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Stories in active development that are present on the site in a readable, or semi-readable state.

  • Noah's Story
    • Halo: Safewind (2538)
  • Emma's Story
    • Halo: Theseus (2556)
  • Combined
    • Halo: Wiara wen Morta (2558)


  • Ashley's Story
    • Blackbird (2548) - Some of the story elements from Blackout will be recycled and reused for a different story as priorities have been shifted.
    • Halo: Reign of Tears (2499-2501)
    • Halo: Minnesang (2501-2538)


Safewind (2538)

Travelling under the code name, SAFEWIND, Noah Sówka is sent to the colony of Mazovia after experiencing a destructive encounter with the Covenant. Tasked with tying up loose ends and preventing vital information from being captured by the Covenant, Noah begins to unravel a dangerous plot brewing within ONI.

Point of View


Theseus (2556)

Point of View


Wiara wen Morta (2558)

The big one.

Point of View

Strike Group J20

Lead Ship
  • UNSC Theseus - Autumn-class heavy cruiser
  • UNSC Magnitogorsk - Charon-class light frigate
  • UNSC Rigel's Rest - Charon-class light frigate
  • UNSC Salt Lake - Nevada-class heavy frigate
  • UNSC San Andreas - Nevada-class heavy frigate
  • UNSC Endurance - Nevada-class heavy frigate
  • UNSC Nightcrawler - Nevada-class heavy frigate


Group of Nine

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