This user's contributions Hello all Im a big sci fi fan and long time halo fan. I love making up my own battles that fit in the canon of Halo. Mostly filling in the gaps between the big engagements. I've worked on several novels but never published any, most of the battles I write on here are the ones my novels follow in depth. I have basically two books as works in progress, one is 90% done and hope to write another one or two for the series. The other about 75% which follows ODSTs. The third is in development. I absolutely love the halo universe and think some of the best battles are those that follow just the marines and ODSTs of the UNSC or the sailors of the brave UNSC navy and those of the closer to human Spartan IIIs. I love the feeling of hopelessness and dread and that determination of we have to kill these aliens you get when a covenant ship arrives in system. Hope you enjoy and over come the fear to kill the powerful alien. --Major Rawne 001 (talk) 03:25, August 2, 2015 (UTC)

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