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Simon Riley

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Affiliation and military information

UNSC, SPARTAN III Program, Delta Company, ODST, Able Team, Spartan IV Program


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Simon D-056 was a member of the disbanded Delta Company of Spartan IIIs, and is currently a member of the Spartan IV program.


Early Life


Simon Riley was born in Manchester, England, Earth, on August 9th, 2538. On 2543, he and his family took a vacation to the colony of Lydia. However, after a week of staying there, the colony came under attack by the Covenant. While on route to an evac point with his parents and a group of civilians, they came under attack under attack by a squad of Elites. Simon was small enough to hide under a car, but was forced to watch as the Elites slaughtered the rest of the group, including his parents. The Elites then set up a blockade and cut down anybody else that came down the evac route. Simon was forced to close his eyes and control his breathing for the next hour as to avoid being found by the Elites.

Eventually, a platoon of Marines proceeding down the evac route were able to defeat the Elites and find Simon. He was taken to an evacuation shuttle, and was asked what had happened. When he didn't reply, one of the Marines was able to piece together the situation, to which another Marine replied "He must have been a goddamn ghost if the Elites couldn't find him for that long."

Military Career

One year later, he volunteered for the Spartan III program, wanting nothing more than to get revenge on the Covenant. He was placed within Delta Company, and was exceptional in his training. However, instead of using his first name, he had himself and others refer to him as "Ghost", based off of the Marine's comment. Eventually, even his instructors began to refer to him by this, and the nickname stuck.

Human-Covenant War

Aboard the Krishna

By 2552, Delta Company was ready to be deployed to Onyx for augmentation and additional training. However, less than two hours before the UNSC Destroyer Krishna was scheduled to enter Slipspace, the Battle of Earth began. The Krishna, carrying Spartan Delta Company, was immediately routed to Earth. While they were in Slipspace, Ghost stayed awake after observing strange behavior in the first mate, Lawrence Carlton. What stuck out most was him having him the ship's NAV records copied onto a data chip, violating the Cole Protocol. Ghost snuck into the his cabin and destroyed the data chip, then tracked him down. He found Carlton about to detonate a Shiva nuke onboard after he had disabled the camera's in the area. After a brief scuffle, Ghost managed to neutralize Carlton, effectively saving the ship and its crew. The shipboard AI, who hadn't suspected Carlton, then woke the Captain and several other crewmembers. After a brief (but somewhat brutal) interrogation, Carlton confessed that he was a spy for the UNR, and that he had a contact in the Home Fleet, who was under orders to execute the same plan Carlton had attempted.

When they arrived at Earth, the Captain immediately alerted the carrier with the secondary mole aboard, saving that ship as well. The Spartans were then hastily given ranks and split into squads. As a reward for his actions aboard the Krishna, and his excellent records during training, Ghost was promoted to Petty Officer First Class and given command of Able Team, consisting of four other Spartans: Emily-D129, Sebastian-D352, Mugambe-D-028, and Nick-283. Because ONI did not want the true age of Spartan IIIs to become public, Delta Company was fitted with ODST armor in order to conceal their age(Most were 12-14 years old), and in some cases, height. They were also given Marine ranks equivalent to their Navy ranks in order to further the illusion (In Ghost's case, a Staff Sergeant). The squads were then dropped at various locations around Earth.

New York Invasion

Able and several other squads were dropped into New York, which was under siege by a Jiralhanae-led Covenant force attempting to eliminate a group of UN leaders that had gathered at the UN headquarters in New York. Able Team and several other Delta squads, under the guise of ODSTs, were able to assist UNSC forces in holding the front line long enough for a civilian evac to be organized. UNSC reinforcements consisting of snipers and mortar crews then arrived, providing cover for the Spartans, who were close to retreating due to the arrival of a large Covenant task force on scene. However, orbital scans showed a Covenant strike team of 200+ infantry, about 10 Banshees, several Phantoms, and 5 Wraiths advancing from the west of the city in an attempt to take out the mortar/sniper team. Because no other UNSC forces could be routed to the city, Ghost was forced to take Able Team and what armor and air support remained, putting together a force consisting of 4 Scorpion tanks, 2 Warthogs, 3 Falcons, Able Team, and 2 Longsword fighters waiting for the signal.

When they met the Covenant force, they were vastly outnumbered. However, this was where Ghost revealed his talent: leadership. He had his forces pull back and set up an ambush. Using a series of diversions, he was able to lure off the majority of their air support with the Falcons, and then call in the Longswords to lead a strafing run on the infantry. Ghost then led the tanks into boxing in the now disorganized infantry, while the rest of Able Team took the Warthogs and distracted the Wraiths. After about 15 minutes, the Covenant strike team was destroyed.

Able team then fell back to the city, where the UNSC forces had been forced to retreat. However, by that time, the evacuation had been organized. Ghost made sure he and his squad were the last ones aboard the shuttles, and then fled the city.

Upon returning to the Krishna, Ghost was immediately promoted to Chief Petty Officer (Gunnery Sergeant for his ODST disguise) for his actions in New York. In the following weeks, Able Team and the rest of Delta Company were deployed at various locations at Earth. Despite doing considerably well, by the end of the battle (and subsequently, the war), only Able Team and 80 other members of Delta Company survived. The Spartans never saw action against the Flood, as ONI was forced to pull them out before the end of the battle, due to several of the Spartans being discovered as children by UNSC forces. ONI would later have to swear these forces to secrecy in order to keep the Spartan's identities as adolescents secret.

Post War

After the war, the remainder of Delta Company never saw much action, usually only being sent to put down isolated Insurrections or solve territorial disputes between humans and former Covenant species. However, Able Team was given a much more important task. ONI, in their mission to keep the Sanghelli weak, had tasked the Spartans inciting a rebellion on the Elite-controlled Unggoy breeding colony of Vrintu. Since the Elites were currently occupied in their war with the Brutes, the planet would be less guarded, making the task easier to accomplish. The existing rebels on the colony were able to smuggle Ghost and his team in via an agricultural ship, which was also used as a communications relay from the Spartans to ONI.

Once on the planet, the Spartans quickly relocated to a series of caves situated within a nearby mountain range, which were being used as the main staging base for the rebels. However, given their limited intelligence, the rebels were highly disorganized, and Able Team was forced to take command. They learned that the Elites were under the command of an extremely brutal Field Master known as Sido 'Indratomee. Sido had been conducting cruel experiments on the Unggoy population in attempt to breed a much more efficient form of cannon fodder. This had resulted in the deaths of many Unggoy, and had angered the population greatly. However, the Elites were able to keep order, despite being vastly outnumbered, through a severe militaristic system in which any of the Unggoy that were even suspected of dissidence were immediately put down. This made it so that many Unggoy considered open rebellion suicide.

To make matters worse, after about a week assisting the colony, the agricultural ship that was providing Able a link to ONI and an escape route was identified as a rebel ship and destroyed by Sido's personal CPV-class heavy destroyer, the Unwavering Executioner. This left the only off planet escape options as the Unwavering Executioner and two drydocked ships, a frigate and a carrier, both of which were heavily guarded. However, Ghost realized that reestablishing contact with ONI was priority one, and brought the matter up with the rebel leader, an Ultra by the name of Jowow. He told Ghost about abandoned Forerunner facility located on a mountain in the southeast region of the planet, which contained what was the Forerunner equivalent of a slipspace COM launcher. However, due to Sanghelli checkpoints in the roads, they would be forced to travel through the wilderness, prolonging the journey to at least six weeks. Ghost decided to take the journey himself, leaving his squad to help the fight the Elites.

After about six weeks of traveling across the land, Ghost finally arrived at the mountain range in which the Forerunner facility was located. He was able to scale one of the mountains and pinpoint the location of the facility, which was under guard by 30+ Elites. After doing some up-close reconnaissance, he determined that the Elites had no contact with their command due to an earlier blizzard having destroyed their comm tower. However, they had tricked the facility's aging AI into giving them access to the station's weapons systems, and had begun experimenting with the Forerunner weaponry. Among them, they had taken possession of several particle missiles.

In order to neutralize the Elites and the missiles, Ghost snuck into the base. He took control of the core room, where the AI was stationed, by first revealing himself to the Elites within the room. Before they could alert the rest of the Elites in the facility to his presence, Ghost offered them a challenge. He turned the Elite's sense of honor to his advantage by asking them if they were willing to face him in single combat. The Elites accepted the challenge, and came at him one by one. Although he was just barely able to defeat the first four, the fifth Elite, a Major, turned out to be exceptionally skilled with an Energy Sword. Exhausted and injured from the previous duels, Ghost was able to hold out for 5 minutes before the Elite gained the upper hand. Just as it was about to finish him, openings emerged in the roof, floor, and walls of the entire facility. From them poured dozens of Sentinels and several automated turrets, which then proceeded to slaughter the Elites inside the compound. Several Sentinels also attacked the Major, who turned his attention from Ghost in the confusion. Ghost used this opening to his advantage and swiftly decapitated the Elite.

After he was sure every Elite had been killed, Ghost turned his attention to the AI responsible for the facility, 108 Unseen Apocalypse, who had activated the facility's defenses and saved Ghost. He revealed to Ghost that he had been residing in the outpost since the activation of the Halo rings, a had been able to keep from descending into rampancy. However, in the years of isolation, he had developed a major glitch; he could not say no. That meant that when the Sanghelli had captured the facility, he had been forced to give them control of the particle missiles when the leader had asked him for an advantage. However, the Elites never picked up on the glitch, and Apocalypse had not been forced to help them further. When Ghost was at the mercy of the Major, his body language had been "asking" for help, and through this Apocalypse was able to save him. Apocalypse was easily able to synchronize the slipsace COM launcher in the facility with the one on Earth, allowing Ghost to send a situation report to the UEG.

Apocalypse came to the conclusion that he needed to be moved from the facility in order to be of more assistance. In order to remain hidden, he ported himself into a data chip that Ghost was carrying. Ghost then began the long journey back to the rebels. Once he was 20 kilometers out, Apocalypse remotely activated the facility's self destruct sequence, which also detonated the particle missiles within.


  • Ghost's name, place of birth, and accent are based off of Ghost from Modern Warfare 2.
  • Ghost also bears a large resemblance (personality-wise) to Ghost from The Prototype, but this is actually a coincidence.
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