Halo Fanon
Halo Fanon

Gender non-binary
Height like 5'10 ish? all my friends are taller than me tho which is an annoyance
Weight like 140 pounds now please stop bothering me
Blood Type Dunno
Nationality U.S.A
Birthplace San Diego, California
Religion unsure? might be agnostic
Occupation None at the moment
Gamertag JayStopMotion

"So I made a few mistakes, so what?"
―Jay 2017
"I'm still a n00b at heart! I AM MORE OF A NOOB THAN YOU ARE"
―Jay in 2018, after losing their sanity.
"DaMmIt I nEeD tO gEt A lIfE"
―Jay in 2019, probably.
"The fact that I still exist on this planet is truly a testament to how bad things have gotten."
―Jay in 2020
"Yes I know I have no beans."
―Jobin in 2021, whenver that comes around.


Welcome, You can call me Jay or maybe JSM, although I also wouldn't mind if you called me by my current name Jobin. Not many people do, but I'd actually prefer it that way?

I generally try to be lighthearted, especially on the Discord, even if I'm not too active on either that or the wiki.

I've deleted most of this bio since I don't really tend to write on here anymore, so a lot of the information isn't quite as relevant anymore? I still enjoy writing fanfiction outside of halo, although I haven't quite been doing that either as of recent.

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