• My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
Unsc classified by davejay7-d36pr2w
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Date of Birth 1997 (age 21)
Birthplace The Pitt
Religion Agnostic
Occupation Student
Gamertag HexLHF (Xbox Live)
Other Usernames Hex LHF (Steam)

Hello <insert name here>, and welcome to my user page. I am a site veteran of seven years and former Site Patroller. If you even need to get into contact with me, the best place to go is the site's Discord server where I am usually active. At the moment, I'm a student at the University of Pittsburgh with a major in biology, so my activity on the site and the Discord is limited on the weekdays. Anyway, thank you for visiting!

I've been a largely active user on the site since 2011, but recently went on a hiatus for sometime during the 2016 and 2017 years. Currently, I'm trying to get back into the writing spirit and breathe life back into my expanded universe project.

Current Work

Since 2015, I've been working on my Commonwealth Universe which is my own little expanded universe where I write most of my stories and characters.






Awards and Rank

Recon helmet concept Site Patrol (2015-2017)
Annual Award Best Location Eighth Annual Halo Fanon AwardsJacinto (Best Location of 2015)
Annual Award Heroic Eighth Annual Halo Fanon AwardsJacinto (Heroic Article of 2015)
Good Article Good ArticleJacinto
Annual Award Best UNSC Personnel Eleventh Annual Halo Fanon AwardsAllison Spurgeon (Best UNSC Personnel of 2018)
Eagle medalColonial cross2

On behalf of the Halo Fanon administration, Brodie-001 has awarded you the Eagle Superior Service Medal on January 1, 2016, in recognition of your long-term service at Halo Fanon as a site veteran.

In addition, you have also been awarded the Colonial Cross by Brodie-001 on January 1, 2019, for acts of tenacity and perseverance. This medal indicates the high level of commitment you have placed towards upholding the quality of Halo Fanon.

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