Julia Finitevus

aka Cortana Hansen ( and Discord)

  • I live in The Wiki
  • My occupation is Writer, artist, etc., etc.
  • I am Female
Julia Finitevus
Age Nope
Gender Female
Height 5'2
Weight 130 lbs
Blood Type I dunno. It doesn't matter to me what my blood type is.
Date of Birth Nope.
Zodiac Uh, what the heck is a Zodiac?
Birthplace Again, nope.
Religion Nope again.
Favourite I have a lot of favourite things. Perhaps being more specific...?
Specialty Artwork, and amateur writing. I'm not exactly the next Edgar Allan Poe.
Occupation Art, writing, role-playing, gaming, and getting good grades for the most part.
Personal Website I don't even have a personal website.
Rank on Wiki No special rank- I'm just your usual user.
Gamertag I have no idea what the heck that is.
Other Usernames If I ever join Discord, which is still questionable, then my other username will be "Cortana the Echidna."

Hi, <insert name here>, I'm Julia Finitevus! Welcome to my profile page. So, yeah, when I played Halo for the first time, I got addicted. Second game, same thing (haven't finished it yet, though). And I played Halo 5. I haven't played any of the other games yet, but I'm definitely planning to do so. Now, let's get started.

Note: The image in the infobox is a picture of one of my characters, provided by Brodie! :)

Favourite Halo Characters

1. The Arbiter- he is a rather fascinating character. Despite being publicly humiliated after his retreat from the Halo Ring, he still served the Prophets. It's only when he's nearly killed after retrieving the Index (a.k.a. Sacred Icon) that he truly begins his journey.

2. Master Chief- another fascinating character. In the games I've played so far, I've never seen the face underneath that helmet. So it makes you sort imagine the expression he must have under there in such and such a situation. And there are times when the Master Chief says something that makes you want to laugh hysterically, like when he told Cortana not to get any ideas in Halo: Combat Evolved. 

3. Cortana- heroine turned villianess, Cortana is definitely an awesome character. Her traits, both in personality and that fact that she's an A. I. offer some interesting storytelling. The way she's portrayed makes you want to get inside her head, to understand what's going on in there. Especially when it seems she turns evil in Halo 5.

My Buddies Here

  • UnggoyZealot- he's really nice and offers good tips for revising my story. And he makes really good characters! :)
  • Jenkins S115 SII- he and I met on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki a while back. He's a good friend and has some great projects in the works too.

Favourite Halo Game (so far)

Halo Combat Evolved- This is my favourite because it's the game that started it all.

Favourite Fanfics on this Wiki

1. Halo 3: Ascension- it is such an amazing story. I'm left in total awe of it. It's phenomenal! And the art.. it's just totally awesome.

Favourite Fan Characters on this Wiki

Characters Created by UnggoyZealot

  1. Dipdip- Watch out! This Grunt is armed with a fuel rod cannon and is pretty berserk! An amazing character created by UnggoyZealot, this tough little Unggoy even managed to kill a Spartan.
  2. Grono 'Yendam- Another great character created by UnggoyZealot! This character, once a soldier of the Covenant, has lost much in his life, including his honor. But Grono doesn't let that stop him from making a life for himself, however dangerous it may be- especially in his line of work.


Note: If you want to see information about my stuff, check out this page: Julia Finitevus/Sandbox I

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