer consekwuenses if u dont

<CommanderTony> fuker

<Maslab> kk

<CommanderTony> FUCK U

<CommanderTony> FUCK

<CommanderTony> U

<CommanderTony> FUCK

<CommanderTony> U

<CommanderTony> FUCK U

<CommanderTony> UNDRESTADN?!

<Maslab> Sorry. I don't speak Stupid.

Hello Geeks



<Lpenguin> (I'M ON A SLIME)

And he axed him for help

[01:04] <kpenguin> Djerke cut down one of them

[01:04] <kpenguin> with his /axe/

[01:04] <Atosen> They started it!

[01:05] <Maslab> He was just axing him for help!

[01:05] <kpenguin> He axed him a question?

[01:06] <Atosen> Yes, exactly.

[01:07] <Makari> Don't you mean ax-actly?

[01:07] <kpenguin> you don't have to be so axe-act, Maks

[01:08] <kpenguin> You might axetinguish his desire to talk to us like that

[01:08] <Makari> But I might ax-identally confuse someone if I'm not precise. :(

[01:08] <kpenguin> ...good god

[01:08] * Atosen just puts his head in his hands.

[01:08] <Maslab> Maybe Sir kpenguin here should find an egg

[01:08] <kpenguin> we've all been spending too much time

[01:08] <Maslab> And hatchet

[01:08] <kpenguin> with MAslab

[01:08] <Maslab> >:3

[01:09] * Maslab takes this for Shenanigans!

[01:09] <Makari> ... That was axtually amazing. That pun. Right there.

[01:10] <Maslab> Which one?

[01:10] <Makari> The one with the hatchet.

[01:10] * Makari was amused.

[01:10] <Maslab> Thank you :)


[22:56] [Aeolus] OH TEH NOES

[22:56] [Aeolus] LUCY!!!!!

[22:56] [Aeolus] gawd, you had to leave it as a cliffhanger

[22:56] Maslab Hehe

[22:56] Maslab Of course!

[22:56] Maslab And now, the plot starts to kick off.

[22:56] [Aeolus] raegquits off to bed

[22:56] Maslab Good night!

[22:56] =-= [Aeolus] is now known as Sona|Away

[22:57] Maslab I'm like a TV writer

[22:57] Sona|Away mutters darkly

[22:57] Maslab

[22:57] Maslab hugs Sona

[22:57] Sona|Away disappears into thin air

[22:57] Maslab Aw

[22:57] Maslab I'll tell Peri and Nat you said hi

[22:57] Sona|Away okay!

[22:57] Maslab

[22:58] Sona|Away night

[22:58] Maslab Good night!

[22:58] Maslab I may write more

[22:58] Maslab So let that thought enter your mind

[22:58] Sona|Away I'll check it in the morning

[22:58] Maslab While you're trying to sleep

[22:58] Maslab I could be writing

[22:58] Sona|Away >.<

[22:58] Maslab A riveting tale

[22:58] Maslab That you won't get to see until morning

[22:58] Sona|Away GOOD.

[22:58] Sona|Away FUCKING.

[22:58] Sona|Away NIGHT.

[22:59] Maslab Good night! ^_^

Dat Meme

[18:11:05] =-= Actene|Shower is now known as Actene

[18:11:06] Aeolus I have to write at least 2 more chapters of Kopa's Legacy...

[18:11:15] Brodie-001 It's technically Sunday where I am now.

[18:11:23] Maslab Kopa Gangnam STyle!

[18:11:25] Aeolus Better get it out of the way before I study.

[18:11:27] Maslab Kop

[18:11:30] Maslab Kop kop kop

[18:11:32] Aeolus Maslab: No.

[18:11:32] Aeolus STOP

[18:11:34] Maslab Kopa Gangnam Style!

[18:11:35] Aeolus SHUT THE FUCK UP

[18:11:38] Aeolus DON'T DO THIS


[18:11:42] Maslab SEXY LION

[18:11:47] Brodie-001 I love this.

[18:11:49] =-= Mode #halo-fanon +o Aeolus by ChanServ

[18:11:51] =-= YOU (Maslab) have been booted from #Halo-fanon by Aeolus (Maslab)

[18:11:51] -->| YOU (Maslab) have joined #Halo-fanon

[18:11:52] =-= Topic for #Halo-fanon is “Topic for #halo-fanon is: Welcome to the #halo-fanon Irk! | | Current featured article: by Brodie-001”

[18:11:52] =-= Topic for #Halo-fanon was set by Sona|Writing!~Sonasauru@wikia/Sonasaurus on Sunday, April 07, 2013 9:11:44 PM

[18:11:52] ChanServ [#halo-fanon] Hi!

[18:11:52] === #halo-fanon

[18:11:52] =-= Mode #halo-fanon +v Maslab by ChanServ

[18:11:52] =-= Mode #halo-fanon -o Aeolus by Aeolus

[18:11:55] Aeolus That was terrifying.

[18:12:00] Maslab KOp

[18:12:03] Maslab KOP KOP KOP

[18:12:04] Aeolus >.<

[18:12:07] Aeolus STAHP

[18:12:09] Maslab KOPA GANGNAM STYLE

[18:12:10] Aeolus DEAR GOD

[18:12:15] Aeolus STOP THIS MADNESS

[18:12:19] Actene


[18:12:32] Aeolus *EXPLODE

[18:12:35] Aeolus I CAN'T EVEN SPELL RIGHT NOW


[18:12:40] Maslab SEXY LION

[18:12:42] Aeolus DUDE

[18:12:46] Brodie-001

[18:12:46] Aeolus I JUST HAD A FUCKING EXAM

[18:12:47] Aeolus DON'T DO THIS

[18:12:59] Aeolus DON'T YOU DO THIS TOO

[18:13:07] Brodie-001 dances around the room


[18:13:24] Minuteman_2492 breakdances

[18:13:26] Aeolus SCREW THIS

[18:13:27] -->| Anon_ONI_agent (~Anonymous@unaffiliated/anon-oni-agent/x-1997645) has joined #Halo-fanon

[18:13:27] Aeolus I'M OUT

[18:13:31] Aeolus I'M DONE

[18:13:31] Aeolus FUCK YOU ALL

[18:13:33] |<-- Aeolus has left freenode (Quit: ...and the horse you rode in on.)


[18:13:36] =-= ASniper|Shower is now known as ASniper

[18:13:37] Brodie-001 KOP KOP KOP

[18:13:40] Maslab Alright, that's done

[18:13:43] ASniper Well what the hell was that about?

[18:13:49] Maslab Scroll up

[18:13:50] Anon_ONI_agent Why is Sona pissed?

[18:13:55] ASniper Oh.

[18:13:57] ASniper Lions.

[18:14:04] Brodie-001 KOPA GANGAM STYLE, that's why.

[18:14:09] Brodie-001 Maslab, you are amazing.

[18:14:18] Maslab Thank yew, thank yew

Pacific Win

[18:49:59] Maslab Jaeger training.

[18:50:01] Maslab Pacific Sim.

[18:50:07] Ajax_013 Xd

[18:50:24] Ajax_013 Pilots cut each other hair

[18:50:30] Ajax_013 Pacific Trim

[18:50:30] Maslab Pacific Trim.

[18:50:32] Maslab <3

[18:50:46] Stel Pacific...Limb?

[18:50:49] Stel Nah, that doesn't work.

[18:50:55] Ajax_013 hits Stel over his head

[18:50:58] Maslab Gipsy regains its arm.

[18:51:00] Maslab Pacific Limb.

[18:51:03] Ajax_013 THAT IS THE PRICE OF FAILURE

[18:51:16] Maslab Some call him... Tim.

[18:51:18] Maslab Pacific Tim.

[18:51:23] Ajax_013 Pilot prays to god

[18:51:26] Ajax_013 PAcific Hymn

[18:52:05] Maslab Mako goes to prom

[18:52:07] Maslab Pacific Prim.

[18:52:44] Ajax_013 That particular rim

[18:52:47] Ajax_013 Specific Rim

[18:53:19] Maslab North Korea makes Kaiju.

[18:53:21] Maslab Pacific Kim.

[18:53:57] Ajax_013 Sasha has an affair

[18:53:59] Ajax_013 PAcific Fling

[18:54:17] Maslab Aleksis is worried about their relationship.

[18:54:20] Maslab Pacific Wring.

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